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Michael Poteat Oct 28, 2004, 11:28am EDT Report Abuse
I work at a university that buys lots of computers each year. We are a state institution and Dell evidently provides the most bang for the fewest bucks. I have never been involved in the selection processes but my understanding is that no other company is competitive. I am using a Dell now. Nonetheless, I will not buy another Dell for my home. Not because they do not offer AMD processors but because Dell and the other major name players do not offer systems that can be upgraded. Once you build a computer why purchase a pre-built box -- unless you want a low-end machine for running office applications and connecting to the net. I also think that AMD is by far the best buy in a CPU. The performance of my 3500+ is to me amazing. I may buy INTEL again but not until they offer something better than their current chips. Michael

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albert spence Oct 28, 2004, 12:11pm EDT Report Abuse
As big as that company is you would think they would bargain with AMD by now. Whether they like it or not, they will have to see the light of it. It's their loss not ours. I wouldn't buy from them even if they sold AMD. I'd rather build my own.

GReddy Oct 28, 2004, 12:40pm EDT Report Abuse

All those in favor of building AMD64 Boxes that can grab a Dell Poweredge by the ear and make it scream Hector Ruiz is my daddy... Say AYE!!!

Gade Hayes
"Like an orgasm only stronger."

DFI LanParty NF2 w/ Shoulder Strap
XP 3200+ w/ FoxConn Heat Pipe Cooler
1 GB Geil Golden Dragon 6-2-2-2
Asus Radeon 9600XT Rage Tweaked to 550/700
External 80GB WDSE USB 2.0
Driver Boy Oct 28, 2004, 12:43pm EDT Report Abuse
Too bad for Dell.

That's why I bought a dual opteron workstation from IBM yesterday instead of from Dell... to replace my current Dell box. A pricey bastard it was, too. Dell's missing a ton of profit.


Dave McLain Oct 28, 2004, 01:14pm EDT Report Abuse
The way I see it, AMD offers a great product, I've used their stuff in many pc's and I've always been happy with the performance, esspecially if you look at performance vs price. Not having Intel inside isn't a big deal for me and I'm not going to buy a Dell so I guess it just doesn't matter all that much!

Free Beachler Oct 28, 2004, 01:21pm EDT Report Abuse
too bad for Dell !!!

Christopher Fields Oct 28, 2004, 01:56pm EDT Report Abuse
mmmmmmm, I think Dell needs a new CEO. As a microsoft system builder I am amazed on the AMD performance line. I converted just 2 years ago and I currently use a 64bit 3200+ with the Gigabyte K8NS Pro with the Nforce 3 chipset. I coupled it with 2 x 512 OCZ Memory modules with latency times at 2-3-2-6 1T. I also own a Dell Inspiron 4600 with the P4 2.8GHz FSM 800MHz. It's coupled with 2 x 512 PC3200 Dual channel memory. They both have ATI x800XT 256 video cards with 8x AGP. The only real setup difference is that my AMD is using 2 x 36gig(Raid 0) Raptor 10,000rpm Hard Drives and my Dell is using 1 x 160gig SATA WD Hard Drives.

Of course the AMD Spanks the Dell over and over again. I even used the ATI Omega drivers for the Dell to give it a lift and still nothing. If Dell is looking for someone with experience and knowledge of the Computer/Communications market, they should shoot me an e-mail, contracts were made to be broken (Intel).

By the way, I didn't buy my Dell, It was sent to me for free! I used to volume sell their laptops to the goverment but due to the high return and problem rate I now build them myself, and make a far better return. They sent the Desk Top system to me to encourage me to once again sell their product. I kept the monitor they sent, it's really nice, lol. Thanks Dell, my kid will love his new PC, he is only 8, great computer to play cards on!

Christopher Fields Oct 28, 2004, 02:11pm EDT Report Abuse
Ok I have to post my full spec:

AMD 64 3200+ 2.2GHz 512k cache
1024 (2 x 512) PC3200 DDR400 OCZ Performance memory Dual Channel 2-3-2-6 1T
2 x 36gig WD Raptors 10,000rpm (Raid 0) 16mb cache
2 x 250gig Maxtor ATA133 IDE Backup Media Drives 8mg cache 7200rpm
120gig External Hard Drive Seagate 7200rpm 8mg cache (system backup)
Gigabyte K8SN Pro 250 Motherboard
Thermaltake Xaser III Case w/480watt True Power Supply
100/250/750mg external Zip Drive (Iomega)
Sony 16x Dual Layer DVDRW
Sony 48x32x48x16 CDRW and DVD Combo
Tons of lighting
Refrigerated induction keeping CPU core at 43F at all times, never leaves 70F when overclocked to 2.37GHz
Elsa ATI Radeon x800 XT 256mg Video card 8x AGP 1.120GHz 500MHz Memory

mmmmm, is that good enough? I just ordered a New FX55 for my next machine(November 4th I will receive it) with Corsair XMS PC4000 Registered Dimms, any suggestion on a better setup? lol

Christopher Fields aka =EP_S.W.A.T.=OW <Halo 2 Team Beta Tester and Hosting Manager>
Com-Tek Services "IT Specialists of Utah"

