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  ATI Radeon 9700 
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p w Mar 20, 2003, 05:13pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: ATI Radeon 9700
I hope someone can help. I know just enough to get my self in trouble. I just got this card from my brother. I have p4 2gig w/ 1gig of memory o/s xp.
I put the card in and turn on my machine, the xp screen comes up start loading then the screen goes black. nothing on it. i tried to load in safe mode and i get blues screen of death. Any advice would be appreciatied. thank you.

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reesan Mar 20, 2003, 06:17pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: ATI Radeon 9700
OK. It seems that I'm not alone...

Building a new system last weekend:

Asus P48GX Deluxe (P4 2.8Mhz + 2x512 2100 RAM)
ATI 9700 Pro AIW
Audigy 2
16x DVD
52x AOpen CDRW
2x WD80GB (8MB Cache)
400W PS (2 case fans)

I cannot get the mobo to (or through) post with the ATI installed. Flashed the BIOS (using Ti4400 to get into it) to the latest version 1004.004 (beta) and still no go with the ATI. I am determined to use this card but without even getting to boot I have not had the luxury of experiencing some of the problems others have had. Is there anything (setting wise) I can do beyond the defaults in the BIOS to get even a hint of video out of the ATI? The closest I have been is getting to the CPU overclock error in post following the flash (all setting were default, including CPU speed), still no video. Smart guys (and gals) of the world.....Help!


1 Mar 20, 2003, 09:30pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: ATI Radeon 9700
have you tried booting with only necessary items like 1 hard drive, 1 cdrom, no sound card, no lighting, no floppy and no dvd? These turbolinks powersupplies are way unstable. They fluctuate so much that 1 device can cause major problems. Voltage means nothing if its not stable.
For those unfamiliar with turbolink psu's they come stock in cheiftech cases, and a few others.

ROY G Mar 20, 2003, 10:35pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: ATI Radeon 9700
Doc why don`t you explain what the difference between clean power and dirty power is.If you would do this it would help a lot of people when they go to buy a PSU knowing the diff. and what to look for in a PSU.Sometimes 300W PSU may out perform a 500W or 450W there are other things to look for other than Watts thats just one end of a 5 headed monster.Go for it DOC and help us out you talked about it in another post just a little. Thanks

1 Mar 21, 2003, 12:25am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: ATI Radeon 9700
lol....okay Ill try my best then.....

wattage=volts multiplyed by amps.....similar to intel's megahertz myth the average person is led to believe that certain statements define the quality or performance of an item. If you fall subject to believing the marketing hype of average products then you would be assuming that the buisiness world really cared about the average person. Cracking open a cheaper model antec or turbolink powersupply and then comparing it to the internals of an enermax or vantec stealth will leave you in a state of understanding similar to comparing a toyota paseo to a supra.
While looks are often another tool for marketing you will have lok at the voltage regulators, heatsinks, and transformer to see how some companies sacrifice stabilty and lifespan for a quick buck. Granted, in the end the average user will be perfectly happy with a cheap psu since it is likely that they have outdated gear......and doubtfull that they are even considering spending the bucks for a radeon. High end gear requires high end components or you will soon find the week link in your system.
Voltage Regulators prevent the voltage from fluctuating to damaging levels as well as retain a little charge to compensate for low fluctuations. In effect they condition the power to protect components from hertz fluctuations in incoming ac voltage.
When you initially power up your system you will notice that all of your devices and drives go through a state of testing and spin up....this is another area that causes problems. For most people the max draw is achieved when you hit the on switch.
If the psu is maxed out or incapible of providing clean stable voltage then various items like the 9700pro will not allow the system to boot since it either hasnt passed the bios vga boot check or you are simply attempting a 3d task which is causing the card to draw more. If the regulators dont adjust to that additional draw immediately then your system will sense a vga error and automatically reboot your system.....sometimes the radeon will take the power from another device like the ram and the result is a misleading error indicating ram.
Voltage drop is another big issue since devices on a chain are all drawing from the same line of power. If you have thought it to be ingeniously clean to use one lead off the power supply then what you are doing is depriveing amperage or voltage from devices at the end of the chain. This is coming with the radeon because the floppy cable is at the end of the line on most power supplies.....imagine 2 ata133 hard drives and a cdrw placed in the beginning of that line. What does the radeon get when you turn on the system? Maybe enough to boot once in a while or even boot but then crash while in an application.
I am linking 3 psu's together this weekend so I will take some photos of some higher end psu's and place them on my site along side my buddies turbolink. You notice enermax has larger gold heatsinks, better quality and quantity fans, larger regulators....etc. Yes they cost more but then again look at the gear you are all talking about running.
Using a cheap psu with high end gear is like running an xp2800+ with a tnt2!
Sorry for the length.....but Im watching the war at the same time. :-)

JC Bailey Mar 21, 2003, 01:07am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: ATI Radeon 9700

has anyone tried adjusting AGP Driving Value ?
default on mine is DA. I adjusted this value
on another board i had once, (VIA chipset)
to get the video to work correctly with a geforce
card. (havnt tried to adjust this yet)

still getting BSOD... games lock up after a few minutes
of play time.

WinXP Pro sp1/all updates installed, bios, ati drivers, etc...
soyo p4x400 dragon platinum ultra
powmax 400w psu
p4 2.4ghz
corsair xms ddr400 pc3200 (running @ 333)
ati radeon 9700 pro
fast writes disabled bios/smartgart
agp set to 1.6v (default 1.5) have adjusted to 1.7v (still lockups)
memory set to 2.6v (default 2.5) (have adjusted to 2.6v (lockups also)

anybody out there with same board running stable?

