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  Toshiba Satellite Shutdown 
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Evgueni Tchirkov Jan 05, 2005, 02:41pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Toshiba Satellite Shutdown
Hi there!
I got an A75-S205. My issue is that the computer does not restart... If I go to "Start" - "Turn Off Computer" - "Turn Off", windows plays sound, saves its conf. &... comp keeps running...
If I try to restars, happens the same.
Even if I enter BIOS setup, then exit, saving changes or not, it doesn't restart either...
But, it I shut down the computer, pressing "On/Off" button, it shuts down without problem...
Does anybody have a suggetion?
Please let me know.

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John Bickford Jan 05, 2005, 03:21pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Toshiba Satellite Shutdown
Katie B:

Three months is an awfully short time to build up that much dust on the heatsink, but it's possible if you leave the laptop running in a dusty environment (that includes a smoky environment from cigarettes). A can of compressed air should work better than a weak vacuum cleaner, and it's worth trying. I would hesitate to use an air compressor as others have suggested here, only because you have no assurance that the air it blows is clean and free of moisture and impurities. I wouldn't want to risk blowing moisture under pressure into my laptop's innards, however small that risk might be.

Your problem might in fact be caused by an improperly mounted heatsink, or improper or incomplete application of thermal compound between the heatsink and the CPU. If the heatsink efficiency were compromised by such a problem, it might take very little additional reduction in cooling efficiency (just a small amount of dust accumulation, perhaps) to create the problems you're having. If this is the case, it's certainly an issue that should be covered under the warranty (it would be a manufacturing defect) and Toshiba should fix it. It should be an easy fix, and the problem should not re-emerge (at leat not nearly as soon). All of that is assuming that the problem is indeed a compromised heatsink. But my larger point is that Toshiba is in the best position to determine that, and taking the machine in for service now does not necessarily mean that you will have to continue bringing it back every few months. You really shouldn't be dealing with this problem after only 3 months. Get it diagnosed and fixed under your warranty, as it will probably only get worse with time. It's unlikely to just go away.

Rachael Taylor Jan 08, 2005, 11:22am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Toshiba Satellite Shutdown
A huge THANK YOU to everyone who posted on this thread.

My Tosh A30 began crashing about a week after the warranty ran out (how does it know?) and I spent ages wondering what on earth the problem could be. I eventually found this thread and have opened the laptop, removed the heatsink, cleaned about half a centimetre of dust from it, reapplied thermal grease and closed it all up again. Early days yet (I completed this about half an hour ago) but the fan is already sounding a lot less laboured.

Fingers crossed this solves my problem.


Reggie Esguerra Jan 11, 2005, 05:37pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Toshiba Satellite Shutdown
I bought my Toshiba Satellite A70 in October and have been experiencing intermittent shutdowns since December. I still have my 1 year warranty ... would it be worth opening up the laptop and clearing the dust from the heat sink ? Or should i just send it back for repair ... would they even know what to do w/ it ?

p.s. it's great to finally see that i'm not the only one w/ this issue =P (in a good way)

John Bickford Jan 11, 2005, 06:53pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Toshiba Satellite Shutdown

I'd take it in for repair under the warranty. You could mention to them your suspicion that the processor may be overheating due to dust accumulation, but you don't actually know that. After all, the problem emerged when the machine was just a couple months old--awfully soon to be a dust issue. The service center is in the best position to confirm wheterh it's a dust issue, and if it isn't, to diagnose and fix the true problem.

Perhaps most importantly, you don't want to risk voiding your warranty by mucking around inside your laptop on your own (I don't know whether removing the heatsink voids the warranty, but I wouldn't leave it to chance). If it turns out not to be a dust issue and you voided your warranty, you'll be up the proverbial creek.


Kathryn Berck Jan 12, 2005, 08:24pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Toshiba Satellite Shutdown

Megan McDonald Jan 20, 2005, 04:40pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Toshiba Satellite Shutdown
This whole dusty fan bit has gotten me into kind of a mess -- if somebody could help me out I would be extremely grateful!

Thank you so much to everybody who has posted on this thread. I have a Toshiba Satellite notebook, and about 6 months after I bought it, it started making an awful growling noise from the fan. It has steadily gotten worse since then, and the computer is slowing way down -- I figure it would be a matter of time before it's shutting itself off like the problems listed in this thread.

