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  Toshiba Satellite Shutdown 
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Sam Thompson May 03, 2005, 04:55am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Toshiba Satellite Shutdown
Hi all (again, i only posted about a week ago.... if anyone has had the same problem as me i have you an answer....

Give it to your local Toshiba repair man, you need a new Mother Board, i dont know exaclty whats wrong with it, but its seriouse... ...If its still under warranty your luckey....

I hope this has helped you
PS. Im typing on my lappy now, amid attempts to sell it.

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Sam Thompson May 05, 2005, 04:29am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Toshiba Satellite Shutdown
Hey again, i just posted, it turns out that the problem i was haveing with the booting, was with faulty ram, so replace your RAM..

G Lusk May 13, 2005, 01:20pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Toshiba Satellite Shutdown
First, let me thank all the people who have posted here, and thank for hosting this. Recently I had the shutdown problems for which, it appears, Satellite laptops are famous for. As a result, I found this website and carried out recommended step #1) remove the torx screws, heat sink, and clean it. I found the fan side to be completely obstructed with dust. After removal, the computer had not shut down in a few days.

Since cleaning the fan, I have had three random shutdowns, and am trying to determine the cause. I am not completely sure its thermal. I frequently sit on a futon, with the laptop sitting directly on the mattress. Two of the three shutdowns have happened this way, and made the computer FEEL very warm. Is blocking the fan enough to cause shutdown? I used to do this ALL the time before the initial shut downs began, so I figured after cleaning the heatsink things would go back to normal. So am I crazy to think that the laptop should be able to rest on a futon matress?

Since the shutdowns, I installed Hardware Senors Monitor on my machine. The program is quite nice. typically, the computer is running right around 48 degrees, any hotter and the fan will come on and cool it down. Is this about as hot as everyone else's computer runs? For some reason on my version the logging fucntion doesn't work, so I haven't been able to look at the temp when the computer shuts down. Anone know of a monitor that has better logging functions?

The other issue I've been having is also rasied semi frequently in the forum. The battery never really wants to charge. Frequently, it will refuse to charge. Many times, the computer will be plugged in, running on AC power...and the battery will be discharging! I don't understand why. I figured it was a connection probably beween the batter and the connectors. So, I put a "brace" underneither the battery connectors, between the connectors and the shell. That hasn't changed much. Frequently the battery will charge, reach 100%, then discharge. Is this just a bad battery? Or is there a connection bad somewhere.

Last two questions: How do I take the bottom half of the cover off the laptop? I've removed all the screws on the bottom, below the drives, below the keyboard, and I can't get this thing to open up. Is there a tab somewhere?

Can you call toshiba and get replacement parts? The power switch on mine is going, and I want that little circuit board.

Ok that's it! I'd love to hear from some of you!

Chris Clement May 13, 2005, 03:26pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Toshiba Satellite Shutdown
Yes, setting your laptop down on a mattress, couch, pillow, or any other surface that can disrupt the flow of air underneath your laptop will cause it to shutoff, especially laptops as heat senstive as Toshibas.

G Lusk May 13, 2005, 05:08pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Toshiba Satellite Shutdown
Why does it do it now, and not before the initial heat problems? Could it be battery related?


CJ May 19, 2005, 09:51pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Toshiba Satellite Shutdown
Hey, I have the same problem with my 1805-S274 and also need a new CMOS battery because I recieve the "checksum CMOS error". What is the best way to vacuum out the system and get rid of all the dust? And where is the best place to find bios upgrades?

G Lusk May 23, 2005, 12:51am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Toshiba Satellite Shutdown (step by step)
So there are two major problems that typically occur with the popular toshiba 1905-s301. There is alot of advice listed on this forum about it, but here I will give step by step instructions (sorta) on how I went about fixing each problem. Symptoms of both problems were random shutdowns


This causes seemingly random shutdowns, without warning. In order to diagnose this problem, I suggest downloading "Hardware Sensors Montior". It's a free program for a month and it does some amazing things. The most significant of which is logging the temperature of the CPU. If you enable the logging feature, it creates a microsoft excel file stating the temp of the CPU at intervals you determine. If your system shutting down due to overheating, the log file will show a rise in heat with very little or no deduction in heat (because the fan isn't being effective). Once you view the log file and determine what is a low temperature, and what is a critical temperature, you can set the monitor to warn you when it changes into critical or above normal heat levels.

Ok to fix this.

