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Robert Kropiewnicki Sep 24, 2001, 01:05pm EDT Report Abuse

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NickName Sep 24, 2001, 02:34pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Re: Daily Column, September 24th
Yeah! Some details would be nice. :-):-)

keboman Sep 24, 2001, 06:06pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Re: Daily Column, September 24th

Peter Bridger Sep 25, 2001, 06:41am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Re: Daily Column, September 24th
From the technical reviews on the board, it seems that the nForce is doing everything right. But it's the 266MHz (133MHz DDR) bus of the Athlon that is now limiting performance. This is way I see the P4 as a good use of the potential memory the nForce can supply.

The VIA KT266A & nForce 420/220 are now limited by the CPU bus bandwidth. So we can decide which is the better board, until this bottleneck can be eliminated.

Robert Kropiewnicki Sep 25, 2001, 10:17am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Re: Daily Column, September 24th
"From what I've heard nVidia released some benchmarks that were way over everything else. Plus, being nVidia, people expect a lot out of them, myself included.


Yes, but the question I have with respect to those benchmarks is are they way over everything else that was out then or what's going to be out now.

Remember, KT266A wasn't even announced when the initial nForce benchmarks were posted. If that's what we're talkign about here, then the one thing nVidia can be accused of is poor execution in that they didn't get the product to market before the competition caught up. Though that's not even entirely true until both are actually here and available.



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