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mike mclaren Dec 26, 2002, 12:43am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: ECS K7S5A
I've recently built a workstation using this mb, the first mb had a problem (in the first couple of days) but the replacement has worked flawlessly for 5 months now. I started with win2000 and mandrake 8.2 and have recently upgrade to xp and Redhat 8.0. I use all the standard types of software plus cad and mathmatical modelling software, my son has also used it as a server for TFC and FA and to play those games when his friends are over. I did add a second case fan when I assembled it just because l like to keep things cool, I connect that fan to the 5 volt line so that it wouldn't be to noisy.

AMD 1800+
256 DDR
40 g hd
100 zip drive (ide)
DVD Drive
CD Burner
USR modem (not win)
ati 7500 AGP Graphics card

I have a small network at home and use the onboard nic when I'm home and the modem when I not.

I am considering upgrading one of my other computers and will most likely use this board again.

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Tacylm Tapsi Dec 27, 2002, 03:13am EST Report Abuse
>> Urgent HELP!!!
I just bought this MB today from fry's, great deal at 99 for the motherboard and an athlon 2000+...
Ok, first of all I was mad to see that the processor was a return since the sticker from the heat sinc had been removed and the package was open, but I decided to try it instead of returning it, so I did, I plugged everything in ( I never could understand the HD Led, PWR On and all those cables since my PWR LED has 3 spaces i never could get it to go anywhere) so anyways, I just plugged in the pwr on cable, but when I turned the computer on after I installed everything, I never got a picture to the monitor!!! NOTHING!! It wouldn't even turn on, no bios, NADA!!
I thought it might be the ram, so I substituted and tried all 3 of my sticks in different positions, but NOTHING!!

I am using SD-RAM 256, 128...
Geforce 2 MX from Hercules...

i am sure these 2 work since i'm using them right now!!!!

What do you guys think? Faulty MB, Faulty CPU? I don't want to return it yet before I get some opinions, I get desperate when I can't make something work!!!

Please Help

Michael Scott Dec 27, 2002, 06:58am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: ECS K7S5A
Dear Taclym, relax if no BIOS up then yr motherboard battery dead. You can buy battery but install carefully or if worried just switch yr mobo under warranty. See my earlier above posting. I have bulit over 360 computers. The high cost ones like ASUS are far more troublesome. I cant afford returns to me. First check if board made in China, if Maylasia (oh dear.. quality control..bad batch), China fine:) check yr Graphics card in properly . When BIOS alive (new battery) auto detect everything. Read the mobo handbook too. Cant add much more save presume you got a 300watt power supply AMD Athlons are power hungry. Dont take this the wrong way but my 12 yr old son put a ECSKS5A together yesterday afternoon ( having watched Dad); it worked first boot NTFS/XP !!
If yr CPU tampered with as you say then no dont its been fried!! :( return it mate. AMD chips last 20 seconds without a heatsink or fan properly attached!

Best Wishes Mick


Tacylm Tapsi Dec 27, 2002, 07:57pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: ECS K7S5A
Yeah, I'm going to fry's right now to return both cpu and mb, I hope they accept them!! I don't want to deal directly with ecs... anyways, I tryed everything I could, except using another PSU since I have no other available here... It should be really easy to get it up and running but I can't if it doesn't work... and I wonder why we all want to fiddle with these boards since we can always just make the warranty valid, I mean, if it says it supports sdram, it BETTER work with sdram or else I didn't get what I paid for... ALL motherboards should adapt to the rest of our system, not the other way around, if it doesn't, then I guess we didn't get what we paid for...

Matthew Robinson Dec 27, 2002, 10:53pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: ECS K7S5A
I can tell after reading some of the postings out their that many people are little upset with there boards. I will say a few things and I hope it helps! First, the ECS K7S5A is among one of the best boards I have used in a long time. I have built 20+ computers in the last 4 months using it. Second, you are getting a no frills strait forward board that does not have any jumper settings to contend with. Third, when you build any computer based on any board take your time. One wrong move with a AMD CPU can spell disaster. Fourth, never panic if it does not start the first time. Easy over-sites often lead to much more costly mistakes when people panic. Fifth, an inexpensive board is ok but inexpensive memory can be a big mistake. (You get what you pay for!) Last, motherboards do come broken from time to time right out of the box. All Brands!!!! When this happens you will know it if you where slow and methodical. Never over react when this happens because in the end you will take more risks with all your hardware and end up on the losing end. The option to RMA is a biggy. I know that many of you know all of the above but I think it is clear that not every one does and for those people I hope this helps!

mike daas Dec 27, 2002, 11:42pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: ECS K7S5A
the board works fine for me i am running it with a AMD athlon 1800xp .now i want to upgrade it too a AMD athlon 2600 xp can anybody tell me if this will give a problem?

