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  Re: AMD chipsets, quirky by nature? (RW thread) 
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Rory Witham Apr 04, 2005, 05:57pm EDT Report Abuse
Now you know what the RW thread is for, Refering to this artical

I agree that AMD need to get the issues fixed with there chipsets, but with SLI the problems are down to each indivdual makers of the motherboards, OK its one chip to run the board but really would a AMD chips set truly work?
Let look at SLI, this may be a bare never with many people as it would seam that there are two areas, the board and how it run and the PCI express or SLI which is a spin off from graphics cards makers not really a processor decision to make this step. maybe AMD could come up with some really great GPU's to challenge the Nvidia's and ATI's

I think that the Asus K8N SLI is a typical example of board makers trying to stay ahead of the others by swiping the main draw of the buyers to them. Typically all Asus's new board are a flop with issues such as missing part that should have been on the board missing causing serious problems. The issues that come from these set ups ( AMD- NF) seam to be a board and bios issue not a CPU and board issue or there would be more problems than just bios updates.

It is the jobs of the motherboard makers to ensure that they take the time to test there board prior to release, Gigabyte who have a lot of reviews that are good because they have undergone a lot of hard testing which has proved to be an assets although MSI was one of the latest to join the race with its Diamond board there stability is good.

Intel has it self a comply bed to lie in, With full knowledge and development of the board and chip sets means it is less reliant of the missing links that AMD have on control.
With intel having such a large say and easy access to the technology that goes with them you pa more for piece of mind. However, if you are willing to pay the price and with what some would slower processors what are you really buying?

Every purchase is a slit gamble as some times there are failure granted that Intel do not show that often AMD seam to have the cutting edge in technology. there isn't really that much difference in the technology
AMD opteron

Once intel bring out its new processors ( not the dual core that everyone is talking about) and AMD bring out its new processors (dual core 90Nm) then we shall see what's on offer.
I was truly disappointed with the stability and performance of the FX55 the latest AMD offering. It didn't live up to any of the reviews that seamed to be floating around on the net, with nearer 3.8 Ghz performance than that of the review stating near 5.2Ghz.. there is a large difference.
Both processors have came to the end of their lives, with this and the latest from AMD it makes the stability and support of intel look that much better.

We at GTWCMT have always been there with the latest technology its a tough call, with AMD processors being unstable on platforms and low peroformance from the newer FX's can we see a mass jump to intel or our we all used to the AMD kicks and bucks and happy with the excitement that comes with AMD?
A open Book, what do you do? whats next?

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