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  Sony vaio won't turn on - no power, no lights at all 
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bledar rexhaj Aug 27, 2010, 12:19pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Sony vaio won't turn on - no power, no lights at all
i have a Vaio vgn-nw21EF
last night i tried turnin on and wouldnt turn on i tryed the WEB button started working a few second and than turnd off
i tried with battery only than with the AC and nothing
after a while a tried and it turnd on normally!!
anyway i shout it down and tha today the same i turn it on light and fan works fine and than just drops dead and after a while it works fine
WTF is wrong ??

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Andrei Thutat Sep 23, 2010, 03:03pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Sony vaio won't turn on - no power, no lights at all

I have a sony vaio laptop, model PCG-K215M. it was not used for some time, now it won't power on (no lights, no fan noise, no hdd spin, completley dead).

I've tested with the baterry, without it.
I've took out cmos battery, ram, hdd, nothing.

the power supply gives the 19.7V. The battery is charging while inside the laptop. There is power on the motherboard itself (so the power supply cord and connector are ok).

can you help me and tell me what else should i try to fix it?

Pat I Sep 29, 2010, 11:49am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Sony vaio won't turn on - no power, no lights at all
so I don't wanna be negative about Sony VAIO. But I think it MIGHT be overrated. This is my second one and its the same problem. Shuts down when power cord is unplugged and seems battery won't charge while plugged in. It's getting on my last nerve...

What's worse, SONY after service made me feel like I was the novice for not knowing how to troubleshoot their incompetencies. 3 weeks and no computer, no feedback, no loaner and my business is shut down. Its hard to believe that they don't know their computer has these problems. HP or Toshiba is my next machine! Sorry about the rant. Just disappointed. I hate buying a BMW and getting KIA value... :-(. No offense to VAIO lovers

Pat I Sep 29, 2010, 11:51am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Sony vaio won't turn on - no power, no lights at all
My model is VPCS111FM. Both times i bought the same model. Both times same shut down and battery not charging issues. Sour Lemon machines. Never again.

Giovanni Bratti Oct 12, 2010, 09:08pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Sony vaio won't turn on - no power, no lights at all
Euler D. Graca said:
My Sony Vaio VGN-FE660G has recently shown the same problem: would not turn on, no lights, nothing. Took it to a local repair shop and they told me the motherboard was dead. Dead for dead, I decided to take it apart myself. Fortunately for me, I found the problem and now my Vaio is back to life.

Here is what worked for me: I carefully removed the motherboard, then on the other side there is a small rechargeable battery. I disconnected the battery and let it sit for about 1/2 hour. Reconnected the battery, plugged in the power connector and applied power. It worked like a charm. My theory is that a bit of static electricity might have found its way into one of the control chips and made it behave erratically. By disconnecting the battery that circuit was reset to its normal state.

Hope this will be helpful.


I'm alse having a complicated problem (for me!) during some months.

My problem is similar with Euler' problem. My laptop sony vaio (VGN-FZ160E) seems to be dead. The unique way to put it "to work" is disconnecting the cmos (RTC battery, that is connected in the mobo) for some minutes and connect again. The computer turn on again for some hours or days, and then back to fail again.

I dont know what is the problem. Please, I would like to ask some help.
I'll be very grateful for any help.

Kirk Ericksen Dec 06, 2010, 06:05pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Sony vaio won't turn on - no power, no lights at all
I have a Vaio PCG-Z1 series laptop and like the many threads above I am having the issue where the system runs fine for a while then shuts down and does not allow you to restart the system for a few days ( I am not sure how many days have to pass before I am able to start but it is able to start). I beleive it has something to do with a bios setting that will not allow you to restart until this time has lapsed, hense the removal of the motherboard battery resets the system clock and any other flash memory settings that have been stored. The real issue seems to be WHY DOES THE CPU OVERHEAT NOW ?? Is it related to the many Microsoft Updates and the latest releases of IE6 that are running the CPU to a overheat status? Maybe the latest releases are not compatable to run on older CPU's. As we all know most pc manufactures produce a batch of laptops and then throw away the mold. Their solution is to 'get a new laptop, their cheap'! They are not designed to upgrade to new Operating Systems or who knows Windows Updates??. They are designed to work with "out of the box" software and maybe they are not looking to support "future" releases of OS's that could max out your CPU. I guess maybe another question to ask is did you recently upgrade windows when you noticed that these symptoms began to occur?:/

Alex delos Santos Dec 27, 2010, 05:16am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Sony vaio won't turn on - no power, no lights at all
Hi guys! Nice thread. Your contributions play a vital role in making the "dead" rise again. Thanks a lot!