So after reading here the reasonable theory that the fan and cooling system needs dusting, I opened up the area by the fan (although I have tried doing this before) and tried to get some dust out of it. I even went as far as to take out those four numbered screws that hold the heat sync on.... That might have been a mistake. I took a decent amount of dust out of the area, put everything back just as it had been before (at least I thought so)..... The computer won't turn back on. Press the power button -- nothing. Makes me a little sick to my stomach.

Can somebody who has fiddled around with one of these think of some detail I may have messed up, or something to try? My computer may have been loud before, but at least it turned on..... *sniff*

Millions of thanks in advance,

John Bickford Jan 20, 2005, 04:49pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Toshiba Satellite Shutdown

Some people posting here have noted that when they removed the heatsink, the CPU came with it. I would try checking that the CPU is still properly inserted.

Megan McDonald Jan 20, 2005, 04:57pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Toshiba Satellite Shutdown
Thank you, I'll definitely do that. When I put it back it appeared that all of the pins were still perfectly straight (whew), so hopefully that's not it. There's that little white socket thingy that has a screw that goes from lock to unlock -- man am I dumb for touching this stuff -- which should it be on?

Gary Krause Jan 24, 2005, 06:49am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Toshiba Satellite Shutdown and Battery problem
If you flex the case of the Toshiba laptop, by holding it by the front edges, the battery will lose contact with the connector to the mainboard. Go into the Control panel and view the Battery Capacity meter as you hold the front of the laptop so that its weight flexes the case. The battery will disconnect and you will see that the Battery capacity meter will display "No Battery Present" If you didn't have the laptop plugged in to AC the laptop will shut down immediately!!

If you take the battery out you can observe what causes this to occur. The mainboard connector to the battery moves up when the laptop is flexed. Cut a thin piece of plastic to slide behind the PC board that the connector is attached to; this will prevent the upward flexing of the connector and prevent the battery from disengaging!

Betsy Connolly Jan 29, 2005, 04:57pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Toshiba Satellite Shutdown
Here is our Satellite tale of woe. Does it sound familliar to anyone else. Has anyone found a good fix?
When plugged into AC and booted up, the green plug light shows on the front. The computer on light glows green. The battery plug is variable. It can be red or blinking red or green or not lit at all. In our case, it is never green anymore and here is why. While plugged in and booted up, if you go into the control panel and look at the toshiba power management area, this is what you see. It shows that the AC power is on. It shows that the battery is, for example, charging. Then, for no reason, it starts using the battery! The battery gets used, is shows it as discharging, until the power becomes critical and if left alone, the computer shuts off. Sometimes, if you catch it at about 30% or so, you can pull the plug and plug it back in and the batter will go from discharge to charge and you are back in business. Other times, no matter how many times you fiddle with it, the battery mode remains dominant and she shuts down. When that happens, you have to wait a bit before turning it back on because the machine seems to need a bit of battery to boot up. I have looked around on line and this doesn't appear to be an isolated problem but I have not seen any useful suggestions for fixing it. I don't even know if it is a hardware or a software problem! We have two satellites, one with the problem and one without. Tried swapping the batteries and or the power cords, didn't make a difference. Suggestions appreciated.

Lor Vang Jan 30, 2005, 02:10pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Toshiba Satellite Shutdown
I have a satellite 1905-S301. that I bought 3 yrs or so ago. For the cooling problem mine only shuts down on me when I have something blocking the fan such as setting the labtop on carpet or anything that prevents it from blowing in/out air. so i suggest you guys just elevate the fan area and make sure nothing is blocking it.

however i am unsatisfied with the cpu performance because i am constanly hitting 100% usage and if anybody knows if it is possible to upgrade the cpu that would be great! like what kind of socket the MOBO uses and what cpu we can put in here. i already have 512MB of ram added, but even that can only do so much.

also i hate the video card as it sucks and can't play any games, i know its a long shot but is there a way to upgrade the video card. also IMO i think that the HD spins way too slow. sometime it seeks forever. and circuit city customer service SUCKS!!! when my cd-drive no longer read any cd's or spinned at all this dumb lady on the phone was like,"Your computer has a virus that's why the cd-drive won't work, and your warranty doesn't cover virus." I asked her to give me the name of the virus so that my anti-virus software can detect it and she couldn't come up with anything. circuit city is horrible, toshiba is horrible; never getting any of my money again.