1) look at the bottom side of your laptop, in the upper corner there should be a cover plate with two torx screws (looks like a star).
2)You need to buy a torx driver (t-6 size) or use a small flat like I did, and unscrew these to screws.
3) Under this plate is your heatsink. It will have eight screws, four in two rows (in a square). Unscrew the four corner screws, or the first and forth screws in each row.
4) Pull up, gently at first and then increasing in strength (will take a little effort), and the heatsink should come right off.
5) One side of the heatsink will be covered in dust, clean it with a new paint brush, or any other means you deem efficiant.
6) put the heatsink on(remember to put it on the same way it came off) rescrew the screws removed, and put the plate back on. Your computer will not shutdown again.

Ok, if you install hardware monitor and heat seems normal there is a different problem. Most likely it is a issue with the ac adapter socket that recieves the power for your laptop. Frequently a pin will break off from the motherboard, and if the computer is flexed or move, the power light will blink on and off, or vary in brightness. If the battery is dead, or dies, the computer will shut off. You CAN fix this without getting a new motherboard, much to the dismay of computer repair shops and toshiba. The problem is, it takes alot of know how. If you don't have it, best leave this alone.

Steps: (it's good to document where each screw goes, number them somehow, some screws may be covered by little black stickers).

1) remove all the panels on the under side of your computer, and remove the battery.
2) there is a screw next to the extra ram slot that holds the CD ROm drive in, remove it. (it sits just below the cover, it's not deep).
3) there is a small ribbon cable under the hard drive. pop the clip up, and remove the ribbon.
4) Unscrew the single screw right under the floppy drive.
5) Slide out the floppy drive and the cd rom.
6) remove all the screws on the underside of the computer
7)remove the screws that were covered by the CD rom and floppy drive.
8)remove the screws on the back side of the computer, near the usb, monitor ports ect.
9) remove the shiny black plastic stripping above the keyboard
10) remove the two screws holding the power button in
11) remove the small circuit board below the actual button (just putt up on the little blac ribbon, pops right off).
12) remove two silver screws at top of keyboard
13) remove keyboard slightly but tilting up from the top
14) remove all screws underneith the keyboard.
14a) remove speaker covers, and screws in back corners
15) Remove the three ribbons connecting to the motherboard.Pop open the clips and lightly pull on the ribbons
16) completely remove keyboard.
17) the top and bottom should be able to seperate slightly now
18) remove ribbon cable attaching monitor to motherboard.
19) seperate top and bottom parts of laptop.
20) remove all screws holding down the motherboard
21) remove motherboard.

22)Ok, now that's out of the computer, you can see if the posts holding the socket to the motherboard are broken. Test them with a multimeter. The quick fix is to just sodder a birdge between the broken post and the board. That will last less then a month. In order to do it correct, you need to drill a small hole where there are no wires in the board right behind the socket. Sodder wires to the bottom of the board (where the broken parts of the posts are) and run them to the top of the board. Then, sodder them to the socket. What this will do is create a flexable post which won't be as effective as the solid post to brakage. What I actually did was go buy a size N socket at radio shack. It is threated with a nut, and all I did was thread it through the orginal power socket hole in the case, and screw the nut in from the outside. This eliminates pressure on any of the interior parts. I soddered the wires I ran through the board to this, and it works like a charm.

23-40-something) Put all the stuff you took off back.

Ok, I'm tired, so there are alot of misspellings and such. And I really don't know how to spell sodder...Solder? something like that. Anyways you get the picture. My computer works great again, so this actually does work. Good luck to you all!!


Gavin Wood May 23, 2005, 01:05pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Toshiba Satellite Shutdown
OK - I have a Toshiba Satellite A75 - there does not appear to be an easy entry into the laptop

I have removed all screws that I can, including those under the battery, the 2 problem areas seem to be above the CD/DVD drive and at the back. Has anyone opened this model - if so - how is it done?

I also have a charging issue. I am unable to do so. When I plug the cable in whilst the laptop is switched off the red battery light at the front comes on, so it is obviously being recognised, but once the thing is turned on it refuses to charge, and the red light disappears.


Rob McConnell May 25, 2005, 06:48pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Toshiba Satellite Shutdown
Hi Folks,

Got a Sat 1100 which shuts down abnormally usually within the 1st half hour of use. Usually see WinXP BSOD or just randomly reboots. Interesting thing is that after this occurs, you can use the laptop for long periods of time without it crashing again. So, I don't really see why this would be a heat issue.

I've upgraded all WinXP (home) drivers and even the BIOS without any success. I've even installed WinXP home from scratch again without any joy.

I've also installed Linux (Ubuntu) on it (dual-boot) and never had any problems of it shutting down.

