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  ATI Radeon 9700 
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john ward Dec 26, 2002, 06:45am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: ATI Radeon 9700
try the hyperion drivers from

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Eclipsor Dec 26, 2002, 08:10am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: ATI Radeon 9700
Maybe you've got a display setting like the refresh rate or something which your monitor can't handle. I've done this before but it went all crazy, didn't turn off. So that might not be it. I was just lucky that I was at a lan at the time I did it. I just connected someone elses monitor which was a bit newer and could handle the refresh rate I changed it too. So I used it to turn it back down. Or. Maybe when the driver tries to do the test it locks. Use the windows xp boot menu to load the last known good config if you can't get back into windows and change the drivers.

Epox 8rda3+, Athlon xp 2600+, 512Mb 466MHzDDR ram, Hercules Radeon 9700 pro, Samsung 19" flat crt, Sony 15" LCD, Lite-On 52x52x24 burner, WD 80Gig with 8Meg cache, Enermax 550W psu, ThermalTake Xaser2 6000a
John Payne Dec 26, 2002, 11:06am EST Report Abuse
>> Where did you find the Cat 3.0 Drivers?
I have checked the ati website daily, but only find updates as of December 9th. I hit refresh and all that but still only the Catalyst 2.5 are listed.

Just curious, THANKS!

1 Dec 26, 2002, 11:22am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: ATI Radeon 9700

that link will take you to the catalyst 3.0 drivers and ati directx 9 demos

RiHa Dec 26, 2002, 03:58pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: ATI Radeon 9700
yes, for testing you only need to download the pipedream demo

but be aware that if this demo works flawlessly that does not mean any
game will play ok. it just shows you dx9 and the catalyst 3 drivers work ok.


i blieve, with those drivers and dx9

there is no via, asus or ati problem

it is the voltage supplied to the radeon card
this is not an issue of watts on your power supply
this is how the mobo distributes power to the components

rgds richard

RiHa Dec 26, 2002, 04:05pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: ATI Radeon 9700

with catalyst 3 and dx9 you can have a system working fine
playing all demos and no crash on normal use

then try the direct3d games, remember the voltage to the radeon

if all ok try the open gl ones

for the open gl games i had to install the scitech gl drivers
and to switch between "use default driver" and "use scitech games driver"
depending on the game

i think this issue will be solved sometimes in january by asus, ati, via


Rick Robinson Dec 28, 2002, 07:05pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: ATI Radeon 9700
ppl listen to this guy i have had the same problem all i did was increase the voltage to the radeon card and now things to be working fine with no lockups and games are running smootly as ever..

Every1 else try this see if it works or not

john ward Dec 28, 2002, 08:37pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: ATI Radeon 9700
reinstalled whole system, downloaded xp updates,installed hyperion drivers,installed directx 9,installed catylst .30.Boy this machine is now flying although it is giving me 21 irq's before new install i had 11?
Not even touched voltage using 400 psu and 2 thermatake case vans cooling and venting this is all i have modded

brian kingshott Dec 28, 2002, 09:08pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: ATI Radeon 9700
Hi I found some drivers which have sorted out my problems I found them on (used to be

Omega drivers for radeon. Everytrhing seems to be running fine and my 3dmark benchmark has increased since installing these.

Any1 else tried these???

John Seether Dec 28, 2002, 11:28pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: ATI Radeon 9700
i got my system back from the shop, the same one who thought it was due to using plain old SDRAM rather than DDR... well, I'm mighty broke right now so I passed on the ram type upgrade and replaced the motherboard. They said it was working fine now. Took it home and it did appear to be... but then it seems like the freezing started again. My gametime became shorter and shorter and shorter; crashes seeming to increase the more I used it.

So I'm back to troubleshooting...

no hyperion drivers available on a k7s5a though... as there's no via... am hesitant about adjusting any voltages since i'm nervous about messing it up and voiding my warrenties and etc.
Should I get the shop to do this? will they even understand it?... I just want to lock myself up with a pretty game for a few hours and will the world away; not curse at the thing every 15-60minutes... or however long it will stay up (I managed 2 hours when it initially came back)...

As soon as I click post, I'll look at the card itself... and any big orange heatsinks I can find... and do the disable fast writes.... though I think I tried that already. And I'll look for these so-called Omega drivers...

John Payne Dec 29, 2002, 12:39am EST Report Abuse
>> Changing Voltage to Graphics Card?

Just wanted to know how to change the voltage? I have an Award BIOS. There is nothing in there to change the voltage to the graphics card. Seems very bare bones in terms of a bios not very tweakable :)

I have an ECS mobo, is there a jumper setting I can switch on out to increase the voltage?


