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  Re: Apple's Mac mini, product of marketing genius? 
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Dave Schore Feb 09, 2005, 11:53pm EST Report Abuse
I have to agree that the iPod has become quite trendy since its release, and more people who constantly like to bad mouth Apple are buying one. Theres no better irony than a dedicated PC user who swears they would never buy an Apple buying an iPod. I don't own one, but then like the author I dont really have a use for it either. Is it part of marketing genius? Maybe, however it is unique and it does show that Apple really does have an edge when it comes to creativity. When it comes to the mini mac, I think its a great idea. Not many people can afford, or want to spend a minimum of $1,200 on a computer. However the fact is that Apple is miles ahead of the generic PC industry, and an inexpensive mac lets people experience the raw power behind Apples engineering.

I own four PC's, and I have one Apple, I like them all, but the Macs I have owned have always out performed the latest PC's, even when the Mac was three or more years older. I got to play with a new G5 iMac, and it blows the latest 64 bit AMD technology clean out of the water. So why do most people still curse and say bad things about Apple. 1) They dont understand the OS, and they barely understand Windows, so its just too difficult to try anything else. 2) Their friends said Macintosh sucks, and its cheaper to buy a Windows box. 3) Theres not enough third party software (like games) so why would anyone want to buy one. 4) You can't expand a Mac (total BS). 5) You can't build one yourself,like a generic PC (this is true).

The fact is that Apple users have been the other guy outside the circle getting laughed at, with people looking back at them and mubling things under their breath. Now Apple has a chance to make a comeback, and possibly introduce people to a different computer experience. It's just childish that theres a rivalry between the users, and everyone misses out when thay act like children pointing fingers and talking bad about people for whatever stupid reasons.

So as angry as people are going to get over my relply, and tell me how wrong I am, I want to say someting in my defense. I see Windows PC's everyday, its what I do for a living. I see Macs every now and then. They both break, they both freeze. They both have flaws, and they both have different good qualities. Apple has come a long way and so have the PC makers. The crappy computers went away a long time ago, and now theres an Apple/ PC war. No one is going to win, Microsoft owns a good chunk of Apple, and they don't want to see it go away.

If owning a certain computer, or mp3 player makes you cool, then well you need to get a life. Its so easy to buy something because everyone else is, but sometimes theres another reason why so many people are buying it.Buy what you want, but don't buy it as a status symbol, buy it because its a good product.



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