I've looked at the WinXP system logs (under computer manage) and it informs me about the HDD cable being faulty. This sounds bogus as the machine works quite happily under Linux.

Sounds like a device driver issue of some sort. Wonder if it's a Toshiba power management issue.

Any thoughts would be most welcome as this has been happening since I bought the laptop.


Rob : )

Wilhelm Porteners May 30, 2005, 11:18pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Toshiba Satellite Shutdown
Great forum!
What I read about the Toshiba heating and speaker problems worries me.
Today I bought the Toshiba A75 S211 from Circuit City.(last one - discontinued from their stock)
Did not open the box as yet. I'm thinking of returning it. If I open the box and return it within 14 days,they will charge 15% restocking fee.


Ryan Krieger Jun 01, 2005, 07:24pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Toshiba Satellite Shutdown
I own an A75-S229 and was wondering why the thing would get so hot and shut down for practically no reason. Then I came here. Thank god for the postings listed here. I fixed mine a little differently. I tried unscrewing everything and getting to the cooling system, but I never got there. couldn't get it undone over by where the dvd drive after snapping and screwing it all back together, I took the laptop to the carwash, dropped 50 cents in the shop vac, held it to the fans, and sucked the dust out! Theres a lot more air blowing out of the back now, and althought the fans still whirr, its way better than it was. It bought me some time before I send it away to get cleaned - unless anyone knows how to properly pull apart this machine...???

j h Jun 14, 2005, 03:08pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Toshiba Satellite Shutdown
I have a Toshiba Satellite A75-S206. I opened it up yesterday and i got stuck on the motherboard. To open this model you have to take out all the screws on the bottom, and then slide the CD rom out of the computer to expose another F8 screw inside the hard drive compartment. then you have to remove the piece above the keyboard. I did it from the left side and it came out relatively easy. be careful not to use too much force. then remove the additional screws and you can pretty much take the top piece off. however I got stuck at the motherboard and I dont know how to take it apart. here's a picture any suggestions? thanks

Brian Peyser Jun 15, 2005, 12:45pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Toshiba Satellite Shutdown
Thanks for the insights here- really helped me out!

I have a Toshiba Satellite 5105-S607 (upgraded to XP Pro myself, which makes it a 5105-S608 I guess). Recently I started having corrupt display and a crash error message about the display driver (nv4_disp.dll). I figured it was a heat issue since it was aggravated by hot temperature and recurred immediately unless the laptop was allowed to cool before restart. Unfortunately I was unable to completely fix the problem (though I did improve the time I could run the computer) by cleaning the heatsink/fan. Also, I replaced the thermal compound on the heatsink, which may have helped as well (the old compound was globbed on too much and seemed to have gotten hard, I replaced with Arctic Silver). However, I don't recommend removing the fan/heatsink/radiator combo to replace the thermal grease unless you are very confident in your ability.

I'll explain a little about how I took apart the laptop to get to the fan as help for anyone wanting to disassemble a 5105:

There are screws on the underside of the computer- I removed all the panels as well as all the screws- a couple are underneath the panels. You need to remove the battery and hard drive but not the memory. Also one of the screws for the modem must be removed but not the other- you'll see which one when you get everything else removed. One screw is under the LAN/modem connectors at the back- tricky little hiding place! The connectors come off easily once the bottom panel is removed- just pull them out. Also, there are screws under the keyboard. At first it's tough to figure out how to remove the keyboard until you notice the little slots on either end of the black plastic section with the power button. Just use a flat screwdriver to *carefully* pry up the black plastic little by little. Underneath there are two screws that hold down the keyboard. Once the keyboard is off you can remove more screws and disconnect the cables. All the screws are Phillips type (+) so no Torx driver is needed. The flat plastic ribbon cables are delicate so be careful. The DVD-ROM/CD-RW will come off pretty easily if you remove one screw. Just pay attention to what is holding the case on and work carefully. Remember to take note of where each cable attaches. There are two identical connectors for the left and right speakers so pay attention to those.

Once the two halves of the case are apart, be sure to clean out the dust by blowing compressed air and/or vacuuming. Remember to be careful of static discharge- especially with a vacuum cleaner; they tend to build up a static charge. I'm going to replace the video card (Geforce 4 440 Go) and hopefully that will solve my problem. Seems odd to me there is no heatsink at all on the Geforce chip, though it does seem to be in the path of inflowing air at least.

I hope this is helpful to someone out there who might need to crack open a 5105 and can't get ahold of a service diagram. I sure wish I had one!