Dimitris Tserkezis Jan 30, 2005, 05:58pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Toshiba Satellite Shutdown
Hi ,
I was having the same problem with shutdown of the pc without warning.
I am using an A303 intel celeron CPU with 256 RAM.I bought it 11 months ago and i was fully satisfied untill last December. I have put it in a table with a table cloth and for the first time it shut down, i am now undertand that the reason was that the fan extractors have not space to extract the air.
A few days ago the laptop started to continiously shutdown even when i put him in the office with enough space under it.
I thought to reinstall the windows but in the incident on the panel control nothing was wrong.I had also scan with my antivirus (Norton) the system with no results.
I was sure that this is not a software problem especially when i saw this page.
The only measure i have taken so far is to put 4 rubber adhesives under the pc to give it some space more.
Untill now this trick is working perfect, the shutdowns stopped and pc working fine.
I also noticed that when a program run like a game in the net or the antivirus scans the fans are working in full speed from the start, i can remember if this thing happened in this degree in the past.
The conclusion is that the device is not working so perfect as in the start, because the cooling system did not want extra high to cool the system.
I am certain that i need to blow with an air cannon the inside of the pc to clean the dust and liberate the system.
I am going to do so if my measure now fails.
I am not thinking to open the pc or to use my warranty.
I dont trust them to put a hand inside, i heard that many times expensive parts were replaced by cheaper when someone trust his pc for a repair.
I am thinking to blow from outside with an air cannon and if that measure also fails then i shall give it for repair using my warranty.

Anybody has a better idea or solution? If so please share it with us.

I have seen in this page a notebook cooling system aparted from 2 fans putted under the laptop.
This thing draws power from a UCB port without occuping it?????????
Is this possible????
And something else this company that sales it is in US. I am from Europe and i am thinking if it is a voltage deference in the USB where from it draws power.Europe 220V-250V. Europe 110V-120V.

Please reply if you have any solution!

Betsy Connolly Jan 30, 2005, 11:19pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Toshiba Satellite Shutdown
Try a floor vacuum as well as the air cannon. Put the hose up to every entry and exit spot on sides, back and bottom and seal off around it with your hands. Suction seems to do more good than blowing air in. Be careful about vacuuming around the keyboard because the keys can pop off. If you want to vacuum the keyboard, cover the hose end with a stocking. Hope that helps.

jodee nelson Feb 12, 2005, 04:09pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Toshiba Satellite Shutdown and battery/power issues
i have a 1905-s301, and it also has the problem with running off of battery power instead of ac,the little battery light being red/orange or blinking or off, and the battery not charging. wiggling the power cord, or holding it a certain way worked for a while, but it got progressively worse. Previously, it was shutting off for no reason too, and a cooling fan under it seemed to work. ( the laptop has always beeped when it got to hot, until it started shutting down for no reason) i didn't think it was a heat or fan problem at first, because it wasn't beeping. My boyfriend works at a computer store, and he didn't think it was that serious, but knows little about the inner workings of laptops. He got a tech to look at it for free, so I took it in. They told me that my laptop had gotten so hot that it had melted the sautering that held the power jack to the motherboard (or whatever its connected to) and they recommended that i replace the motherboard. Another tech in the same store said that he could sauter it back on, but it may not hold. He did it, and i'm sure he cleaned it while it was in there. It worked great for 2 weeks until my boyfriend tripped over the cord and broke the power thing loose again. The guy fixed it again at his home, but after a month, i'm having the same problems with the power as before, only worse, because my battery is now completely screwed up, holding no charge, and even 2 seconds with battery light not lit and it shuts off. But, it no longer shuts off for no reason!!! Now i'm looking for a new motherboard and battery. I highly recommend if your laptop is shutting down for no reason, to have it cleaned out soon or clean it out yourself. Paying a store to clean it out is cheaper than replacing the motherboard!

relax zoolander Feb 23, 2005, 04:32am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Toshiba Satellite Shutdown
it was said----------->
1905 s301
Bought the Torx 6 screwdriver from Home Depot: 5 bucks.
Unscrewed the heatsink assess panel.
Unscrewed the corner* screws of the heatsink. Used a bit of force to yank the heatsink out of the cpu.
The dust amazed me: 1/3 inch wall between the fan and the heatsink.
I didn't use compressed air or themal compound. Instead, I did a good thorough cleaning w/ a hair dryer, a vacuum cleaner's hose (hair dryer and vacuum combined* worked great), cotton swaps, and microfiber cloth-----------------------------------------------------------------------

i have a toshiba a75-s226.
there is no heatsink panel.
here is a photo of the bottom:

any pointers would be appreciated.


