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  Computer restarts for no apparent reason 
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Brendan Falvey May 12, 2005, 03:58am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Computer Restarts for no apparent reason
Two possibilities firstly the time factor it may be either control tones spiking your system or the supply voltage is low (close to brown out).

However AMD does have recommended PSUs. I have used non recommended ones but AMD have checked out the suitability. I used a dual Tyan board with Athllon MP procs and they redeesigned the board to alleviate power problems. they seperated out the fan supplies since they were affecting the proc supplies and the computer used to take a dive once a day no real time factor other than daily. changed to the next generation board and the problem went away so do not discount the PSU as the source of your problem. the best ones have the large fan pulling air from the processor area. read the AMD recommendations carefully like the peak draw on the proc supplies it may suprise you

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Patrick F Jun 02, 2005, 12:53pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Computer Restarts for no apparent reason
I had this problem a few months ago and found my solution:

My problem was with my PSU. It was not bad or damaged. It was a 350W cheapie and I was pulling too much power.

I was into some massive overclocking on my machine. Because of that, I had about 6 different fans to cool everything down. I also had lights running on the inside of the machine. My problem was that I had too many power connectors hooked up to my hard drive (on the master IDE where it was booting from). I had 4 of the fans and the light taking power from my hard drive.

This was sucking my resources low, and so I unhooked the power from these sources. I only have one power connector to my hard drive, and nothing feeds off of this. This fixed the problem.

I am assuming that there is a HUGE voltage drop by supplying all my fans. Check to see if your hard drive is supplying power to other resources in your machine. If so, only give your HD power, and feed those resources with other power connections (like an empty connector, or even from the cd drives). This solution worked for me, but i dont know if it will work for you.

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D Dillon Jun 30, 2005, 01:08pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Computer Restarts for no apparent reason
Am I picking up a trend here?

1. On-line games, or other exstensively graphical programs. (For me Everquest)
2. Possible low power supplys.

Its happening to me, cept I'm getting an errror on start up and had to wipe HD to get windows back. Whatever is doing it is corrupting files so I can't get in with Windows disk or Dos system disks. I've tested HD with utility programs, passed. Bought new motherboard and chip, hour later started happening again.

Michael Davis Jul 05, 2005, 08:23pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Computer Restarts for no apparent reason
I'm having this problem too. Funny thing is that the exact same machine was running Linux (in dual boot mode) just fine, for more than a week straight. No daily shutdowns, etc. The details.

Originally this machine had WinME and Linux Fedora Core 2 on it. Something started going screwy with WinME and we removed the graphic card, using the mobo's built in one instead (no gaming for me!) But after a while even that started having problems. I installed Linux dual boot as a test system and I had various reasons to leave that system up 24 hours/day for 2-3 weeks at a shot. It ran just fine.

Lately I decided the problem with WinME must be a WinME problem so I installed WinXP Pro on it. Now I'm getting this same restart problem. Why would power be a problem in WinXP when it wasn't a problem in Linux? I may try updating the BIOS, but as others said, that may not work. Any other ideas?

Brendan Falvey Jul 05, 2005, 09:17pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Computer Restarts for no apparent reason
XP is generally more processor intensive since there are often services running that are not needed and Linix has generally been less of a load on hardware particularly the CPU.

D Dillon Jul 06, 2005, 12:32pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Computer Restarts for no apparent reason

Fixed my problem, after replacing mother board, cpu, wiping hard drive, reinstalling windows, turned out to be a bad memory chip.

Eric Skodis Sep 02, 2005, 02:44pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Computer Restarts for no apparent reason
Hey. I'm having the same problems as everyone else in this topic seems to be having (it's nice to know it's not "just me") - I have an additional, little fun thing that happens when it restarts - it makes this loud 'DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD"-stuttering-type sound, then...BLACK - restart. It has been happening in ACID 5.0 (the Music Program). I originally thought it was a software thing, but after reading these posts & talking to a few knowledgeable friends, I'm starting to think otherwise. I recently installed a gig of ram in addition to the 512 mg I had in there originally. I had a friend adjust the Computer for me to accept the additional Ram. It runs great, when it's running, but then, there's the restart issue.

Also, while I have the ears of so many people much more knowledgeable than I on Matters PC - why does my PC make static-y, skipping sounds when starting up. The little Microsoft song always makes noise (static, dropping-out) during start-up. What is that due to?