Jim Malmberg Jun 15, 2005, 09:17pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Toshiba Satellite Shutdown

dom pedro Jun 15, 2005, 09:43pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Toshiba Satellite Shutdown
I have a Satellite 1110
does anyone know how i can remove the dust from the fan on this model?

Fabrice Baro Jun 26, 2005, 08:51pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Toshiba Satellite Shutdown
Same problem (random shutdowns) with a Toshiba Satellite A20 equipped with a P4 2.66 GHz, perfect for cold winter days (I live in Montreal).
- I easily unscrewed 4 Philips (cross-shaped) screws with a regular screw-driver.
- Removed the 2-piece cover.
- Unscrewed the heat-sink and removed it. It went out pretty easily. The CPU stayed in place.
- I remove the thick layer of dust that cloggs the heatsink, give it a good mouth blow (no pun intended. I just mean that I didn't need an air can).
- I put everything back in place.
- I push the power button and NOTHING HAPPENS. The computer WON'T START, although the power symbol lights, and most "worryingly" the heatsink HEATS UP FAST (the fan doesn't start).
- I freak out. I check everything one more time, etc, etc.
- To make short a long story, the heat-sink screws weren't tight enough. They have a kind of spring built in, so it's hard to tell how hard to screw. Initially, I was afraid to damage the CPU if I tightened too much. That's wasn't the case. So the point is: "Screw the heatsink screws (!) until they can't go further".

Hope this can help somebody out there.

ryansebiz Jun 26, 2005, 09:06pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Toshiba Satellite Shutdown

Sam Thompson Jun 29, 2005, 06:31am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Toshiba Satellite Shutdown
Hey, to the guy thats laptops blue light is on but nothing else, This happened to me to, i took my lappy toa shop and it ended up being a bit of faulty Ram, they replaced my M/B and i got new ram, and i havent had ANY problems since (about 6mths)...
... This will help all you peeps complaining about heat issues, i have my Laptops rear end jackd up on two tape casset cases. On each side, i then have a big fan blasting under the machine, this has helped hugely, just so you know :)

daman khangura Jul 05, 2005, 06:03am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Toshiba Satellite Shutdown
thanks to everyone on here!! i was having EXACTLY the same problem. i have a satellite 2430-402. was having constant crashes as laptop was heating up excessively and very quickly. before i could only run a virus check up to about 1,000 files. then i opened it up with a t6 and a t7 for the screws on the actual heatsink.

carpet of dust on the end next to the fans!! cleaned that off, make sure u do tighten it back tight since it will only run again that way. i did it loose first time and the laptop wouldnt start and remained on a blank screen!

i cleaned off the dust carefully with some tweezers for the hard to get parts. tightened it back (is tricky since all the screws are so small!!)

but then when it started it has run like new, hasnt crashed once or heated up at all, fan use is minimal!! i was able to run a full virus scan of over 200,000 files!! found 50 viruses too!!!

have been running championship manager 5 for like 12-15 hours straight and laptop is still cool!!

IMPORTANT : make sure u keep the fan end of the laptop elevated to allow for air to get to the fan, i have used a ring of mine lol!! but do have an antec notebook cooler arriving in the post tomorrow!!

so with a monthly clean i think i'll be fine, since spec wise this toshiba laptop is right up there!!

in the words of homer simpson "wooo hooooo, mmmm working laptop!"

Andrew Wang Jul 18, 2005, 10:33am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Toshiba Satellite Shutdown
I have a A75-S226 that has already been to the service center once and it's ready for the second time. That's twice in 9 months. I am pretty sure it's dust build up leading to excessive heat and a sudden automatic shut down.

How can i either 1) keep this dust build-up from happening? Would there be adequate air moving through the computer if I taped some furnace filter material over the fan intakes? Would it hurt to try? The Toshiba guy suggested that I blow the dust out periodically but since the A75 case doesn't allow you to see where the dust is collecting, I would think that indiscriminately blowing compressed air inside the case was making things worse. I haven't put a vac hose up to the fan intakes because I'm scared that making the fans spin that fast (maybe even in the wrong direction) would ruin a fan or a fan bearing. Is that a reaosnable fear?

2) I have tried on two different occasions to remove all the screws from the bottom of the case and take the laptop apart but a) there seems to have been a thread sealer used and a couple of the screws are impossible to loosen and b) even if I did get all of the screws out, what is the possibility that I would be able to take it apart and put it back together iwthout breaking anything?

Right now while the machine is still under warranty, I don't worry about it too much, but come August, I will be on my own.

Any thoughts?

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