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  64bit gaming 
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Lawrence Heffernan Jan 09, 2005, 03:47pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: 64bit gaming
25%!!!, I assumed it'll only cause a marginal speed bost (3% ish), if it's 25% that would be sweet
The Pentium M is a good chip tho, based on the P6 (Pentium Pro/II/III), hopefully intel can ramp it's speed up, but it'll be harder to do for the chip, Netburst was designed for High clocks, the Pentium M wasn't

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SuPeR Xp Jan 09, 2005, 03:50pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: 64bit gaming
AMD's new mobile chips are going to be in the same class as the centrino I hear.

I wonder. Intel should scrap there P4 & start designing with the P3 in mind.

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Adam Holcomb Jan 13, 2005, 05:27am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: 64bit gaming
You guys do know that Intel dropped their non-compatable line of 64bit processors and quietly adopted the AMD design, right? You DID know that, didn't you? You didn't? You're all just talking out of your asses? Well, damn.

This place has more idiots shouting above the background noise abouts**t they know NOTHING about than slashdot!

Jesus, even k5 isn't this bad.

Andy Parker Jan 13, 2005, 09:32am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: 64bit gaming
AMD may be selling Athlon64's, but they're still not increasing their share of the market, and in fact they issued a profit warning this month, while Intel made record revenues of $9.6 billion. The reason - AMD's reliance on sales of flash memory to support its processor business.


"Intel's flash memory revenues rose by two thirds in the quarterly results it released late last night, up two thirds from the previous period. The results show that Sean Maloney, who heads up the comms division at the chip giant, was more than serious when he told the INQ at last year's 3GSM conference in Cannes that he was very serious about Intel continuing in the flash business.

While sales of flash do not represent a Crucial element in Intel's product mix, that's not the case for AMD's Spansion division.

In one way or another, AMD has, over the past few years, used buoyant sales of flash to continue developing its CPU strategy.

AMD may have growing strength in the microprocessor mind share, but flash, while being a strength when times are good, is also its Achilles' Heel. The financial strength of the Intel Corporation means it can play several cards to dent its competitor's competitiveness."

From Intel:

"Higher revenues were mainly attributed to better than expected sales of enterprise and mobile processors, the company said. Shipments of the 64-bit-equipped Xeon chip exceeded one million units over the past two quarters. "

So despite AMD's "superior technology", it doesn't seem to be helping much at the moment.


"Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!!!!"
SuPeR Xp Jan 13, 2005, 11:47am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: 64bit gaming

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SuPeR Xp Jan 13, 2005, 11:54am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: 64bit gaming
"So despite AMD's "superior technology", it doesn't seem to be helping much at the moment/"

If it wasn't for AMD releasing there Athlon 64, then AMD would have probably been struggling to keep up in the market share.

Thankfully IBM & AMD are working together & producing faster & more advanced Athlon 64's.

Take Care,

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Bob Smith Jan 13, 2005, 12:25pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: 64bit gaming
Just imagine if all the energy from the hot air flying round this forum were used for something useful....

I could have had 2 flights around the world for free. Or something.

starfox x Jan 13, 2005, 12:25pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: 64bit gaming
I read an article once from a leading computer magazine, where they stated the performance of 64bit software/hardware.

It came to the conclusion that 64bit processor, with 64bit os with 64 compiled software could run up to 70% i.e in encoding divx movies, heavy compression, cpu intensive software.

It also came to the conclusion that some applications that were 64bit had little impact over the 32bit application. It could be down to unoptimized compilers, or whatever. So 64bit platforms could potentially improve performance by upto 70%


SuPeR Xp Jan 13, 2005, 03:03pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: 64bit gaming
Thanks to AMD, what is happening now is the transitions between 32-Bit into 64-Bit. The same applied back in the day with 16-Bit into 32-Bit. If this was left for Intel to do, we would probably be seeing FULL 64-Bit (Non-Compatible to 32-Bit) CPU's in 2008 +. In other worlds, scrapp your PC, right now & buy a brand new one ASAP.
This is how twisted Intel does things.

16-Bit has been exhausted completely, and yet we are still using this technology.
And the same applies for 32-Bit, we will still have compatibility, and when 64-Bit becomes mainstream, 32-Bit won't disappear completely.

Can you imagine 64-Bit colour rather than 32-Bit? Awesome.

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Jarret M. Jan 13, 2005, 03:45pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: 64bit gaming
Everyone's rant'n and raving about how 32/64 bit is great cause its compatible and how everybody needs compatibility!!

As far as I know, isn't the x86 architecture sort of old school.. The original technology was built in the 80's??(286) and I feel that if people would have scrapped it and came out with something new and less bloated that we might have cpu's that perform much better than our currrent ones. Risc chips come to mind.. where at work here, we still use a 390mhz risc chip and its not like its slow.. Maybe by today's standards.. but it sure runs Unix nice and tight.

Just a thought!

Brian Stewart Jan 13, 2005, 04:25pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: 64bit gaming
The RISC architecure is great.

You get a minimum of instructions, which practically FORCES you to write good code.