Gee Man Sep 18, 2005, 06:22pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Computer Restarts for no apparent reason
I'm having the same problem. My computer keeps shutting down when i'm doing particular things e.g. watching videos, converting files, listening to music etc. i haven't tried burning yet cos i don't wana have my computer shutting down in the middle of burning and wasting a disc.... it probably will. Although when i'm idling or doing sumthing simple like view pictures nothing happens. I've had this problem before but i gave it to someone to fix gave it back to me and said the operating system was corrupted worked fine for a while then like a couple days later happened again....gave it back to him then got it back again he said the video card was damaged and it worked fine until today it happened again :( I haven't tried anything to fix it cos i duno jack about computers so someone plz help me!!! ....oh yeh the last time this happened to me the computer kept getting worse after a while i couldn't even load windows it just kept restarting over and over again without even giving me the option to shut down the computer. so plz sumone hurry help meee!!! >.<

George Vopal Sep 24, 2005, 08:32pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Computer restarts for no apparent reason
Ok. I am guessing it is a software problem but I don't know. I have a UPS to keep my computer from turning off in case of a power outage and I have already replaced the Power Supply (and my hard drive thinking maybe it was the drive failing). My computer does not turn off when I am playing games like Battlefield 2 or anything like that where the computer is working hard (why I don't think it would be the hardware). It just turns off at random when I will be watching a movie or playing games that really don't push my system very much.

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Seagate 160GB SATA HD
Pioneer DVD +/- R/RW

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is the indifference of good men."
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160GB Seagate SATA-150
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D Dillon Sep 25, 2005, 01:23pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Computer restarts for no apparent reason
Ok, like I said earlier, I replaced almost every piece of equipment on my computer before I got to memory chips so I suggest to try them first. If you have more then one chip installed pulled them one at a time and see if it keeps happening. It might spoil your games and vids for a while, but if you find that it stops happening, toss the the chip not installed.

Deep inside the windows operating system is a command "Restart on Error". The more memory you're using the greater the odds of hitting that particular memory address. Or in geek speak:

If (random(1,000,000)=497) then (Ruin your day).

David K Sep 28, 2005, 07:28pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Computer restarts for no apparent reason
I have the same problem. My computer started to reboot whenever I tried to listen to music, or watch a video, or even use Google map service. It doesn't seem to do anything when I'm just browsing the internet, unless it's a high-graphic site. This is really, really frustrating.

I'll try to clean out my memory now.

Michael Davis Oct 02, 2005, 02:49pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Computer restarts for no apparent reason
I downloaded one of those memory test programs. At first it didn't detect anything wrong, then I finally hit on a trick that has been causing this crash 100% of the time... copying a "My Pictures" directory from one machine to this buggy one. When it crashed and rebooted I had it immediately run the memory scan and voila! it found a problem.

Satisfied I bought a different stick of ram and re-ran my test... bad news, same error. I tried plugging the new ram into the other RAM slot (I was only using 1 of the 2 this mobo has) and ... no luck, same problem.

At this stage I suspect the mobo, but I'll probably do a sweeping upgrade, mobo, CPU, case and RAM as this system is a bit old.
ABIT NV7M mobo
pc2100 ram
AMD Duron 1.3GHz

Peter Hutchings Oct 02, 2005, 04:06pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Computer restarts for no apparent reason
Don't know if this will work for you... but it did for me...

My PC was crashing whenever it had to do anything stressfull, like convert files from AVI to VOB (a 3 hour job).

I too thought that it was a hardware problem, maybe a bad memory stick.

I then did a bit of spring cleaning inside the base, using an air can. Paying particular attention to cleaning the in between the slots of the processor cooler.

Guess what... no more re-boots for me :-)

Gee Man Oct 02, 2005, 07:49pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Computer restarts for no apparent reason
it's really strange it stopped happening for a while then it started up again >.< really annoying and sometimes it shutdowns really quickly like 3-5mins after i started to watch something. also (this kinda hard to explain) wheni actually try to shut down the computer itself through the proper procedure (start/turn off computer etc) it will actually crash before the actual shut down procedure is down really strange init :S. i will try cleaning the computer a bit thanks for your help :)
i'm gona have to probably get someone to fix it again i think the person who fixes my computer is gona get p**sed of its like 4th time lol

atul soma Oct 14, 2005, 05:30pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Computer restarts for no apparent reason
just built new PC
AMD 64 3500
BenQ DVD RW DW 1640
Kingstom dual ch 2X512 mem
Sata Mator 250G HD
ATI AIW 9800 pro retail
Antek Sonata II power supply 450W
Window Xp home
High speed internet ( 10 mbs)

