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  Re: Piracy, just call me Captain Ahab and begone... 
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David F Mar 17, 2005, 09:23pm EST Report Abuse
Time for a little venting...Let's start with internet piracy! OK, maybe downloading files using p2p networks can be considered piracy. However, I have been on this planet for over 40 years, and spent most of them dishing out thousands of dollars for records, tapes, beta, vhs, cd's, dvd' get the idea. So, do I feel guilty when I download items from the internet that I didn't even have to pay an internet service for to begin with (more on that in a minute). The answer is a resounding 'NO' ! I am sick and tired of the insane markups on everything I've bought, and will continue to have to buy over the years, not to mention all the tax and levies piled up on top of that to boot. For example, when the recording industry phased out cassette tapes in favour of compact discs, they doubled the price we payed for music almost overnight. What's the big deal you might ask? The quality of compact discs far exceed what tapes used to offer. We should be thankful we are getting such a good deal, right? Once again a resounding 'NO' ! Even though the quality is much better, it only cost the recording industry half as much to produce the cd compared to tapes. So in reality, we're all of a sudden paying 4X the amount of what it costs to make cd's verses tapes. (1/2 the cost to produce, 2X the old purchase price of tapes). In reality, the ratio is even higher than that, but I'd have to teach an advanced course in marketing to be able to explain it in detail. ;) I really get a good chuckle when I hear the recording industry is going to try to sue this or that party for the evil acts of piracy. For one thing, I don't even have to pay to use the internet anymore. I have access to high speed internet in the 3Mbps+ range...and to think I used to pay the cable company around $50.00 a month for slower service than that. Welcome to the age of wireless internet and the hot spots that are my friends. I can jump in my car with my wireless laptop, and find dozens of hot spots where I can download for free, not to mention not having to worry about someone trying to sue me for downloading...I guess they'd have to sue the internet provider or something. Also, even if they managed to stop all p2p transfers in the world (good luck with that one), I'd still be able to get all the free music I wanted anyway. I have a nice little utility that can rip cd quality songs right off of any digital radio station I tune into. In conclusion, if us little guys didn't feel like someone was always trying to rip us off to begin with, perhaps some sort of conscience might kick in. Until then, happy downloading...



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