Christian Terrazas Feb 24, 2005, 11:02am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Toshiba Satellite Shutdown
TRUE! 9/10 times my laptop randomly freezes and/or rebooting of the system. The reason is STATIC!!! I own a TOSHIBA A75-S2762. Also I have an Issue concerning the AC97 Sound Card Chip from this model! It just goes off! (I believe it is the DRIVER wich doesnt work in the proper way! why I said so? Tested in a Linux enviroment doesnt turn off!

london g Feb 24, 2005, 11:13am EST Report Abuse
>> Toshiba shoould be accountable for this
Dear all,

since there seems to be a substantial design flaw in the Satellite Laptop series by Toshiba, which does not fall under general maintanance or occasional breakdown, I believe we should all make Toshiba accountable for this. One easy way to do this is to get a customer assistance email (or many of them) at Toshiba and jointly write to them an email that we can agree upon. This might mean they receive some hundreds emails from different people.
I suggest that in this email we ask for assistance in fixing the problem we are all experiencing. We shoud tell them that, were they to refuse, we would all write to the most visited website that rank laptops (e.g. and make their design flaw (and refusal to help) well known to everyone who is still considering buying a Toshiba Satellite.
If they refuse to help, that also should be made clear to the commercial websites wehich rank PCs.
This strategy has a very low cost for each of us (just a standard email to send to many recipients), but can potentially get some assistance and, even more importantly, stop other people making the same mistake.
Reply if you are up to and attach any email you would like to send to Toshiba.


Ken Lummer Feb 28, 2005, 08:57pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Toshiba Satellite Shutdown
I own a Toshiba Satellite 1905-S303 and had been experiencing the infamous shutdown problem, and it had been becoming increasingly a more frequent problem and annoyance the past few months (I bought it new over a year and a half ago and use it as a full desktop replacement), I took the advice of some posters here to blast the fan with the dust buster in a can, I actually had a old can at home and used it with no avail. I decided that it was worth one more shot with a "new" can, and bought a Office Depot brand which had a nozzle that screamed mucho more mojo than my old can, and it did. My problem is completely solved! I was just about to pull the triggger on buying a new notebook instead of playing around with the innards of this beast, thanks to this board, otherwise I probably wouldn't have fixed it so easily. Good Luck to others of have this problem, I bought a two pack and was willing to blast it with the whole kaboodle and only needed an 1/8th of one can, it's pretty powerful stuff. If this didn't work, I wouldn't have even bothered trying the air compressor dealio.

e stall Mar 01, 2005, 10:11am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Toshiba Satellite Shutdown
Finally i've found others with the same problem. I bought my A75-S229 the third week of December and promptly had the random shutdowns only two days in! I brought it back for an exchange and again after only a week,started experiencing the same random shut down issues. I bugged the hell out of Toshiba support and after a tier 3 expert couldn't resolve the issue, he gave me a contact for local authorized Toshiba repair spot. I brought the laptop in and the guy showed me at least another 7 laptops there for the same problem! He said the Toshiba has acknowledged the random shut down issue and has attributed it to improper grounding just below the front metal speakers. He then showed me the underside of an old cover and then the "fixed" replacement that Toshiba has supplied for the fix. He switched out the cover with the new grounded speakers and sent me on my way... I feel a sense of relief... I get home and all is working properly...the next damn day, it shuts down again!!!! I'm convinced now that it is TOTALLY heat related! If this thing doesn't get enought circulated air, it's gonna shut down. I don't know of any other solutions other than the ones posted above...
Also... i have another strange quirk.. whenever i close the cover 90% of the time it gets stuck in the "preparing to hibernate" mode and doesn't come out of it. It just hangs on that screen and you have to turn it off and restart in order to "wake" it. As you might guess, it can be a major hassle since anything you might have been working on would then be lost. Any ideas??? Thanks everyone and good luck!

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