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  Computer restarts for no apparent reason 
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Suspended User Nov 28, 2005, 11:02pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Computer restarts for no apparent reason
Apart form reinstalling windows, try cleanig ur registry, reinstallign device drivers etc.

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carlo ortega Dec 07, 2005, 06:54pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Computer restarts for no apparent reason
i have the same problem with my computer restarting. the weird thing is that my computer only restarts when im downloading with torrrents. THIS IS THE ONLY TIME IT RESTARTS. if im downloading from websites or anything else it doesnt do anything.

before assuming its my hardware, i have had this problem with two of my computers already. i use azereus and when i use it, the computer just reboots without warning. ive tried using different torrent clients and still the same problem.

the ram im using in this computer is the ram i used in the other computer but i've tried switching ram and its the same problem. here are the specs for the computer im on right now:

amd 64-bit 3500+
2x-512 - 1gig corsair value ram pc3200
geforce 6800 by pny
abit av8 motherboard
430w truepower by Antec

the ram i also used before was a 512 stick of kingston hyper-x pc3200. i seemed to get the same problem.
the power supply was not the problem, ive tested numerous power supplies. the other computer i use runs on amd athlon xp, which means it could not be the motherboard because athlon and 64-bit require different mobos.

WHATS THE PROBLEM??? its irritating me because ive searched and searched with no resolve. if anyone can help please let me know. thanks a lot.

Michael Davis Dec 11, 2005, 02:23pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Computer restarts for no apparent reason
Well, I've just had a break through in my problem.

To refresh... it sorta looked like a RAM problem... I say "sorta" because, on a cold start of my system to run the ram test, I found nothing. However, a RAM test immediately after a system crash usually found some trouble (about 75% of the time). Note... RAM tests are usually on a bootable floppy or CDROM and so, it was pretty easy to boot normally, then stick in the bootable ram test, then wait till the system crashed. Upon reboot it would automatically jump into the ram tester.

So I bought new ram... turns out it didn't help.

But that's old news... New news is that I discovered that I accidentally put that particular machine outside my home firewall. So... I put it back inside, ran my standard massive file copy test (which has been 100% successful at getting my system to crash) and ... it worked!!!

Was able to play HalfLife 2 for 4+ hours yesterday. Unfortunately near the end I got the "red pixelated screen of death"... has anyone else seen this? Screen freezes, a faint transparent "clear and red" checkerboard pattern appears on the screen... with each "check" being about 10-20 pixels square... system usually responds for about 1/2 minute more before everything freezes... But ... we were noticing this behavior on this machine back when it was running WinME... that's how I got into this problem in the first place... updated to WinXP and the system would never run long enough to see that red-screen problem... so ... on the plus side... my random restart problem seems to be solved, but now I have another one (again).

mat g Dec 19, 2005, 08:18pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Computer restarts for no apparent reason
mine has been restaring at random for 2 months now. I have replaced almost everything now, including hard drive tape cables as it often happens when coppying files. I am now down to CPU (just replaced it as well and testing) and graphic card - but I do not play games or do any other heavy graphic stuff. will also try a new power cable with 100% good grounding. I gotta feeling I will exchange every single part in my computer, will eliminate the problem, but will not know what has been causing it :/

Leon Robinson Dec 30, 2005, 03:48pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Computer restarts for no apparent reason

Bill Schulz Dec 30, 2005, 07:40pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Computer restarts for no apparent reason
The reasons for random restarts seems many and varried. I had a problem with my computer restarting when idle (no problem when in use). When I got a new computer I moved the old one into a different room, which happens to be on a different power circuit. The old computer now longer has a random restart problem so it looks like switching on/off certain electronic devices (fans etc.) were causing my problem (the random restarts always happened when I went to do something in my workshop). My new computer has not had this problem, so I'm guessing that there may be a problem with the earth connection on the old one, or yes, maybe a capacitor. I'm going to talk to my local computer shop wizard and see what he thinks.

Leon Robinson Dec 31, 2005, 05:19am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Computer restarts for no apparent reason
Hmmm, Well i think that all this is down to a driver problem. Speaking to a friend lastnight and we was eliminateing things, i have myself convinced its a driver issue, now all im going to have to do is try and find out what driver is causing it, Somehow :s ...

Keep u all posted

Shadow_Ops_Airman1 Dec 31, 2005, 05:27am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Computer restarts for no apparent reason
ok "right click" on "My Computer", click on "Properties", click on "Advanced" tab, under "Startup and Recovery" title click "Settings" button, under "System failure" title uncheck "Automatically restart", then uncheck "Send an administrative alert" (that function requires a Service that maynot even be running on your computer), then click the "OK" button, then click on "Apply" button, and then Click on "OK" button. Doing that should allow you to see what BSOD codes the computer is producing so you can diagnose what the cause of the problems are.