Logan Ferreira Oct 28, 2004, 07:22pm EDT Report Abuse
nice set up beats mine to all to hell but ya. excellent choice im slowly being comverted from intel to amd there fx processor are nice. also good choice they are also coming out with a 4000+ model that may be more powerful then what you haev and may be sufficiently less then the fx-55 i dont know it may. you might if you over clock a lot wanna get some really good dual channel ram like some ddr 660 i cant remember who makes them but great overclocking potential there.

tingc222 Oct 28, 2004, 11:00pm EDT Report Abuse
Well, Dell is just too dedicated to Pentium, and it's their loss not to include AMD PC's. AMD is currently rueling the processor industry, and I can't see why not to get an AMD for yourself.

Definitely AMD for me, I will hopefully get one next summer.

Opteron 170 @2.5Ghz w/Stock heatpipe
X1950XT @ 675/936
DFI Lanparty UT SLi-D
4x512 Kingston HyperX DDR @192Mhz, 2-3-2-6-T2
Seagate 80GB SATA+Seagate 80GB SATAII RAID-0
OCZ GameXStream 600W
Creative Audigy 2 ZS

3Dmark05: 11687 3Dmark06: 6100
Michael C Oct 28, 2004, 11:22pm EDT Report Abuse
I think ever since the Athlon XP processors came out AMD has owned the world for having the best processors.
Most people have 0% knowledge on buying a AMD or a Intel cpu, most people don't even know what AMD is. This p**ses me off because while Intel has all the newb users buying from them, AMD must make use of use power-users in order to keep up. I encourage everyone to build a custom built PC with a AMD cpu in it now.

Christopher Fields Oct 28, 2004, 11:51pm EDT Report Abuse
WOW! I thought I was Hard core.

Wayne Bradford Oct 29, 2004, 12:17am EDT Report Abuse
Nice write, Sander

Corvus Raven Oct 29, 2004, 01:33am EDT Report Abuse
I have a Dell machine. It's a Dimension L700CXE.

I would NOT have purchaced it if I had another choice at the time I bought this one. I had limited funds, and no credit. IT is fine as my internet machine but it can't handle some other items I use my AMD based machine for.. (not that it could anyways).. BUT a similar AMD version of this machine, which was available but I could not get because of financing, would have been much better suited. AND was 137$ Cheaper. But couldn't finnace with that particular seller. Oh well I needed a machine NOW and this is the one I could get - NOW (whic is past then. :) ) As a Celron. It is UNDERCLOCKED at ~697 MHz, Not the Advertised (by Dell AND Intel 700MHZ). The RAM for the machine is limited to a MAX of 512Mb. I think 256 was Nearing or WAS the standard at the time. I forget now. So it was limited in RAM as well (In some respects). Upgrading is VERY LIMITED. I removed the OEM CD-ROM and installed a DVD-multi Drive. (I belive this Voided the warenty on the machine instantly. (But so did the increase in RAM that was done 3years after I purchaced it.) I also removed the On-board Video, phiysically and installed a PCI videocard. This was replaced on day 2.. RAM was Day one :) ) , that does well for the machine it's in, Because it ate 2Mb of RAM and slowed everything down to a worse crawl. Even removed the machine reports 1Mb used for the Onboard. here was no AGP.. I don't belive that AGP was seen as a future standard, much like PCI-E (wherever you want to put the 'E') is today. Their machines work and are decent for the 'everyday user' that has no idea what is in the machine.

I think it is very limiting that a company wouldn't offer alternatives.

To bad. In short these grouped together are the only reasons why I purchaced the Dell I have:

"I needed a machine NOW.
I had limited funds.
The company I made the purchace from was willing to give me a line of credit.
The machine I was purchacing was a default payment item. (In that I picked up the payments someone else had already been making to complete a sale that was just returned that day. Yes, it was just returned.. I knew a guy out back that let me in on it. That and new arrivals were due; soon.

It cost me $1700 LESS then it would have if bought it 'NEW'

I paid under 700$ CAN. Total (Minus the DVD Multidrive) for the computer, the PCI video and two 256Mb sticks of RAM.

No other company would come close for almost a year, when the first machines under 1000$ started to appear for retail.

The service I recived in relation to the computer and Dell.. I did myself. (and M$ and the company, as there was a mixup with the installed OS. )

I hate pre-installed o/s, especially when it was screwed up.
I am still uncertain if it was installed on-site or by Dell.

.. but like I said. The machine works. And it met my imediate requirement for a computer NOW.

Today. It has 2 HD's, and one DVD-Multi. A limited p/s but sufficient. The floopy fails to be recignised when it get's installed. but Oh well. I don't use the floppy anymore since I put the DVD in there.

Their monitors are good.

I suppose that counts for something.

Yeah.. Dell Monitors!!

