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  toshiba 6100 wont turn on 
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Patricia Lee Aug 08, 2006, 05:52pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: toshiba 6100 wont turn on
I found this forum/thread when my out-of-warrantyToshiba 6100 suddenly stopped powering on. Reseating the video card did not work and I do not have the tools/skills to diagnose or fix the 80+ pin connectors on the video and power cards. After another google search, I found a guy on eBay who was auctioning his services to repair and improve the Toshiba 6100 design flaw. I sent him my motherboard, video card and power card (~$12 via UPS ground) and $245 (which included return shipping via UPS ground). Three days after he received the boards, he sent them back to me, I reinstalled everything and the laptop fired up like a charm on the first try. (Of course the whole process took longer because UPS ground is slow, but his turn around time was only 3 days.) The improvements that I could see were that after fixing the connectors, he appears to have put some kind of clear sealant over the pins to keep them from breaking free again. I've only had the laptop back together for a few days, but his auction had plenty of testimonials as to the longevity of his fixes. He was extremely pleasant and helpful as far as advice on disassembly, shipping and reassembly and $267 is significantly cheaper than buying a new motherboard which seems to be common advice from repair places. So, if you are like me and know enough to take your laptop apart but not enough to fix a board, then this might be a solution for you. It sure was for me - I'm really happy to have this laptop up and running again at a bargain price. If you go to his website there is contact info and links to his current eBay listings.

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Oprea Ovidiu Jun 28, 2007, 02:17pm EDT Report Abuse
>> I have a big problem with my satellite 6100... help!!!
please part my english I`m from romania
I have it from over 2,5 years... and I don`t know... I have been with him to service in my county nobody knows....

The simtoms I plug the charger with the battery and no led torn on noting... I take of battery after i unplug the charger..I plug the charger te dc in torn on grean... i put the battery back on it shows charging orange led... after ~2 houers it is grean.. but want start.. i unplug the charger and after ~20 min the battery it is emty..

I have thake apart the laptop ... and after wen i try the same ting after the check up.. the dc led (charger led) blinks.... long short long short short short long .... 1010001... and then the same simtoms apear ...

Please help me I realy love this laptop .....

Ada Wivell Jul 24, 2007, 06:38am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: toshiba 6100 wont turn on
I have a toshiba 6100 which was working fine until last night. I decided to conserve the battery life of the machine and so removed the battery from the system. I have dome this with IBM and Sony laptops before, but when I powered the toshiba up using only the a/c adapter the computer gave a bad checsum error and asked me to go into the bios. after this, it booted into XP normally, tho it did say the system time was wrong. thinking nothing more of it, i shut the computer down and left it. Today I find the computer completely lifeless. There are no lights that come on, the computer won't boot up. I have tried putting the battery back in and using the a/c adapter, but there is nothing! I only bought this computer yesterday!! please can somebody help.

dave abba Sep 12, 2009, 12:21pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: toshiba 6100 wont turn on
Hi, sorry to bring this back, im only a youngster and my sat pro 6000 has just started playing up,
i know this is a 6100 thread but mine is a 6000 i think, as the vga card is different to the 6100 and it isnt holded on with screws....

right so the vga card is not there, just a chip and the silver bit, what could it do to resolve this orange light that flashes

iv opend it up and cleaned everything, i cannot find the 80 pin thing to check though im going to ahve another look

Please shed some light on this for me, i would be very greatfull


pineapple technology Aug 23, 2017, 09:49am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: toshiba 6100 wont turn on
thanks very worked....please this my number for whatsapp +233265904884

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