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/ Forums / AMD chipsets, quirky by nature?

  Final Wisdom ? I don't think so. 
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Christophe Heldeis Feb 21, 2005, 09:30am EST Report Abuse
I think a few facts should be added here and it is kinda sad that the author has a little selective memory here. Not that I am a AMD protagonist, but:

AMD does(did?) manufacture some chipsets before, for the MP Platform, which were 760MP and 760MPX), those were indeed very reliable and not many drivers had to posted for them.

As for Intel:

1 - Wasn't it intel, who's processors didn't calculate correcly in their first incarnation ?
2 - There was a reason why people didn't like to move away from the 440BX and then were "forcefully" moved
3 - Wasn't there a certain chipset for P3s with a faulty Memory Hub ?
4 - Werent there chipsets from intel which needed "accelleration" drivers to speed up ?

However recently intel seemed to have steered out of trouble, yes that is correct, but that is really fairly recent and as such it has to be compared. I just do not think intel makes so little mistakes that the heavenly tone of this article is appropriate.

Just my 2 cents.




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