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  Re: Piracy, the good, the bad and the ugly? 
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K Z Feb 09, 2005, 10:33pm EST Report Abuse
For me its a choice, spend my money on a computer or at the cd store and blockbuster. With out downloading multimedia' I wouldn't bother owning a computer or pay for high speed internet. It simply would have no value for me (and i don't think I'm alone). Maybe the fat bloated greedy multimedia industry should get some money from the fat, bloated personal computer industry. Since between them they are only getting a set amount of money from me, no matter what they do. Then they can all stop bitchin and share like many of us are.
The multimedia indutsry has been screwing the artists and customers, and controlling the distribution and quality of the arts for too long anyways. I'll never feel sorry for them. With regard to sharing, it's my personal belief that if I buy something I'll share it with whomever I like since I now own it. And the law can stop me if they can or have the finances to do so.
The music industry to me is a joke anyways, what exactly do these people do to deserve such big profits. Oh ya, they make media that scratches easily so that you need to buy another. They spend no money marketing my favorite bands. They just take almost all of the money from the record sales. If I want my favorite musicians to get my money, I buy a T-shirt at the concert. My favorite actors already make too much money so i'm definately not worried about them.
I don't know about you folks but i'm sick of these rich industries complaining about losses, when we all know they are making huge profits. Or maybe they just need to get with the realities of the times and maybe find a way to embrace the way things are. They've got lots of people making way more than me working for them, so if they can't figure something out maybe they should go down.
Maybe I should take the money I would have spent on they're products and give it too charity...robin hood was a good guy wasn't he?



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