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  Re: Mac Mini, Apple's Attempt to Ride Shuttle 
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Sean B Jan 28, 2005, 07:48pm EST Report Abuse
I'm seriously doubting that Apple is proud of their Mini.

After all, they have no time machine that can go back to 2002-2003 when the first Shuttle XPC came out.

So, now it's 2005, and Apple releases their own micro-ITX system right between the second generation of micro-ITX being released and the third generation of micro-ITX PCs that will be released sometime between March and July.

These are the major flaws of the Mac Mini:

+ Can't be used as a PVR, yet is marketed as a multimedia system
+ Has an ugly plastic white case that makes it look like it came from Fisher Price, that not to mention doesn't match any other home console
+ Uses all proprietary hardware that has very limited upgradeability
+ Is based around MacOS (need I say more?)

While a lot of these things can be fixed via modding, the average consumer wouldn't be able to attempt it.
So, they're stuck with a Mac computer. Nothing more, nothing less.

I'd rather put together a media PC with full HD functionality. I could probably even do it for about the same price.



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