By this I mean some old PCs or laptops can be very useful to help people especially our school children to start their experience on a very minimal budget if only we would learn to troubleshoot our own. Last Christmas reunion, I took home a Sony Vaio PCG-FX109K which is my sister's laptop. It is very old. It must have released 10 years ago. It was pre-owned and has had many repairs before they junked it for a while because of its frequent breakdowns. I am not an expert in laptop or PC but I had an experience in reviving a once-dead Toshiba Satellite A75 S206 laptop which a friend of mine gave me that I hope will help some here.

Common problems like overheating is a major setback which occur in most laptops of any brand. With much patience, one can serve additional years by doing a regular maintenance. This Toshiba laptop will be one year next February 2011. I am using this laptop as I am writing this here.

Ok, back to the Sony Vaio. At first it was booting like normal. As I make a thorough diagnosis, two of its USB ports are damaged. Touch pad isn't working. It has two 128mb RAM wherein one is not working. The CPU is good but the heat transfer compound has dried up and obviously not properly transferring heat into the heatsink. But what amazed me is it only has little dust in it. By the way, the Sony Vaio laptop is equipped with 850Mhz-maximized CPU, 2 128mb PC100, 222 Ram, 30Gb, 4200rpm of hard drive, etc.

Actually, at first I thought I wouldn't be worried about no-power, 3-lights-on-but-no-booting or no-response-at-all problems. My only goal was to repair the broken USBs. All same problems that you people mentioned above occurred when I opened and disassembled the laptop. It seems there are more to it inside than the eyes see outside.

And here are what I did on each component that needed repair.

1.) USB ports - 2 pcs.
I was able to repair one USB port by re-soldering it on the board. Special care should be taken when applying heat on the components and the board. First I removed it and checked continuity using a tester. I have to make sure that the pins for the board and the pins that connect any USB device to it are not broken inside. Then I started soldering the 3 USB legs firmly first then the 4 pins.
One pin of the other USB port is broken. There's no way it could be salvaged. So I took it out for a sample that I can use to match for a new one. I will solder a new one when available. These damages would have been avoided if the repairs done before were properly made.

2.) Ribbon Cable: The prime culprit for no-power or sudden shut-down experience as far as this laptop is concerned and may apply to other models, too!

This 10-pin ribbon cable connects the 2 L-R speakers, power button, and the Internet, Outlook Express and Hibernation shortcut buttons to the boards. What I observed when this cable is improperly seated or damaged are these major factors: (1) Power will not work, (2) No sound will be heard on either one of the speakers (3) Shortcuts for P1, P2 and P3 will fail on either one. And lastly, (4) A short or no contact will occur on either ends of the cable.

In order to eliminate the three problems, I focused on the fourth one. I was already decided to look for a new replacement when I realized there's no harm in trying a last option. I would not be using it anyway if a new one arrives. And to my amazement, this last option worked!
What I did was, I cut both ends using a sharp pair of scissors. I cut the exposed thin copper/silver plate on both ends of the ribbon cable. Then using an X-Acto knife, I scraped one end at a time to expose a new copper/silver plate (about 3mm) that will connect the two boards. Be careful while doing this. You may cut yourself or "cut through" the cable that will result to a "GAP" or no-connection. Use No. 800 sandpaper for steel to clean and smoothen.

Well, because of this I was able to save a few bucks and doing so solved the other symptoms of no-power laptops.

Usually, the problem lies on the two ends of a cable not on its length. It is wise not to bend cables especially ribbon cables. Check on other cables, too. Improperly seated cables cause shorts or no connection. The reason this happens is due to age or wear-and-tear the plates at the ends tend to peel off or loosen.

3) CPU: Overheating Problems

As I mentioned earlier, the heat transfer compound has dried up which resulted to over-heating that leads to sudden laptop shut-downs or crashes. Obviously, the techman who repaired it did not use a quality silicone heat transfer compound. A low-quality compound usually dries up quickly over time. This is what I observed after using a cheap and expensive compound for heat transfer. So, I applied an even thin coat of silicone heat transfer compound on the top of the CPU, that metal part that a heatsink touches as well as on the heatsink itself. Then screw in both on the motherboard. To clean the fan and the heatsink I opened the metal cover and I used a fine 2.5-in brush to removed dusts.

Take note of proper care in handling the CPU chip. Do not touch the pins when removing and replacing. Be sure to lock it in place using a screw driver before replacing the heatsink on it.

4) Touch Pad

I haven't figured out a no-cost solution for it. Right now, its only problem is Left-click isn't working. Sometimes tapping on the touch pad isn't working either. I have checked the ribbon cables but I haven't applied the 'last-option' remedy which I did above. But I am wondering if it is software related or not.