AMD Athlon XP-M 2500+ (133x14= 1867MHz) (209x11= 2299MHz)
DFI LP NF2 Ultra-B (Hellfire 3EG Rev2)
Antec SX800, Neo HE 500, 4 Antec 8CM Fans
Thermalright SI-97 1 Antec Tricool 12CM Fan
CL SB XFi Xtreme Music
2x Barracuda HDs (250/400)
2x Samsung Write
Jiabin Zhao Dec 31, 2005, 08:10am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Computer restarts for no apparent reason
hello every1, my situation is very similar to the above so far, and i disabled the auto reboot, but thing is, theres no message at all, it remained the same as before, restart staight away, i have seen all the replys so far, but can any1 post a REAL solution or spot what is the REAL problematic bit? this is p**sing me off arhhhhhhhh.

Elephant of Africa Jan 19, 2006, 12:27pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Computer restarts for no apparent reason
i had a system with a p4 1.6, hdd of 40gb , a mobo 845 and a 128 MB RAM. all of a sudden, this restarting problem cropped up for no reason. win xp would restart, win 98 would restart, in the beginning DOS would work, but then everything CRASHED, even the BIOS wouldn't start.

i got hold of the comp guy; he said everything, from the SMPS to the main processor, had got ruined. I changed just everything of the comp (the RAM, MOBO, PSU, CPU, HDD), but the prob still continues, inspite of using a UPS as well.

can someone help???

Leon Robinson Jan 19, 2006, 05:43pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Computer restarts for no apparent reason
Well i just reinstalled windows, i heard that the IDE leads can even have an effect, nwo i have One IDE device on IDE 1 One IDE device on 2 and 1 SATA device on 3 and its all ok so far, SPO2 installed seems to be fine, before it would reset when im on cam with Jane or whatever. i installed all the BASIC drivers i go twith the hardware and seem's ok, Sorry for any typos i been on the Absolut vodka, I got an invite for MSN 8 to and usin that now, Anyway fresh install all basic drivers and no reset so far, So all i can say is to install XP and BEFORE you install ANY drivers install SP2 then install ur drivers and see what happens, i dont care what anyone says it is DEFO a driver problem, and unofficially i would say ots something to do with USB from what i have seen. Do as i sai dabove and see if that works at all, so far for me ( 6 hours later ) it seems fne and i can do the things i use to do without it resetting, Its worth a shot, Let me know how you all get on ok, I have to go nwo and have an argument with Jane, DAMN women can be jewish at times haha, Good luck to ya all ;)

Peter Hutchings Feb 13, 2006, 05:38am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Computer restarts for no apparent reason
I thought that my reboots may have something to do with the processor overheating (perhaps dirt/dust), so I took the cooler fan off and gave it a clean with the air-can... when I tried putting it back on the processor, I slipped with the screwdriver and tollay ruined my mobo!!! :-(

When ordering a new Mobo (same make and model as broken one) I thought I'd buy a new processor fan and another 512MB Memory stick to go with it (bit of an upgrade to keep up with the times).

I replaced the mobo, put the extra memory in (now 1GB), and attached the new processor fan... in for a penny... wiped the hard drive and re-installed Windows XP and upgraded to SP2. Thought a fresh start would help. Installed DivX converter and Nero 7, and a few other necessities such as wireless LAN adapter drivers, etc.

Where my PC was rebooting before...

Converted 4 AVI files to DivX files using DivX Converter (the new Doctor DivX program), which takes about 45 mins per file. NO REBOOT.
Converted 4 DivX files to VOB files using Nero Vision Express, which takes around 3 and a half hours. NO REBOOT.

By now, my PC had been on for 24 hours (left it converting overnight), so the following day I converted another 4 AVI files. NO REBOOT. Then, tried converting them to DVD... woke up in the morning and the PC had rebooted :-(

There are a couple of things that I'm going to do now...
1. Take out the older of the 2 memory sticks I have installed to see if this makes any difference... maybe the older memory stick is faulty?

2. Before the second time I ran Nero Vision Express, a Windows Automatic Update took place, after which I had to manually reboot for the changes (new drivers) to take place. One of these updates (I think) was a graphics driver update... could this be the problem I wonder?

Will post back if I find anything.

Fingers crossed X

George Vopal Feb 13, 2006, 12:46pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Computer restarts for no apparent reason
In your boot.ini file, try changing the /noexecute=OptIn to /noexecute=AlwaysOff

It may not be the reason for your restarts, but my computer's reboot problem was solved when I did that.

What it does is disable DEP (Data Execution Prevention). What DEP does is when a memory process is suspected to be malicious it shuts it down - but it was conflicting with my system and would randomly decide that Windows was malicious - so it would end the process and in effect restart my computer.

So if you have tried just about everything else and still can't solve the problem, you may want to give this a shot.

Note: This would only work if you have WindowsXP with SP2 I believe.

