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  The New X950XT AKA (520chip)! It's coming. 
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Daniel Gibbon Apr 08, 2005, 11:06am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: The New X950XT AKA (520chip)! It's coming.
em if im not mistaken ati is copying nvidia by releasing cards that have sm3.0 lol. Nvidia is usually first in creating new archietecture.

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SombaSan Apr 10, 2005, 08:19pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: The New X950XT AKA (520chip)! It's coming.
but obviously last in this new card era daniel. and even if in the passed they created the new arc. they never really had anything to compete with ATI for a good while until the 6800 series. uhh ya.....

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Rory Witham Apr 10, 2005, 10:13pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: The New X950XT AKA (520chip)! It's coming.
OK anyone got any firm dates on mainstreaming of the cards or will will all be waiting till December 05 for them and perhaps till Feb 06 Just like the last time when they launched the GPUs ( X8** and the 6*00)

It really is funny the way people look at things, but take into account Nvidia and ATi are just like the AMD and the Intel wars, the ATI X850 is just a clocked Pro, ATi worked out that they could clock the card with a new HS/F so didnt and rebranded it, ( you could save your self some cash and do it yourself)

The R520 will be better than what NVidia currenlty has, Untill there is more details on the NEW Nvidia cards then we just wont know for sure what will be better, ATi win bench marks and image quality, so for Nvidia to come out with something to beat ATi's monster it will have to be HOT. UNless there going to chuck on there NF4 chip and the Video Chip @ 2000Mhz?? which I cannt see why not as its small enought and runs fair cool on a small HS/F

GDD4 is around the corner so hopefuly we will see this on the new cards, Untill they either finalise the GDDR4 or and sort out issue that come with it then I woldnt like to same for sure how this will effect the performance and the almighty price these cards will have.

I would imagine that, the FX57 may be a little Slow for the new cards as even the 6600's need a 2.8Ghz CPU to max the performance of the cards and a 7GB/S Ram speed. unless you going to buy a Intel 700 series card with a clock speed of 4.5Ghz then you will really see some difference,
OF course the AMD FX57 is @2.8Ghz and the 4.5Ghz would be the next logical step from intel despite the none production of its 4.0Ghz CPU, Maybe there holding out on something??

For many people who have spent money upgrading their systems in the last year ( sept 04 onwards) have wasted there money ion getting the latest and greatest thing as now is still not a good time to upgrade. In the 4Q 05 or the 1st Q of 06 would be a good time to upgrade.

How ever I am unaware this time or what next to come after this, I can really see and massive changes so for now I state that any upgrading should not be done till later this year. For most people who spent load of cash on there SLI systems or just a normal mobo, there is a completly different style of board comming.

As you may have seen there is alot of power issues with the new board and the computer have a greater power consuption, from the vine, it seams as they will be making new boards as most of the current hardware parts used in the manurfacture of the mobos is finally come to its end with the current technology.

I know that ther board will have a different layout, but not drastic, new power modules ( this is the main change) and a few other changes.
This ofcourse lead to a new from of ATX case to hold these boards if the current board changes far beyond the current layout.

This is what your going to hear about over the next 7 months, so before you consider jst getting one part you may need to upgrade some other essential hardware as well.

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phil Apr 10, 2005, 10:50pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: The New X950XT AKA (520chip)! It's coming.
good to see somebody else pointing these things out.. that makes about 4 people now :)

i wounder how many folks with socket A 2200's are gonna be p**sed when they replace there cards with these new monsters and get poor results?

lmao.. already the x850xt-p and 6800ue's are bottle necked by some of the fastest machines.. never mind n47 and r520's

excellent post rory

can't access HWA unless I use a proxy... lol

pfft ..f**k that! (almost sounds like work)
SombaSan Apr 12, 2005, 09:59pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: The New X950XT AKA (520chip)! It's coming.
ya that looks great roy those new systems will kill it looks like someone didnt give a DAMN and just loaded those well to come modded PC up i might check those out later. they (or going to do) something that we wouldnt be worrying about in later years. with that Quad pumped CPUs as well as ****ing 8G of ram and waiting for the latest ATI dAMN.

CPU: AMD Athlon 64 X2 6400+ Windosr @ 3.4Ghz(x2)
RAM: 4GB G.skill Video: ATI Radeon HD 4870 1GDDR5
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"The Best Intel Chip is an AMD"

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