(so much for "in short" :) Oh well)

ASUS A7N8X Deluxe PCB 2.00 w/ BIOS 1005 (cause? Dunno.. ATM)
AMD XP 2800+ @ 0.0 GHz 0MHz FSB (overheating for no appearent reason)
(2) - Corsair XMS512-3500C2 (5-2-2-2T) @ 0MHz
ATI Radeon 9700 Pro @0
Enermax 500W p/s (ok.
Albert Crocker Oct 29, 2004, 04:22am EDT Report Abuse
Dell Computer is a publicly traded corporation, and its officers have a fiduciary responsibility to their shareholders above all else. Dell's current price contract with Intel is the most profitable solution they have come up with so far. If they could make more of a profit by using AMD parts, they would do so in a heartbeat. It's only about the bottom line. Dell moves millions of units every quarter. They have many corporate clients who buy PCs and support packages in lots of 25,000 at a time. The bulk of Dell's business is office PCs. There is simply no one that can compete with Intel when it comes to fulfilling high-volume demand. Can Dell order a million CPUs from AMD for the same price that they can get them from Intel (let alone in the same time frame)? Dell not only gets a volume discount, but additional consideration for their part in the "Intel Inside" and "Intel-only" marketing campaigns.

AMD is popular with PC enthusiasts. People who build their own systems, people who practice the dark arts of overclocking, comparing 3DMark scores with one another, people who spend more than $400 on a video card and pre-ordered DOOM3 and HL2, people who know (and care) what a 90nm SOI CMOS process is, etc. While very prominent in Internet hardware forums and gaming magazines, this is actually a tiny demographic. Dell knows there is a demand for AMD parts, but they also know it's nothing but a drop in the bucket compared to the demand for cheap, office-class PCs with comprehensive tech-support and on-site service options (things that enthusiasts rarely care about, since they can typically tech their own systems.)

i7-920 @ 3.3 | GA-EX58-UD5 | 6GB OCZ 1600 7-7-7 | 4870X2 | ~7.4TB Storage | PCP&C S750 | BenQ FP241W | Win7 64
starfox x Oct 29, 2004, 10:34am EDT Report Abuse
It's about time someone raised this issue up, and I am glad than sander did.! :)

As in the previous comments, albert makes a clear point, that Dell mainly caters for offices, using the Intel processor, while AMD mainly caters for the home user (gamer,internet user)

Dell is the biggest manufacturer for selling PC units in the world,it used to be Compaq. It very rare to see an AMD processor in a office pc - well my opinon anyways. Perhaps Dell or managers don't fully trust AMD processers yet. When it comes down to business report, invoices, and programmming source code, managers opt for the Intel platform. However, as AMD continue to remain a competitve option, offering cheaper CPUs, better performance in some applications. Manufacturers and managers will soon see it will be better to switch sides.

If you look at the battle of video card chipsets, Nvidia was the clear winner a fews ago, however, Ati with their release of the Radeon chipset are now being placed into PC units. Dell and other manufacturers also have switched and are using ATi cards. Simply because the Radeon card were faster than Nvidia cards.

With the launch of the AMD64 and the next generation of Windows supporting 64bit coding, AMD are in a very strong position. It's only a question of time that AMD and Dell will work together, in my opinon. :)

Sean M Oct 29, 2004, 11:33am EDT Report Abuse
I agree with pretty much all of whats been said but...

I think that its not a question of being "converted". As soon as Intel get their heads out of their rears and start making better chips than AMD, I'll choose Intel. I mean i choose whoever i think is best at the time. Life's too short and money too scarce for loyalty to a multi billion dollar company.

I also have a problem with Dell and PC World (in the UK) and other large companies. The fact is that Intel is in bed with these other companies, which is why Intel is able to keep making money even when they are inferior. They can get the advertising, leaving mainly noobies thinking that all processors and "Pentiums".

Having one company trying to catch up should make them keep improving. I think we should carry on buying whatever is best at the time, as we are all well informed :) and we should make sure our relatives and friends arent lured by big money advertising lol. I dont think we need to get angry or upset about what Intel and Dell are doing, just leave them to it, and dont buy them.


Got a hardware problem? - check your PSU... If it isn't that, then I don't know.
Michael Blue Oct 29, 2004, 03:10pm EDT Report Abuse

Mike Trent Oct 30, 2004, 01:43pm EDT Report Abuse
That's not the question!

To Linux or not to Linux?

THAT's the question, lol

Corvus Raven Oct 30, 2004, 06:54pm EDT Report Abuse
Linux.. It's the ANSWER! :)

ASUS A7N8X Deluxe PCB 2.00 w/ BIOS 1005 (cause? Dunno.. ATM)
AMD XP 2800+ @ 0.0 GHz 0MHz FSB (overheating for no appearent reason)
(2) - Corsair XMS512-3500C2 (5-2-2-2T) @ 0MHz
ATI Radeon 9700 Pro @0
Enermax 500W p/s (ok.
Sander Sassen Oct 31, 2004, 05:17am EST Report Abuse
Well, it is for servers, for a desktop machine Linux still needs to mature a bit more. I have yet to find applications that offer the same kind of flexibility and features I am used to from Adobe Photoshop, Premiere, Microsoft Word, Excel, etc.

Sander Sassen
Editor in Chief - Hardware Analysis

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