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  P4 Cooling Requirements 
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TheJedi Feb 22, 2005, 04:15pm EST Report Abuse
I must ask you Sander, if you followed Intel's guidelines for cooling their processors. A P4 Northwood of 3 GHz or higher, including the 3.06 GHz/533 version requires a case designed with a duct on the side to provide air directly from the outside of the case to the CPU fan. This is called a "Thermally Advantaged" case. For a P4 Prescott they dropped it to 2.8 GHz or higher. Otherwise you would need some unique OEM cooling like the top manufacturers are known to do. Dell uses this crazy heatpipe thing for example. So since the 3.06 P4 came out it has been known in the industry that a side duct is required for the fast P4's. This is kind of why they developed BTX.

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Sander Sassen Mar 04, 2005, 05:58am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: P4 Cooling Requirements
I'm aware of that, but the majority of PCs that you can buy today from local stores, or even big OEMs, do not have an airduct, or other means of improving airflow in a PC. Hence our test with a run-of-the-mill mid tower and the stock Intel heatsink is a very valid one. If you invest in a Zalman 7000/7700 heatsink, which will set you back about $30, all throttling problems will go away though, in that very same mid tower case. Therefore I have every right to criticize Intel for the piece-of-junk heatsink they ship with their boxed processors and I have not even mentioned how loud it is compared to the aforementioned Zalman.

Sander Sassen
Editor in Chief - Hardware Analysis



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