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is the indifference of good men."
AMD Athlon64 3400+
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Pioneer DVD+/-RW
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AOpen AK86-L Motherboard
512MB GeForce 6200
Oliver Carabia Feb 20, 2006, 04:00pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Computer restarts for no apparent reason
Hi guys, I have two computers at home, one is my computer and the other is my bro's computer. So, a couple of months ago, this problem happened to my bro's computer. It started normally till windows xp loading screen then freeze or reboot. After rebooting the "last known configuration screen" comes and sometimes it got through it to the windows screen and again rebooted ( sometimes it successfully started up though). Other times in the "last known configuration screen" the computer freeze up, just freeze up. What is more strange is that even in the BIOS the computer did also freeze up, so, at least in my case i really doubt its a driver problem when there is a problem in the bios too.

Well, ok, as I said this only happened one day ( i tried to blow a bit of air into the pc, change one ram stick with another, i dunno, but it has worked since that O_O).
After the problem with my bro's computer, It happened also with my pc. Several restarts, computer freezes in the "last known configuration screen" in BIOS TOO O_O. Sometimes it gets to start up normally and dont reboot, sometimes it starts up normally and reboot after 1 min. No timings, im totally lost.

I dont remember when did this start to happen but suddenly it stopped happening for a long time, now, this morning it has come again. But now it has been restarting all the day, I decide to format and reinstall windows. I HAVENT BEEN ABLE neither. i'm getting blue screens in the installation, just after formatting and install the install files to the disk. I've bought new ram recently, it happened before and now, I've cleaned the computer totally, it seemed to make the situation better but now, as i say, it has been restarting to death.

Now I'm desperate, i dont know what to do. i'm trying to install windows on my bro's computer and switch the hard disk to my personal computer and try to boot it up, though i've tried with another little hard drive with xp installed on it and it doesnt boot... Please I pray god someone has the solution >_<

Chris McNally Feb 20, 2006, 04:03pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Computer restarts for no apparent reason
You've given us no specs, Oliver. Poss PSU going south, though.


Chris McNally

Moderator - Hardware Analysis
Oliver Carabia Feb 20, 2006, 04:22pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Computer restarts for no apparent reason
Oh true, sorry. I have an AMD athlon xp 2600+, asus a7n8x-x, 1 gb kingston ddr400 ( which i know ddr400 could be risky with this mobo but kingston is one of those ram recommended by asus for this mobo), ati 9600 xt 256 mb, 2 hard drives: one has 40gb (windows/linux), and the other 70 gb (mp3,movies,etc), avermedia TV card, soundblaster live! oem, no network card cause i'm using nvidia nforce integrated one, hm.. the case is an Antec sx1040BII, which has a 400watt psu ( two air fans one front, one for the processor) and i think those are all the important things. I'm currently transfering files from my hard drive to my bro's hard drive so i can reinstall windows and then switch the hd to my comp =S

Peter Hutchings Feb 20, 2006, 05:20pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Computer restarts for no apparent reason

For some reason, my motherboard will no longer run smoothly at 333MHz. Put the jumper settings to 266MHz and now I no longer get rebooted half way through converting AVI files to DVD.

I know that my memory is 333MHz compatible, so it should run OK at this speed, but for some reason it no longer does. The conversion process for the AVI to DVD does take another hour on top, but I'm happy with the fact that it actually completes the process now! I'll now look into "Memory Timings" as I have read that these can be modified to increase memory speed?

Anyway... have a go. Knock down the FSB speed on your motherboard and see if it works for you.

:-) Happy Days for me at last... after buying a new motherboard, memory, PSU, and Heatsink :-( All of which had nothing to do with the problem.

Nathan Bell Feb 23, 2006, 02:53pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Computer restarts for no apparent reason
before you start wasting money on buying new parts, try to update your drivers. especially your video drivers. i had a crappy ati card and my computer would do the exact same thing. it would restart on its own. but it wouldn't restart on its own while in safe mode. i went to ati and download their new drivers and it didn't really solve the problem. so i went back to ati and they had another update only days apart. after that the problem was solved. i have seen this on more one occasion

Oliver Carabia Feb 24, 2006, 09:14am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Computer restarts for no apparent reason
Finally i got to the cause of the problem, it was the processor. I tried my brother's processor on my computer and viceversa and, my computer booted up perfectly and i could install windows without any error, the other computer just gave and error in the boot up, though i tried my bad processor again the day after and the computer booted up perfect, its a bit strange. Anyways, this afternoon I again had the same problem with several restarts so I'll buy a new processor tomorrow.

Brendan Falvey Feb 24, 2006, 06:41pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Computer restarts for no apparent reason
Oliver thanks for telling us about your solution since usually CPUs die rather than fade away. Usually they are the last component considered for such failure. You have added to our knowledge by advising the solution to your problem

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