"come save us DOCMOD"


JC Bailey Mar 21, 2003, 01:08am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: ATI Radeon 9700
btw, do have 8 heatsinks on the memory chips on the ATI board.

1 Mar 21, 2003, 01:11am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: ATI Radeon 9700
adheasive tape or arctic silver? tape holds the heat to the chip while the latter provides a conductive bond allowing transference of heat.

JC Bailey Mar 21, 2003, 01:13am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: ATI Radeon 9700

arctic silver.

1 Mar 21, 2003, 01:26am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: ATI Radeon 9700
doesnt happen to have infineon ram onboard does it? Those are the sapphires that I have never been able to get going.....buddy brought 2 of them over last month and I tried them on 2 of my systems that already had built by ati cards running great. Then I tried a few others and they never worked no matter what.
I doubt that everyone has the same issues but a few might be similar.

marcoathome Mar 21, 2003, 01:33am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: ATI Radeon 9700
Can't emphaisize the importance of a good power supply. I use a Enermax EG465AX-VE power supply. Very good reviews and have had very few problems. My 9700 PRO is working like a champ (almost). Only froze once in the last seven days with Video streaming on RealOnePlayer since I downloaded the latest drivers (see above). Games, no problems yet. And I do use Artic Silver. I also do not believe in reinstalling XP from scratchjust because you are having driver problems. Total waste of time, 90% of the time. Nevar had to do it, never will. Now if you Win 98, well, that is a different story.

Outa Myhead Mar 21, 2003, 06:05am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: ATI Radeon 9700
I had the problem of my system hanging minutes into a game, what I did was change the second stick of ram to the third memory slot instead of the second; the other thing that I did notice (thanks to the event viewer in XP) is the ATI hotkey poller showed up every time just before the system hanged I went into services and disabled the ATI hotkey poller this seemed to fix the hangs during the games.

See bio for system setup.
JC Bailey Mar 21, 2003, 09:06am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: ATI Radeon 9700

ati poller was disabled, still locking up.
i only have one 512mg stick of memory.
seems to be a driver issue now?

Jackie Chan Mar 21, 2003, 02:01pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: ATI Radeon 9700
I still think its a heat issue.

Its a perfect explanation for why it hangs only 10-20 seconds into games (for me), but when I disable 8x and fast writes it lasts until 45 seconds, because its working less so heating up slower. Who knows though.... They sell crap for money and then hide behind crappy customer service.

I swear, I wish I could break into the CEO's home and tie his family up and ask him honestly, what is wrong with my video card. I bet then Id get a straight answer and a fix would be made immediately. Until then, they just hide behind customer service.

Chris Wat Mar 21, 2003, 03:04pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: ATI Radeon 9700
Dear all,

I have to say that the ATI 9700(non-pro) is working fine now... Before, I got hangup while playing 3D games..

I did a few things..

1. AGP Core to 1.6
2. reinstalled the latest ATI driver/Control Panel
3. AGP 8x down to 4x in BIOS & ATI Control Panel
4. Changed power cord, so that the ATI card is only sharing with a secondary CDRW drive

but i think the main thing that really solved the problem... was option 3..

btw, i have Asus P4G8X -D

JC Bailey Mar 21, 2003, 07:06pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: ATI Radeon 9700

already tried agp to 4x, and installed/reinstalled (cleanly)
still locking up. i think i'll go back and install the older
drivers, i think this is when i started having worse issues.

Jackie Chan Mar 21, 2003, 07:11pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: ATI Radeon 9700
This stinks. Another thing that stinks is that when people get it working they dont come back here and share...

Nothing has worked for me.

I used to use ATi years ago, but their video cards and drivers sucked bad. Ive used Nvidia ever since with complete satisfaction. I let the stubborners from's forums talk me into returning to Ati, and look what happened. I will not make this mistake again

1 Mar 21, 2003, 08:30pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: ATI Radeon 9700
Tomshardware rules......and some of us have multiple radeon 9700 pros that work fine but we continue to offer our support. Granted many of you may not have access to multiple systems it makes it difficult to troubleshoot.
The main thing to remember is that many people do have working 9700's and without the need to drop any performance settings. Try posting a new topic requesting info from others with your motherboard to see if maybe a revision was made for compatibility.

marcoathome Mar 21, 2003, 08:56pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: ATI Radeon 9700
Jackie Chan, what you say is not true about trying to help. I have mentioned more than once that I have gotten this thing to work. Amy I please it is such a headache to do, no. One should not have to go through all this BS. All you SHOULD have to do is load the drivers and go.I have the Radeon 9700 working at AGP 8X. See my previous articles. I do not have the time right now but I will list specifically versions of what drivers I have loaded. One thing you should check, If when you go to Display properites/settings/advanced/options/details does it indicate what bus speed you are running at? I had problems when the bus speed category was blank. It now reads AGP 8X. I will provide more info late. Right now, I am going to have a glass of wine with my girl friend, after all, it is Friday night!


Jackie Chan Mar 21, 2003, 09:02pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: ATI Radeon 9700
Sorry about my words, Im just so frustrated...

My bus speed says 8X, like Bios. When I disable to 4x in BIOS, the bus in windows says 4x, so I guess all thats working...

I hate this. Like you said, why not be able to just load drivers and go. Its been weeks and I cant play games, which is my main reason for upgrading computer.

youd think the more money you spend, the better quality youd get. Oh well....

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