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  Re: Doom3 Alpha, id Software Pulls Some Strings 
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Stireciu Alexandru Dec 04, 2002, 11:57am EST Report Abuse
iD doesn't have to explain themselves to anybody, nor do they have to apologize or disclaim for the leak. Do iD owe something to someone? NO. If someone owe something to somebody, then we owe them a lot. They don't even need to issue any press release or post any new screenshots about their ongoing work. They shouldn't even worked on an E3 presentation, as this lingered them a lot in the gaming-content creation process and is very presumptive that what we've seen will make it into the final version. Nevertheless, in a well known iD fashion, they astonished us with a reach, high quality, innovative technology, giving us hopes and reasons to wait patiently for their next game. I hope anyone who saw the presentation or read about it, has no doubt that this jewel won't disappoint. But this is the point where the whole fuss has to stop, everybody has to go home and resume their daily routine and let the guys at iD to continue their work until they consider it done and release the "virus". What good is to squeeze them or push them make any statements? Do you think they have plenty of time to "rub the dick"? They go as far as to neglect their families and wives to give us this beauty. Let's be reasonable! What if they didn't say anything about Doom 3, let us believe they do whatever they do and suddenly come up with a demo, couple of weeks before final release? Keeping gamers on the tip of their toes is as bad as masturbating in front of a naked women and not having sex. This common practice is a marketing bullshit, that I hate most, but the sad part is that the publishers push the developers to do this quite often nowadays. Releasing a demo to get the feedback from the end user is one thing, but doing it just to keep him "awake" is plain stupidity. Keep him "awake" for what? He's got its life to live anyway, right? People do games for fun but also for living. Who is so stupid to believe that gamers could have been motivated to hold off their Christmas purchases in order to buy Doom3? WE LIVE IN THE PRESENT a**holeS.
Doom 3 is so good that it doesn't need any commercial - it simply sells itself. The crowd is allowed to believe whatever they like, but those who know how hard is to code something, especially if is hi-tech new stuff, how hard is to make some believable artwork, how hard is to create a living world, those, will give iD a credit and won't miss judge any of their work no matter if is pre-alpha, alpha, beta or whatever it is. I managed to get the leaked somehow and played it. I tweaked it as much as was possible and gave myself pleasure every time I played it, no matter if sometimes I got 1 FPS. The feeling I had cannot be described unless I use the word orgasm. Although I did something wrong by stealing someone's work, and I fell sorry for this, nothing can stop me to BUY this game and I have no doubt that everyone who loves iD will do the same. Keep working iD on this beauty! God bless iD! And you beloved analysts stop philosophizing on this matter. Talking hollow words is easy but writing the damn code is hard as hell. JC and the guys are the men, we're nothing.

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Dan Reed Dec 06, 2002, 04:03pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re:Doom3 Alpha, id Software Pulls Some Strings
First off, to be quit honest, I thought the Alpha would work likes**t on my computer.

I WAS WRONG...b4 i get into to much detail, my computers specs are 256 megs pc800 ram, p4 1.9 gigahertz and a geforce3 ti 500 and killer 500 watt THX certified dolby 5.1 surround with my santa cruz sound card.

To start, when i got the alpha it worked like crap, like you said, very glitchy and increadibly slow, BUT....I am a master of quake2 and quake3 console coding. I went through all the scripting in about 2 days. i found out how to change the settings for ANYTHING. i set the graphics to "medium" quality. which is actually a real setting for the game (turns off anisotropic filters and compresses textures) that i found in one of the files.

you see, the game isnt exactly what you said, it is basicly the FULL game just without the other levels and some files missing, cause i found all the spawns for other enemys from the original game (mancubus and arachnotron!) to name a few. but as i changed the settings and found out more, i got an incredible avg. of 30 frames per second. at the lowest it was 15, and the highest was 60. the only time it went down is when i ran out of Ram. but i am getting 512 more in a couple of weeks so that shouldnt be a problem.

The fact is you need to know how to control the game. everything needs to be done with a console. and if your like me, its easy. If anybody needs to know some commands to help there frame rate id be glad to send them an email to make doom3 an awsome expireance. there is one thing which i think is a lie though, people said that theyve gotten the "bathroom" level to work for doom3, but they are all bullshitting cause i am 15 year old master of console and theres no way for it to work, an important file is missing. and im not talking about the 3rd level with a bathroom in it, (but that was pretty sweet!).

thanks for taking the time to read this review and if you want a good frame rate email me at

Dale Broadbent Jun 05, 2003, 05:43am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Re: Doom3 Alpha, id Software Pulls Some Strings
Hey man, I tried to email you and your email address came back as diconnected!
Anyways, all I get in doom3 is a frickin gray screen. I have tried adjusting all kinds of settings in the doomconfig ( - but I can't get past the gray screen. Loading the game to start the first map upon beginning, I hear the game sounds, but can't see nothing.

Let me know if you think of a fix for this.
I have an amd 950 athlon, geforce2 mx 400 64mb card, soundblaster live 5.1

Nikolay Dobrev Jul 20, 2003, 09:21pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Re: Doom3 Alpha, id Software Pulls Some Strings
Try with 30.xx Nvidia drivers :)



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