Computer runs fine, any game from CD works fine, no problem surfing internet, no problem watching dvd.

problem - Try to play on line game ( kignts on line), after 15 minutes computer restarted during game . PLS hel me..this happened almost 15 times. I updated asus bios, update Marvell yukon lan latest driver, ran mem test and it is fine..........Here is some more info . CPU temp -34 C, MOBO temp 29C,Power supply 12V reads 11.855V, 5V reads 4.945V, 3.3V reads 3.28V, Vcore reads 1.408V just for info.......

I read almost 100 different fourms about this issue, one thing I noticed that non of these fourms mention intel far I have seen AMD cpus.....I am not a computer geek, trying to learn using internet forum like this.........any suggestion............


Oct 28 2005. problem fixed.
1. uninstalled vedio card from computer. uninstalled all ATI drivers and software. reinstalled vediocard back and down loaded all drivers and catalysts from ATI web site and followed their installation instructions and installed all drivers and softwares from ATI even if I am not using.
2. Asus A8V MOBO bios. Under AGP bridge configuration - keep Vlink 8X supported ( Enable).AGP fast write ( nable).Graphic aperature size( same asvedio card memory-128mb).AGP 3.0 calibration cycle ( Enable)

SO far I have not seen this reboot problem since then............
3. Also overclocked CPU 5%. Its running at 2309MHz

josh greaves Oct 28, 2005, 05:01am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Computer restarts for no apparent reason
i dont have a serious problem as you guys but, mine has just started to happen. say i leave it transferin a file on the network or downloadin somethin from an ftp from work, ill go out for the night come back, and the pc has restarted and is sitting at the logon screen. this has happened twice and it is so frustrated, but im going to do a memtest.

write back if ya got ne suggestions much appreciated.


Abid Ali Oct 28, 2005, 07:35am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Computer restarts for no apparent reason
This Problem could be due to computer being not properly grounded; if you don't have a ground supply in your house which is usually the third wire besides live and neutral, then you should consider using your water tape steel connection. Just get a long piece of thick wire that is used in household electricity supply, and connect one end with your computer and the other to the water tap and the problem would be gone. It is a 90% success , but if the problem persists then it could be some capacitor in your motherboard that's not working properly..

Abid Ali

Shadow_Ops_Airman1 Oct 28, 2005, 08:27am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Computer restarts for no apparent reason
listen up original poster, probably reason your having these problems is due to the fact of going online right after you install windows, when installing windows separate it from the internet by unplugging the phone or lan cable from your computer, also it helps to have a XP CD with SP2 slipstreamed into it.

AMD Athlon XP-M 2500+ (133x14= 1867MHz) (209x11= 2299MHz)
DFI LP NF2 Ultra-B (Hellfire 3EG Rev2)
Antec SX800, Neo HE 500, 4 Antec 8CM Fans
Thermalright SI-97 1 Antec Tricool 12CM Fan
CL SB XFi Xtreme Music
2x Barracuda HDs (250/400)
2x Samsung Write
John Herbert Nov 07, 2005, 08:20pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Computer restarts for no apparent reason
I have the same problem, but have worked very hard to figure out the solution.


K8N Neo2 Platinum nVidia 3 MOBO
500 Watt Powersupply
2x 512MB DDR 3200
AMD Athalon 64x Dual Core 4200 Processor
Western Digital 7200 RPM 160 Gig drive
ATI Radeon x850 PRO, 256 DDR3 AGP 4x/8x
Microsoft Windows XP w/ SP2

Random restarts on brand new computer build - upgraded to latest MOBO BIOS. Random restarts persisted so replaced RAM with new - still restarted at random. Tried on RAM chip at a time, still restarted. replaced AGP card with older nVidia AGP card - still restarted at random. replaced power supply with 500 watt supply, still restarted. Checked cooling, and case temp is less than 75 deg F.

Any thoughts? Must be software . . . must be . . .

Fong Hon Lim Nov 28, 2005, 10:52pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Computer restarts for no apparent reason
Wow, this post goes back to January.
Check those capacitors on the motherboard dude.
Spoiled PCI modem may cause this too.

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