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  "delayed Write failure" in WIN XP 
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christopher michaels Dec 13, 2007, 07:28pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: "delayed Write failure" in WIN XP
Well, 2 years ago i put to rest my gateway solo 9500 cuz of this problem, so i decided to break it out and see what i can do out of boredom and this is what i came up with. Did about 5 fresh installs trying the tricks here soem suggested, assumed it was irq or HD controller associated, finally after almost giving up, i did a final fresh install and set pagefile to system managed size and disabled hiberbation and it worked fine after all this. i ahev no idea why, but my problem was hibernation and pagefile, i know that will not work with soem probs i seen in this forum, but it worked for me, i can restore , move big files and no more hang ups, but now ihave a laptop i dont really need.

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Jim Hurley Dec 15, 2007, 08:59am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: "delayed Write failure" in WIN XP
Jim Hurley said:

Correction to previous post.

I guess I posted too soon.

The errors have definitely dropped significantly with the
SystemPages regedit. But they have not completely
gone away. I still get a rare one every now and then.

However, they are now just I/O error 51 - paging errors,
not so bad.

I completed a backup to a firewire device with none
logged - usually there would be many.

I did see one posted when I ran a full scan of Ad-Aware 2007.

I have not seen any delays while transferring data.

I have figured it out.

The Maxtor 750 GB One Touch III has a configurable inactivity timeout.

Turning off the timeout eliminates all the delayed write errors.

I have a 500 GB Firewire 400 external drive and 2 750 GB Firewire 800 external drives and I see no disk errors anymore.

Only the SystemPages registry edit was necessary.

Miguel Angel Manzano Jan 03, 2008, 07:31am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: "delayed Write failure" in WIN XP
I was also crazy with this issue... Finaly I could almost forget it (crossed fingers) after changing SystemPages' value as it is said at:
Nevertheless, I think problem is more difficult to solve, and it depends on many factors (even USB 2.0 protocol, and, of course, Windows settings...) So we must wait for Windows XP SP3 (Vista goes OK without this annoying problem).
Good luck!

ken baker Jan 03, 2008, 10:28am EST Report Abuse
>>  "delayed Write failure" in WIN XP
It seems to me that the DELAYED WRITE FAILURE takes many forms......Mine only happens intermittently & as a function of time & perhaps temperature of the USB drive that I have attached.....It does not happen when the USB drive is off...

It does nto happen on my other PCS with other USB devices or with this particular USB drive wehn I move it to other PCs..

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