Tacylm Tapsi Dec 27, 2002, 11:45pm EST Report Abuse
>> Don't worry?
Don't worry if it doesn't start up at first?

So if you buy a brand new car from your dealer and it doesn't start up the first time.. You'll just tinker under the hood until it does right?

Come on, you're paying your hard earned money for something that you want it to work AS ADVERTISED... if it doesn't, then you should not have to go out of your way to make it work...

I don't care if many people say that it's a great board and all of that, fact is that _I_ will not buy anything made by ecs ever again, I don't want to go through this hastle again, I wasted some hours of my life that I wont be getting back just because of the low quality that this company has..

Oh, and BTW, the guy at frys when I went for my refund, told me that most of the K7S5A's they sold were returned...

Matthew Robinson Dec 28, 2002, 12:02pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: ECS K7S5A
Man I hate to tell you this but I am so you don't wast any more of your precious time. Never work on a computer again! ALL brands have failure right out of the box. It happens. No one would ask you to be happy about it but it is part of the experience of building computers. I have used almost every brand out their and have had trouble at one time or another with everything. And yes I have had some of the ECS boards come inoperable but that is so common in this industry that I no longer even blink. As for Fry's I have never been their but my brother recently picked up a ECS board their and his did not work ether. One important thing to note: his had been opened before. Smells like refurb or open box. I am not knocking fry's because I don't no enough about them but something is not right if most or all of one particular brand is not working. I digress. I realize that you are not the kind of person who is going to listen to a word I write but maybe just maybe this will help others. Good luck in the future and try to buy computers built at Fry's because building is not your thing.

Tacylm Tapsi Dec 28, 2002, 03:05pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: ECS K7S5A
Gee, you're smart.. great advice, must be a prominent psicologist huh?

I'd like to know how old you are..

First of all, building a computer with components that come defective is NOT part of the "experience". And you are so very right, my time IS precious, how sorry I feel for you if yours isn't. About me not working with computers anymore, that will be kind of difficult considering I have an engineering degree with an emphasis in computer science.

Matthew Robinson Dec 28, 2002, 04:48pm EST Report Abuse
>> Tacylm
Hello Tacylm,

To answer a few of your questions. 1. I am 29 years old. 2. I am by no means a great psychologist, but I do have a degree in social work. I know enough about psychology to tell you that your response was Freudian. I will let you figure that one out. 3. I never told you to stop working with computers but rather stop trying to build them. 4. I am not some dumb ass kid running off my mouth in a internet forum trying to get a rise out of people. Believe it or not I try to help. 5. Having a engineering degree with an emphasis in computer science does not mean you know anything about computer hardware. I work with people who have doctorate's in computer science who have never seen the inside of a computer. Now you might wont to know how some one with a degree social work gets enough gumption to go head to head with some one like yourself on the issue of computer hardware. I have been repairing and building computers full time for the last 8 years and have worked in the field since I was 18 years old. I think that gives me enough experience to way in from time to time. Feel free to write back and try to rip me apart that is your choice but I am done responding to you. Sorry to everyone else who sees this. If any one needs help or has questions that are not belligerent please feel free asking! Tacylm good luck in the future and I hope that your time from hear on out is not wasted!

