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  Re: Piracy, the good, the bad and the ugly? Why we do it really. 
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Harris Walktin Mar 12, 2005, 02:20pm EST Report Abuse
I think a lor of us pirate for the sake of saving money for one thing. Its obvious. But I believe at times, we have somewhat of a just reason. Why should I pay 70$ for a game, when I have to go home, isntall the game, then have to update it through a website to fix bugs and other problems? It doesnt seem right does it. I also belive games are over rpiced, and that their cost is judged by the pre-survey of how popular the game might be. The mort anticipated the games it, the higher the cost will be. It seems as if the patches and updates beat the game ariving in stores these days. Why, why, why?
If Im going to shell out 70 bucks for a cd full of files that give me entertainment for a few weeks give or take, then I think programmers should spend time actually writing the code properly, instead of leaving leaks and bugs. Everyone here who has bought a game or downloaded one has come across bugs and fata random errors for no appearent reason. Why should the end-users, the consumers, have to deal with this, while the programmers are sitting back in their chairs lighting their cigars wit hundred dollar bills? (over exaduration of coarse)

Software programs are no different. We buy a program, and find out that it crashes, or it doesnt deliver what it promised. It almsot as if developers know that their software will have bugs since the not so recent integration of automatic updates in programs.

I believe consumers are becoming increasingly upset and annoyed by these problems. Over priced, inefficent, sloppy programming is being bashed by piracy. The same goes for the sloppy programming of proccessors years before. How viruses could overwrite cetain parts of the CPU and take control of the PC. And how, only now, has the Proccessor developers fixed this problem.

Hard work is accompanied by better gains. If programmers and the rest of the developers bring it up a step or two, offer better software for reasonable prices, I believe piracy will calm down. Of coarse their will always be the ones that truly do not want to buy anything and just abuse the piracy community as much as possible., But I believe the average consumer would go back to legal software purchases, including me.

Untill I see these changes, I will not stop my reign of software downloading.

Although I do download the full version software and games for demo purposes mostly. If the program is good, delivers what it promised and is at a resonable price, with few or little bugs, then I go out or go online and buy it.

As for the Music and Movie industry, its quite a different story. I personally do not download movies of the net, or steal them, If I like the movie Ill buy it. If I can get the same thing cheaper from a friend, Then Ill do it.
Recent actions by the Movie industry have only further angered me. Suing 200 "DVD pirates" who were mere inocent consumers making backup copies of their home movies. And the current court process where the movie industry plans to ban...Now get this.....They want to ban people from streaming their movies, even purchased ones, from lets say the basment to the bedroom so that two people can watch it at the same time in a different place.
Why should I listen? At times the movie industry does deserve their 4 billion annual losses to piracy.

I have no comment on the music piracy community at this time.

Excuse my spellling errrors :|

- Harris W. -AMD Employee
AMD cannot be held responsible for any damage done to your PC by my advice. My advice is valid.



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