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  ATI Radeon 9700 
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popewski retrou Mar 22, 2003, 09:50pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: ATI Radeon 9700
Ok dear every one
After allmost 6 months that this forum for 9700 problems is going on and nothing has been solved for most of us .
Not to forget that the card we had overpayed 5-6 months ago will loose its value soon.
I am really frustrated at that point because my hobbie is not to try fix problematic cards but enjoy my games or 3d modelling.
Could anyone bravely list the problems and solutions so we can clearly know how to fix it.
I have been through all posts at this forum and i understood that there are some people more relevant than the others.
If finally is still impossible for some of us to solve our problems at we will have a list to send -i suppose individually- to the company
Thanks in advance

AMD Athlon XP 'Thoroughbred' 2400+
GlobalWin 802 300W PSU
Western Digital Caviar 80GB
Hercules Radeon 9700 Pro
Corsair 512MB DDR XMS2700
CD-dvd-tv haupaggue .etc

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popewski retrou Mar 22, 2003, 09:54pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: ATI Radeon 9700
o ou allmost forgot what i get is crash- freezing of screen that i can Only reset or puts me back to save power mode (monitor) which agai i have to reset....

Best regards


popewski retrou Mar 22, 2003, 09:59pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: ATI Radeon 9700
Maybe i should also mention that from time to time i can play some games for quite some time before crash and rearly doesnt crash at all.
The games that i have problem with are Hitman 2 (30 seconds maixmum)
and GTA3 (used to be few levels before crash, but again it started) and quite few more 3d games

Chris Wat Mar 22, 2003, 11:11pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: ATI Radeon 9700

this is my computer setting... I dont think it is the screensaver problem. coz it has happened b4 even with normal windows operations, like using windows explorer...


ASUS P4G8X -Deluxe (AGP Core to 1.6V, AGP Aperture 128MB, UC)
P4 2.4@2.7GHz - 600FSB
ATI 9700non-pro (4x in ATI ctrl panel and BIOS) - latest driver from ati
1GB Samsung 333DDR RAM
27.3GB IBM Deskstar
120GB Maxtor
Creative SoundBlaster Live 5.1
Teckram SCSI controller
Cooler Master CPU Heatsink
18" Philips LCD running with DVI @1280x1024@32bit
Windows XP pro SP1 with all latest update

Chris Wat Mar 22, 2003, 11:15pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: ATI Radeon 9700

I have a Grandmars ATI... (powered by ATI card)...

and also the error message i got from windows was:

"Microsoft windows detects and recovered from a device failure. Please save your work and reboot to restore full functionality."

BTW, I m only using windows XP svreensaver!!??


1 Mar 22, 2003, 11:26pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: ATI Radeon 9700
man that sucks....I am beginning to believe that there really are some bad cards out seems to me that 90% of the people here having problems have powered by ati cards.
All I can really say to that is try to find someone that you know that has a built by ati card and see if they will let you try it......thats how I found 2 bad saphirre cards for my buddy....I got sick and tired of trying things and said screw it...lets just try mine. In the end he went to circuit city and paid $100 less for a built by ati card and all is great now.
If it doesnt work then you can take it back for a refund and at least know whether its system incompatibility or just a bad card!

Steve Clot Mar 23, 2003, 01:14am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: ATI Radeon 9700
Can anyone tell me why the A7V8X bios wont let me modify my AGP aperture above 32 meg? Also I'm locked at AGP 8x in bios (although I can change it from the control panel).

Joe Smolinski Mar 23, 2003, 03:23am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: ATI Radeon 9700
Steve, I have the same board, and when I flashed bios to 1011, I had the same settings. I just went down to 1010 and was able to change those settings again.

Luka Zuber Mar 23, 2003, 03:09pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: ATI Radeon 9700
I sold my Gigabyte 9700 Pro (had it for 4 weeks, couldent get it to run without freezing) and next week my Gainward FX Ultra-1000 (FX5800 Ultra)
will arrive. I just hope my sistem will work with this new nvidia card because ive had enough of troubleshooting and money spending on non working hardware.

Oh, and i completly agree with Jackie Chans statement about CEOs family !!!

Intel 2.8
Asus P4G8X Delux
512 DDR Samsung
Asus GF3TI500 Delux (working flawlesly)

Steve Clot Mar 23, 2003, 11:52pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: ATI Radeon 9700
Joe, I'm already at BIOS version 1011...wonder why I can't change my AGP aperture above 32MB???

samwise gamgee Mar 24, 2003, 12:03am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: ATI Radeon 9700
remember me, im the guy who was SOO sure a windows reinstall would fix all my problems, but after reinstalling, im still screwed. now im convinced i have a bunk card. thank god i got a retail version. i cant even imagine how p**sed i would be if i was just f#$ked.
i do find it unusual how many of us have a7n8x though. maybe this board is supplying incorect or inconsistant voltage resulting in damage.
im just guessing now.gonna call giga-byte to straighten out an rma #.
i will tell you how that works out. im a little concerned, giga-bytes contact us section of their website starts by apoligising for their crappy service. :(
i hope they hook me up. i REQUIRE my games to survive, as do we all or we never would have shelled out 350 on hardware like we did.
i just bought a 400$ kick ass monitor and have yet to play a game on it...............sorry im done whining