Michael Scott Dec 28, 2002, 07:09pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: ECS K7S5A
Dear mike daas,

Yes no problem for Athlon 1800+ to 2600+ upgrade , however you need the 266mhz fsb (front bus) not the 333mhz. AMD make them in two 'flavours' you need 266fsb for this board. Im actually sending this on a 14 th machine my 12 yr old son built. you migt wat to flash the bios but no need too. ECS do supplya BIOS flash download web page I advise you to use better than standard Fan on chip (Volcano 7 or 9 or simarlar). You picked a good fast stable board , meanwhile too busy as have to fix ASUS and ABIT top enders. The ASUS do need some configuring but for the money the ECS is easy , faster, providing you run it cool. You will be caught out on most boards if you use cheap ram The DRR from SDRAM at 512 provides 6.076 % increase in speed (Si Sandrosoft bench). Regarding AC97 sound , if you no like put in pci card of yrt choice; alternative XP plus has sound enhancement for speakers!, all my customers happy with this quality ( try it). Except for dead BIOS battery we none 13 computers returned with this ECS mobo. WE fitted two extra case fans to each. Chaintech Ge Force 440 vid. 64 meg . Pinnacle TV tuner, Diamond Data 48xx40x12 burners, Samsung DVD 14 spin , generic 250 zip and floppy. All fitted out with dial up swann11 modes and cable modem and extra set of 4X usbs at rear, 2 X Seagate 7500 80 gig Master and Slave HDD. Generic power supplies 300watt , made in China, like the board; they all work fine which keeps my customers happy . All mobos work less damaged or wrongly configured. Cash flow is important in business which is why we build so called "top -end" computers /boards (actually much hype here) as particular projects for customers.
You wont be able to above AMD Athlon 2600 to the 2800 as at 2800 they only do 333fsb bus speed not 266, , but then 2600 on this board moves along very swiftly mike.
Best wishes mick

Alan Schoen Dec 28, 2002, 08:04pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: ECS K7S5A
i would like to say that i am happy with my k7s5a but it simply doesnt turn on. someone else here seemed to have the same problem as me, and michael scott responded to it but i think he misunderstood what the other person meant by "no BIOS". in my case "no BIOS" means that absolutely nothing- not even the motherboard- turned on or showed any signs of life, not that the BIOS settings were lost. If the problem were in any part of the computer but the motherboard or power supply the BIOS would probably boot up. In my case I have tried the same setup with two power supplies and saw no signs of life with either one. I thus suspect that the problem is with the motherboard. If anyone can think of any explanation other than a faulty motherboard please tell me, I'd hate to exchange the motherboard for a new one only to find that it worked all along.(this is the second computer I'v built)

Wyatt Hatfield Dec 28, 2002, 08:14pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: ECS K7S5A
If I were you I would check the power switch pins. where the front pannel stuff connects to the motherboard. you probably have them backwards or something... Actually they are really simple... Look in the Mobo book for a Diagram....
Alan Schoen Dec 28, 2002, 08:19pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: ECS K7S5A
iv tried putting those wires in a number of ways, the most important way being the one that is suggested in the instruction guide(assuming white is negative and colored or black is positive) and still havnt seen anything.

Du Roc Dec 29, 2002, 04:00pm EST Report Abuse
I purchased this board from Frys. I too had a problem, but I quit too soon in attempting to find out what was wrong, usually I have more patience. There was no power, and changing the SoYo case power supply to a compusa didnt help either. I just assumed both were bad.

Anyway the problem is in the documentation and it was quickly found by a frys tech. The frys return lines were the best I had ever seen as far as organization, a far cry from the black Friday malaise several weeks ago where there was a three hour wait to checkout. I am running an xp 1700 with settings at 133 and voltage 1.5.

The pins on the front panel are mislabled, you must look at the silk screen on the mb. It will start immediately, the tech just shorted the pins out with an oversize screwdiver, and no problem. From start to finish I was out in less than 20 minutes, a record when you consider what it usually takes! I run across this same problem with other MB mfg too. It will cost you time. My only problem so far has been sometimes when I insert a new card in the MB, it gives me MB error beeps. And when I get it working, I dont know what I did to fix it. At first I thought I had put too much pressure on an LAN connector with too short a cord and the computer cockeyed while I worked on it.

Anyway hope that helps. Dont trust the documentation.