I hope you understand me here. Do-It-Yourself repairs isn't really that difficult. A few research on the web, patience and knowledge of the basic tools and safety measures will usually make your day. I mentioned about no-cost solution. Well, time is one thing that will cost us for a DIY repairs.

ps: Be sure to take notes or pictures while disassembling your laptop. Keep small parts like screws on containers. Use proper lighting, magnifying glass and white table cloth to repair your laptop on. This way you will see clearly. Cleaning all parts before re-assembling is a good practice. Learn to appreciate your little accomplishment. ( ^_^)

God bless everyone!

Jerry Belot Dec 29, 2010, 11:29pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Sony vaio won't turn on - no power, no lights at all
Have Sony VGN-NW235 laptop that was a Christmas gift last year. Just out of warranty.
Will not power up on battery nor on power adapter. Power adapter is ok. Tried with battery in and out. There is green light on the power adapter but no lights nor sounds from laptop. Called Sony and they said they would send me a box to ship it to a service center. Shipping would be $30. Examining would be $99 and repair would be either $199
or $299 depending on problem. That's $328 or $428. Original sale price was $575.

It has both a power button and a "web" button which puts it on the internet without booting up Windows. The charges seem arbitrary and probably excessive depending on the problem. It could be a loose connection or a resetting problem for $328. WOW!
Would like to save the laptop and some money. Suggestions?

Alex delos Santos Jan 08, 2011, 11:52pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Sony vaio won't turn on - no power, no lights at all
Hi everyone! A Healthy and Abundant Year for You and Your Loved Ones!

It's been almost two weeks since I worked on my sister's Sony Vaio PCG-FX109K Laptop.

And her son who's taking up Computer Science is enjoying it again! With a little issue on RAM is only 128mb which is very slow for a Windows XP Pro. One slot is non-functional so he's got one to upgrade to at least 256mb or if possible a 512mb maximum will do a lot better.

I was able to source out a replacement USB port taken out from a used laptop from a repair shop. It cost about $6. It isn't easy to find one that's "upright or vertical". I mean there are two different kind of USB ports, a vertical and a horizontal ones. I am not sure how they call them. The old ribbon or flexible cable was still used with the help of a 0.5mm plastic to seat it tightly. A misalignment tends to short, bend or even disable the two speakers, power on button and the P's button shortcuts so it has to be properly connected. If ever the cable fails a second time, it will never be a problem because I've located an electronic store where I could find a replacement.

@Jerry Belot:

I suggest that you look at the DC jack of your laptop and see if after you plug in the cable from the adapter the jack seem 'loose'. Try moving it sideways carefully. Notice if the power light goes on or off after pushing the power button. If you feel a slight movement and see the light goes on and off, it is possible that the DC jack has been detached from the board. To confirm it, you have to disassemble your laptop and solder it properly on the board.

Opening the laptop should be done carefully. Connections using ribbon or flexible cables can be tricky when removing and re-seating it. Our Sony Vaio uses a ribbon/flexible cables for power, speakers and P1-P3 shortcuts, and touch pad. I notice that problems with no-power, no-sound and no-light usually happen when these cables aren't properly seated or connected.

This is all I can suggest for now. Please take note of what I said above when disassembling your unit.

God bless you! Keep posted.

Kinga Hofman Feb 08, 2011, 12:48pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Sony vaio won't turn on - no power, no lights at all
Hi Everyone
Help my Sony vaio PCG 7H1M stoped working. I left it on when i was leaving home and when i came back was off and since that time i'm not able to turn it on. I was reading above posts and i'm keen to open my laptop and do all those steps with ribbon and battery but i'm a bit afraid to.
I do not have a money to go to the service and pay few quits for repair :( so if someone would like to write me step by step what and how i schould do this please please please i would be over the moon :)


Alex delos Santos Feb 08, 2011, 01:08pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Sony vaio won't turn on - no power, no lights at all
Hi Kinga Hofman!

Please try to visit any of these sites that could show a step by step procedure of how to dismantle a specific laptop or notebook if the model is on their list. But generally, the procedures are common to any model as long as you follow some basic pre-cautions before doing so. These sites may suggest some of these. Try to google "laptop_repairs", "repair4laptop" or "".

Remove power from laptop. Disassembling is just the first step. DO NOT TOUCH with bare hands exposed leads and components, etc. Finding the real trouble will be challenging. No power could mean a lot like a worn-out battery, a busted power adaptor, a loose cable or worst a dead motherboard. Just exercise caution. See. Hear. Feel what is going on the laptop. Try to take a picture of every hardware you remove. Take notes. Be organized.

I hope this helps. God bless you!

Mile Tunjano Apr 27, 2011, 02:35am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Sony vaio won't turn on - no power, no lights at all
Hey Mate....Great solution....We dit And now it is working!!....Thanks!!


Alex delos Santos Jul 09, 2011, 10:23am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Sony vaio won't turn on - no power, no lights at all
@ Mile Tunjano

Good day! Glad I could help. It's very rewarding to receive a response like yours.

