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  Re: AMD chipsets, quirky by nature? 
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aristos t. Feb 26, 2005, 08:20am EST Report Abuse
Hello Sander,

If you take a look at the Hypertransport ( Consortium except AMD, within the founders are companies like nVIDIA, the rest of the chipset makers like ALI, SIS, VIA are also members.
What does this mean? Innovation and good technology to the consumer while keeping good relations with the rest of the industry, otherwise not possible if AMD had the same politics on chipsets like Intel has. Hypertransport technology has proven to be A64's biggest ace in the sleeve. For me it's quite a "socialist" way of thinking as strange as it may sound.
As to if AMD chipsets are quirky by nature, I will disagree, the question is too abstract, Quirky in relation to whom? In the past if you ask a video editor he'd say they're quirky and I'd agree, if you asked a gamer or plain user he'd say they rock! I used to be a fanatical gamer (and still are in a way) And had Thunderbirds and Athlons with no problems there, but I know now that if tried to use such systems with video editing cards I'd probably had alot.
Nowadays AMD64's are equal and maybe better than Intel for use in Video, things change! So ASUS released a probably faulty motherboard, does that mean you should put all chipsets\implementations on the same pot?

I don't think so.

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Porkchop Mar 09, 2005, 04:58pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Re: AMD chipsets, quirky by nature?
I agree totally with you Sander I have built countless amd and intel machines I wish too amd would step up to the plate



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