RiHa Dec 29, 2002, 06:39am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: ATI Radeon 9700
to: John Seether and John Payne

look at this board (although I do not have much hope you)

RiHa Dec 29, 2002, 06:43am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: ATI Radeon 9700
to: brian

the omega drivers are modified ati drivers "optimized for gaming"

if they work for you - fine

the catalyst 3 drivers are newer

John Seether Dec 29, 2002, 12:49pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: ATI Radeon 9700 & ECS K7S5A
Yeah, I looked over my ECS board and there's nothing jumper or setting-wise for voltage.

I *did* however get a stable system for gaming by reducing the CPU Speed & DRAM Frequency to 100mhz. This is an icky solution and I hope to find something better; but at least now I'm temporarily not swearing so much at watching games freeze up.

mike bottom Dec 29, 2002, 02:23pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: ATI Radeon 9700
Hey, I have a question concerning graphics performance. I just recently built my own computer, with the following specs:

330 watt power supply
P4 2.4b ghz
512 mb Crucial 2700 sdram
gigabyte 8iexp motherboard
western digital special edition caviar 80 gb hard drive (8mb cache)
radeon 9700 pro
Windows XP Professional

Now, I read all the ecstatic reviews of the radeon, and I was kind of psyched, but I have to say I've been kind of disappointed. All the games I have tried run, many quite well at maximum resolution (16x12), but there is this issue of "skipping". I know what a slow card is, but somehow I don't think this is the case, because no matter how low i turn the resolution, the skipping persists. It is usually periodic; you can count and predict the skips like a clock ticking. I've run 3dmark, and gotten 12650 marks (not too bad), but watching the tests the skips are evident. I have catalyst 3 and directx 9. I really don't know if I have a right to complain, considering some of the problems users are having, but I was expecting amazing performance out of this card. For anyone interested in helping me out here, there are some questions I have about what may be causing the problem:

The system does not recognize my specific monitor, only a plug and play one

The SiSandra diagnostics test said that my Radeon 9700 (secondary) did not have an interrupt assigned, and suggested that I enable them in the bios, but I cannot see how to do that.

There are two other components on the same IRQ as the video card. Is this all right?

Could voltage to the AGP card be the problem?

If anyone has any ideas, please let me know.


1 Dec 29, 2002, 02:30pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: ATI Radeon 9700
Take a close look into your bios and see if you have an option for plug and play aware os? if you do then uninstall the card by right clicking on the radeon 9700 primary and secondary and selecting uninstall. Thats assuming your already in device manager. If you dont then check to see that your bios specifies agp irq to 10? Are you running dx9? If so then you may also want to goto run in the start menu and type "dxdiag". Then click the display tab and run the tests at the bottom. Ultamately you will likely have to reinstall the card. sounds like a good time to switch the dx9?

Rick Robinson Dec 29, 2002, 07:47pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: ATI Radeon 9700

my computer has gone to pieces after i thought i fixed it
ATI radeon 9700
256 DDR
Abit Kd7 8x
HD gig 7200 rpm
AMD XP 2400 +
OS XP pro
i cant run 3d mark 2001 SE without it crashing around the matrix game its starting to p**s me off now some1 pls give me a final solution to this mess

Bobby Marshall Dec 29, 2002, 10:10pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: ATI Radeon 9700
i am having the same problem as all of you. When ever i play any game it ends up turning off (if im lucky) or the whole computer just shuts down. The occasional time when the game shuts off if i go back and try to play again the computer then shuts off. Im beginning to think that this is a hardware problem because i was unable to run 3dmark2001 with the 9700 but with my old geforce 2 i finished benchmarking but only got a 2942. any help would be appreciated

system specs
P4 2.8 ghz
asus p4t533
512 pc 1066 rdram
radeon 9700
sb audigy 2
80gb hd

1 Dec 29, 2002, 10:32pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: ATI Radeon 9700
check your ram timing then.......3dmark 2001 is a memory hog and will not run with poor ram. Check the voltage at the same time. It could be that the radeon is causing a power struggle between it and the ram. Try the radeon 9700 at 1.7v and the ddr at 2.7v.

Bobby Marshall Dec 29, 2002, 11:01pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: ATI Radeon 9700
i dont think the ram is bad because the program worked fine with other vid card, and i can play games with the other vid card, and ram is from samsung a pretty reliable company.

THe voltage could be the problem but i dont know how to change it. Could anyone tell me.
by the way i have a 350 watt psu

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