Oh, and by the way I benchmarked this vs. my fatherinlaws Dell 2ghz and my other xp 1700, a shuttle ak31a. The ECS kicks tail, easily outdistancing in certain areas in the math/floating point megaflop benchmarks using the Norton Systemworks performance test. For the money build it urself if you can stand the aggravation. My whole system cost about $150 after all the rebates. Courtesy of Frys, office depot, compusa and max,Free Soyuz case, $15 40 meg Maxtor 7200 Hd, $20 256 K ddr 2100, free winmodem, $20 burnmax 40 cdrw, used floppy, lots and lots of rebated software, $79 eCs mb, fan and 1700 cpu, and bayone front card reader USB 2.0 the only way to do better is to get it free from someone you love, and since I am an ex amder out of work 11 months (and incidentally I helped design and build Fab 30 in Dresden), money has to really stretch. Of course you have to fill out all the rebates and followup on them

joe tavola Dec 29, 2002, 08:48pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: ECS K7S5A
today i took out my video card (without uninstalling the drivers), just basically popped the card out of the motherboard and put it in a new system. then i took the card out of the new system and put it back in mine and now there is no video whatsoever on screen !!! computer boots up, the fans are running (cpu and video card). i then put the video card back into the other system and it works fine ... I also tried the hardrive into the other system, works fine.

the video card and all cables, etc.. are ALL firmly in place.

i have also cleared the CMOS on the motherboard to no avail.

i have also tried an ati pci video card and same thing, no video at all.. computer does boot though

i have also tried removing all components including taking the board out of the case and re-assemble the whole thing. also installed the board onto a new case, same thing happens.

the hardrive works on another system btw. i have also tried new cables for hardrive etc..

system specs :

ECS K7S5A mobo, AMD Athlon 1800 XP,512 MB SDRAM, 17 GB Fugitsu, GEFORCE 2 GTS 32 SDRAM, 32x10x40 LG CDRW, SoundBlaster Live 5.1, WINDOWS XP PRO

Du Roc Dec 29, 2002, 09:50pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: ECS K7S5A
I didnt read enough of your post to know what you have done and not done. However it is known a very small percentage of AMD processors boot with no video. So you may want to move the processor if you havent done already to a new system.

I never had this problem myself.

jamie e Dec 30, 2002, 03:05am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: ECS K7S5A
okay here it is. for you people that cant get any power on the board and think your battery is dead do this. dont look at manual when hooking up pins to board. 1,3 hdd/ 2,4 pwr led ( heres the trick, there are three holes for this connector but two pins, either you move one of the pins to the middle and leave the dead pin hanging in front of pin 2 or just have no led and still leave the third hole hanging in front of pin 2, only connect the last two holes to pin 2 and 4, also dont hook up on the group of pins the manual shows, it is for sound i believe hook them up on the first set of 10 pins) 5,7 reset/ 6/8 power. do this and will work, also check the clear cmos jumper to make sure it is correct. now for my problem with this board i can not get the usb ports to work on the rear of the board. device manager in windows 98 showing yellow exclamation point on my device which is a webcam hooked up to usb and webcam not working. also driver disc has no file on it for win98 usb. has one for xp and me/2000 but not for 98. any comments???????????

Norbert Schneider Dec 31, 2002, 08:15pm EST Report Abuse
>> Problems with my ECS K7S5A board

ninja peculia Apr 15, 2003, 05:27pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: ECS K7S5A
yo yo serius problem well a few

i built up a new pc other day a new usb port and converters k7s5a motherboard and a athlon 1800 XP processor with two 256mb sd ram


when i set the bios to 133/133 for the full speed and restart and go into windows, just before the sound and icon starts it freezes i left running 30 mins to see if it would load and it didnt can anyone help


as you know ive got a 1800 XP i downloaded a programme called motherboard monitor with gives tha stat on your board when went to check out the cpu speed it was only displaying 1500 or a bit more
is thats**t normal or have i slowly murdered my chip please help

NOW HERES PROBLEM 3 (most important for me)

couple of months ago ibought two usb joypad converters from lik-sang online shopping which allowed my to play my mame roms with a psx2 joypad everything worked fine it loaded up when plugged in no probs untill, i bought two more converters and a usb port that fit into the front of my 3 bay tsunami case. ok i plugged these usb port on there own in at the 2nd usb pins at the bottom of the board, when started my P.C i had a boot error a bad one so i had to reformat tha hard drive. when i gotthe pc back up running and tried setting up the usb converter, NOTHING at all
i tried allsorts except flashing the bios that sounds like some riskys**t.
i went on the net to find some answers and i found a page that says if you connect the usb ports wrond you could currupt the usb top header whatever the hell that is im not to deep in computers if theres anyone out there who can help me, please do , not just for me but for all those people who are running into the sames**t that i am.


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