God bless you!

joy domen Jul 09, 2011, 10:54am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Sony vaio won't turn on - no power, no lights at all
I don't claim to be an expert, but it sounds like your cord connection may be hinky. check for a firm connection to the power "box" (the one between the wall plug head and the computer) This can often times jiggle loose and make intermitent connections. It needs nothing more than a good push back into the box to resolve. Another problem I had was at the computer's internal power connection jack. This internal part can jiggle loose as well. Unfortunately if this is the problem, it will involve surgery and a new part because the "looseness" inside the male jack is not repairable..

To troubleshoot, I would watch your battery/power (plug in) symbol (usually on the bottom right corner of your computer screen, if not there, go to "power" or something similar-depending on your operating system, in the control panel) while gently wiggling the power cord at the back of the computer and also at that power box junction I referred to. If either one shows connecting, then disconnecting while jiggling, then you have found your culprit! (pray for the power box issue vs the computer's power port) Once the issue is resolved, it should charge normally.

I hope I understood your issue correctly and maybe my experiences will help you resolve your dilemma. Keep me posted!

Best of luck!

john albrich Jul 09, 2011, 11:51am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Sony vaio won't turn on - no power, no lights at all

This is probably too late for Kinga Hofman, but a general STRONG bit of advice...

When you have a power problem of any kind, the FIRST thing you do NOT do is start taking your laptop apart and/or stressing the laptop power connector.

First step is to make sure proper power is actually getting to the connector(s) that plugs into the laptop.

The power problem easily could be the AC mains, the AC power outlet, a "bad" or "tripped" surge protector or GFI (if used), the AC cord/plug, the power supply unit (aka "box" or "brick"), or the power supply unit's output cable and/or connector(s).

You diagnose the "brick" and make sure the power output is both stable and the right voltage(s) before you start taking the laptop apart, stressing its connectors, etc.

It's cheaper, relatively much easier and faster to evaluate, and could prevent you needlessly turning your laptop into a paperweight.

added references to surge protector and GFI (Ground Fault Interrupter) to address case where person is using one or both. A simple "reset" or even removing a faulty device may solve the immediate "no power" problem, but one should always find out what caused the protection circuit to "trip" to make sure safety is not compromised.

edit to add important Safety Warning:
It may be obvious, but the AC side of the power "brick" and inside the "brick" itself are potentially lethal voltages. Do not open/disassemble/cut/modify the power supply "brick" or the power cord unless you know what you are doing.

Michael MacDonald Jul 12, 2011, 01:35pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Sony vaio won't turn on - no power, no lights at all

I just had the same problem with my laptop today.

None of the suggestions would work. I had tried everything.

Then I finally got fed up,
turned the thing upside down and dropped it on the carpet from about 4 feet.

It booted up right after.
go figure.

So, if all else fails..
smash it,
because it worked for me.

Just only resort to this if you've tried everything else and you're about to give up.

Michael MacDonald Jul 12, 2011, 01:41pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Sony vaio won't turn on - no power, no lights at all
it was more like 3 feet or a meter.

4 feet would have probably broke it

vanilla choco Oct 19, 2011, 12:06am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Sony vaio won't turn on - no power, no lights at all
i hava a 3year-old Sony Vaio Model PCG-3CBP. actually, it was my aunt's laptop then she gave this to me a few months back..

yesterday, i was using this for i think an hour or so, then it suddenly shut down without warning. i thought this was another power-related issue. i checked the power adapter and the yellow light was still on. and no LED lights flashing. it's like the laptop is not accepting any power.

so i kept it overnight and when i checked it this morning, nothing changes. it cannot boot up and still, no LED lights flashing.

i dont know what to do, and i dont have money to spend for repairs. plese help me :'(

Chris J May 20, 2012, 04:21pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Sony vaio won't turn on - no power, no lights at all
I have had the same problem many times before. I find the best solution( and usually the only one that works) is to just take the power supply out of the laptop(take cord out ad unplug it). After you take the power supply out just let the laptop sit for a few days. I let mine sit for about 1-2 weeks and then plugged it in again(without the battery in), pushed the power button and it booted right up no problem. (fyi) when i first plugged it in again no lights turned on, but as soon as i hit the power button it powered right up!
Hope this helps! :)

Chris J May 22, 2012, 06:21pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Sony vaio won't turn on - no power, no lights at all
Hey i had this problem again today so i was messing with it and it turned on.
It was weird, could not get it turned on for like 10 mins. Then like 5 mins later i slid my whole hand across the keyboard while pressing the power button with my other finger and it turned right on.........weird. My advice would be dont let the battery die when you get it back on!!!! This happened to me and that is why i am writing on here again. So DONT LET IT DIE AFTER YOU GET IT BACK ON.

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