A well-pipelined RISC machine is cheaper, faster, and smaller than what we buy for our pcs.

However, there is no support, and you'll never see one for sale for a desktop.

Because programming for a RISC machine is hard.
Assembly language is hell on them, and it's hard to get a good compiler working for them
Compilers take the code you write, such as c/c++, and converts them to assembly language, then the assembler writes the final binary form that, usually assemblers are integrated into compilers so you never see the assembly code. This is BAD because fully optimized code in c/c++ or any language will NOT be fully optimized for assembly. Good compilers do a good job, but the bottom line is that the assembly code generated is almost always inefficient. Coding in assembly is hell, but it really needs to be done to get the performance up, especially when you're dealing with a RISC machine, because 10 extra instructions on a RISC is a lto worse than 10 extra instructions on an x86.

This is why pcs, which are big budget, use x86. They're inefficient, and wasteful with their cycles.
Smaller budget areas, such as cell phones, game boys, pdas, are generally MUCH more efficient code-wise, and many rely on RISC processors (Game Boy uses an old old old RISC Z-80 for example)

The x86 architecture is crap. We're ALMOST getting away from it, but the same coding styles and esign flaws are present. The bigger the budget, the less flexible something is. This is why PC development has slowed down, while integrated systems development (phones, pdas, etc etc) is improving at a rapid rate.


"The point I'm trying to make is that if AMD holds on to their proprietary technology and remains stubborn, developers are going to have to do twice the work just to sell as many products as they have."

No. AMD licensed it's architecture to Intel. That's not stubborn at all.
INTEL is being stubborn by refusing to release a 64 bit chip for the amss market.
Oh wait, they don't really have one, do they?

Hmmm, could it be that they've hit a wall in terms of speed, and now they have to actually design an efficient processor?
Didn't we see this coming when the Presott was released?

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Athlon 64 4600+
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Diablos Jan 13, 2005, 04:37pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: 64bit gaming
64bit color... SuperXP, do you have any idea what you are talking about? Do you even know how many colors that would be? 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 to be exact. That's a pretty big number dude, y'know. But, I'm sure if AMD can put HTT in their XP procs then using 64bit color shouldn't be that big a deal for them.

Edit: Just for the record, even though we have been using 32bit mechines for a long time, true 32bit color still isn't used in displays. When we say 32bit color depth, it is actually 24bit color with 8 bits left empty or sometimes reserved for alpha compositing.

SuPeR Xp Jan 13, 2005, 04:53pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: 64bit gaming

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SuPeR Xp Jan 13, 2005, 04:58pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: 64bit gaming
No. I understand about the 64-Bit colour & the 32-Bit colour.

I was just trying to state a point. My philosophy is that anything is possible in this crazy technological world of ours.

O.K. I have a question & an answer, but I am curious to hear your answers before I reveal my answer.
We are using PURE 100% 64-Bit & 128-Bit & 256-Bit & 512-Bit & 1024-Bit Colour. Where?

Custom AMD HAF 932 Red Dragon GAMING MOD!!!
Thermalfreak Jan 14, 2005, 05:56am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: 64bit gaming
Pixels that change colour(i.e. pixel shader)? our eyes? no idea but im jus throwing 'answers' waiting to hear whats the real answer is...

Ive snapped:
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And a kawasaki er-6n to mod instead
SuPeR Xp Jan 14, 2005, 06:38am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: 64bit gaming
O.K. here is the answer.


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starfox x Jan 14, 2005, 06:46am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: 64bit gaming
i agree... we are in the age of where 64bit programming is about to take off.. just as 32bit programming slowly replaced 16bit programming...

Windows 9X was 16bit
Win NT is 32bit
Windows 64 codename: longhorn

As well as 64bit games patches for ut2k4, far cry.... hl2 maybe? and doom3....

Soon we will have Office 64 / Winamp 64 / IE 64 .... and maybe mario 64 :P

SuPeR Xp Jan 14, 2005, 07:15am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: 64bit gaming
Don't forget about WarCraft 64, Call of Duty 64, Pain Killer 64, Baldur's Gate 64, Age of Mythology 64, War Hammer 64, Medal of Honor 64 etc x 1000

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Thermalfreak Jan 14, 2005, 07:24am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: 64bit gaming
so i was right? YAY

i think 64 bit gaming is inevitable...who doesnt want extra 64 bit compatibility on their CPU? still cheaper than intel!

Ive snapped:
An xbox360 and a 12" iBook....
And a kawasaki er-6n to mod instead
SuPeR Xp Jan 14, 2005, 07:45am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: 64bit gaming
Sounds good to me.
AMD liecened there AMD 64 technology extentions to Intel, because Intel's original 64-Bit design ran 32-Bit app's slow & unstable.

Now we are going ahead with the 64-Bit technology 100%, thanks to AMD for shaking up the industry. We wanted faster CPU's, Ram's, HD's, Chipsets, Games, etc. And thanks to AMD64, we are going to get them.

Can you imagine 64-Bit versions of Half-Life 2 & DOOM 3. They would be crazy games when it happends.

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