1 Mar 24, 2003, 12:10am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: ATI Radeon 9700
there is a often metioned problem with the cmos battery causing odd problems with voltage but Ive never had a problem. Could be worth a check though.
Also, for those wondering how to monitor fluctuations via a display that doesnt crap out when you overclock.....
I just installed some of these displays (one for 3volt,one for 5 volt, for each psu), and they work great....super bright too!

Jackie Chan Mar 24, 2003, 01:19am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: ATI Radeon 9700
Im on a different board, but still Nforce2, the MSI nforce2 board.

Im beginning to think Nvidia put something in their boards to make Ati cards not work........ Ok maybe not, but I wouldnt be surprised. Im RMA'ing card tomorrow.

Andy Parker Mar 24, 2003, 04:11am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: ATI Radeon 9700
I've just put a 9700 Pro onto a Gigabyte GA8-IRXP mobo, and it runs fine under XP with both DirectX 8 and 9, so if you want a stable system, this is one combo that works.


P4 2.0GHz @ 2.2GHz
512MB PC2100 RAM
Crucial Radeon 9700 Pro 128 MB
Windows XP Home with SP1 and all critical updates
Twin Maxtor 80GB hard drives (primary IDE)
Pioneer DVD-ROM/Plextor CD-RW (secondary IDE)
DirectX 9


"Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!!!!"
Outa Myhead Mar 24, 2003, 04:17am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: ATI Radeon 9700
Jackie I didn't mention something else I had done to the card cause I mentioned it in a previous post and I figured someone would have taken notice but anyway; I changed the normal heatsink for a Zalman hp-Z80a as I did think it was a heat problem occuring with my system I just changed it to be sure. It also replaces that useless tape with some thermal compound so that improves the heat transfer between the chip and the heatsink, you may also need to install a case fan to blow across the heatsink as it does get a bit hot without any kind of cooling.

See bio for system setup.
1 Mar 24, 2003, 02:13pm EST Report Abuse
>> nforce 2 issues
Well, I was just doing some research before attempting a massive overclock and came across some good info.
They reccomend no less then a 350watt psu for the nforce2 boards.

I know this takes us back to the whole psu thing again but many high consumption devices do you have? I'll leave that one alone now, just wanted to throw that out there.

Next, I was thinking about whether or not I should put a waterblock on the southbridge of my 8rda+......I know even without overclocking, my northbridge is way hot so I reached out with one finger and touched the southbridge holding firmly for about 2 seconds before I felt like I couldnt touch it anymore. My stuff is on a test bed right now so Im just flirting with point is that these boards are hot and while the 9700 might be your problem you might consider checking airflow within your case and make sure that cables and so fourth are not crowding your chipsets just for safe measures.:-)

Martin Schultz Mar 24, 2003, 03:42pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: ATI Radeon 9700
Well, I kind of have the same problem, the difference is though, that my comp is totally dead.

My config is as follows:

3d connect Radeon 9700 PRO on a MSI 845E max2 (MS 6398E).

I have tried to update the BIOS and to turn up the voltage to the AGP slot. With no succes, my comp is still dead. The "funny" thing is that the gfx card works in another comp. And another gfx works in my comp. So the Radeon is not defective, nor is my AGP slot, but no matter what I do, my comp won't boot with the Radeon card installed.

My PSU is not defective, my comp is up and running as long as the Radeon is not installed...

The thing that troubles me, is that is functioned with the card last evening... The next morning = dead.

Does anyone know about this problem?

I tryed to email MSI, but no reply yet... *sigh*

samwise gamgee Mar 24, 2003, 06:58pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: ATI Radeon 9700
well i took out my card to send it back today and found out the fan on the heatsink was stiff anf crunchy when i spun it. i dont think it was spinning.
so thats the cause of MY problem. i am once again changing my hypothesis, heat is the issue. I am willing to bet most of you have a similar problem. maybe not a dead hsf. maybe a loose heatsink? maybe a dry connection between the shimm and the heat sink. i remember 1 guy said his heatsink was falling off. its worth investigating.
good luck all. i will let you know how the new one works.
i bought it from newegg. they replace retail video cards up to 1 year! from date of purchase.

Outa Myhead Mar 25, 2003, 07:47am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: ATI Radeon 9700
you can read about the thermal problems here:-

See bio for system setup.
1 Mar 25, 2003, 09:51am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: ATI Radeon 9700
awsome, thanks for that....I was just about to place my mcw50t on my project 9700pro....good thing I didnt!

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