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  "Intel will steam roller AMD"? 
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Andrew Budde May 08, 2005, 07:16pm EDT Report Abuse
First off this is not supposed to start another Intel vs. AMD squabbling war. There is enough of that already. So please, not the usual rhetoric from Anti-everything Intel group or from the Intel fanboys.

Intel have recently released info about their next-gen chips. According to this article: "He and the rest of the Chipzillites will bring Intel right back to competitiveness on the core front. When the followup cores with CSI come in, AMD will have a lot of sweating to do. They had better have something damn good in the pipe, because if they do not, Intel will steam roller them."

What do you all think about this article in respect to prospects for Intel's new chips? I am especially interested in Merom, the mobile chipset. I think I might wait for it and Yonah, the dual-core chip that will accompany it (I think). You guys think it will be worth the wait?

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mothow May 08, 2005, 07:22pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: "Intel will steam roller AMD"?
Dude the title alone is gonna cause some crap.

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Andrew Budde May 08, 2005, 07:26pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: "Intel will steam roller AMD"?
I thought it might, I was gonna put "Intel Turnaround?", but figured "Intel will steam roller AMD"? would grab peoples attention. Just hope everyone doesn't take it the wrong way; I am not agreeing with the title necessarily, its just from the article. I don't take sides on the whole AMD vs Intel thing, I just look for the best product. Anyways, informed comments are welcome. Thank you.

Wildwood May 09, 2005, 12:49am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: "Intel will steam roller AMD"?
I would have to say that it'd be best to wait and compare the new AMD A-64 to the "duel Celeron" Intel processor. Real world testing will be the tell all. Right now, all this speculation proves nothing. Even the early release benckmarks prove nothing. Wait and see. Both processors have significant potential.

BTW- I called the intel duel core a duel Celeraon, because that's basically what it appears to be so far. The lowered the on-die cache for some reason. But they do offer ones with higher cache's. It souns anti-Intel, but I'm really not anti anything. I'm all about price/performance ratios in my hardware.

Thermalfreak May 09, 2005, 01:03am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: "Intel will steam roller AMD"?
Well of course if AMD doesnt roll out something out of the pipe to compete with intel's core it will get steamrolled......thing is AMD always rolls out something new regularly anyway....question is how good will Intel's new thing be, and of course AMD's counter.....this isnt anything new stuff like this always comes out.

The article states the obvious....if amd doesnt do anything the company dies....then again who would do nothing??? Intel too, of course theyre making something burst is already dead, of course theyre releasing a newer core that should beat back the competition, neither company is cocky or stupid....

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Richard May 09, 2005, 09:14am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: "Intel will steam roller AMD"?
IT wouldn't suprise me if Intel did.

I mean, Intel are a huge company, deffinetly not stupid and must be getting pretty worried by AMD recently.

It's about time Intel pulled a head again, I'm not saying I want intel to beat AMD, I'm a bit of a AMD fan, but it has to be excpected realy.

Just have to wait and see what AMD has up it's sleave.

The other thing to excpect is that Intel will almost always be more exspensive, so I can still see my self sticking with AMD for the foreseable future.

Blood Brother May 09, 2005, 12:39pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: "Intel will steam roller AMD"?
2 cores and 1 FSB gimme a break INTEL

me and my sempy rules

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SuPeR Xp May 09, 2005, 01:51pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: "Intel will steam roller AMD"?

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Andrew Budde May 09, 2005, 03:00pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: "Intel will steam roller AMD"?
What do you guys think of Intel's common system interface for their Whitefield?, the quad core chip (I think). I wasn't able to find much info on it, so I don't really understand how it works. Any links describing it would be helpful, or if anyone who knows about it and could just explain it, that would work too. And does anyone know when Whitefield is supposed to come out? If CSI is supposed to be that much of an improvement, is it worth waiting for?

tom May 12, 2005, 06:40am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: "Intel will steam roller AMD"?
Nobody cares if AMD's stuff "creems" the Intel CPUs. Most people can't afford that stuff anyway. SuperXP, I bet that if Intel was winning with their CPUs you would be sticking up for them. Cheerleader.

What is it about AMD that you support so much, SuperXP, who really cares? Why do you care so much? We should we? These are some thing you should think about.

Sounds like you "creem" your pants over AMD. Get over it. When they take a downfall like Intel you won't stick up for them!

Thermalfreak May 12, 2005, 06:43am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: "Intel will steam roller AMD"?
Well if people can't afford the first thing that can beat an intel processor i highly doubt theyll be able to afford the intel processor in question then!

edit: lol richarddx theres someone out there on the web whos after you banning you from forums and deleting your posts!

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tom May 12, 2005, 05:50pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: "Intel will steam roller AMD"?
Oh yeah, and that's why my post count is "down" to 1078, is it?

And I can still find all my posts? Or are you on about the stuff. You're on something else too, by the sounds of it.

Andrew Budde May 12, 2005, 05:54pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: "Intel will steam roller AMD"?
Did you guys even read the article, because your talking about everything else except it. What do you think of Intel's new chips, particularly Merom and Whitefield. Does anyone have additional information about them, links would be great. Does anyone understand how Common System Interface works? What do you think of it? According to the article, it is supposed to be a huge advancement in chip technology. Please stay on topic, enough bickering. Thanks.

Daniel Gibbon May 13, 2005, 05:37am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: "Intel will steam roller AMD"?
yep intels new stuff is bound to become top dog as it is "new" completely. Intel has been behind for far to long now and a top company like intel doesnt like playing second best. The new cpu's should kill the hell out of amds just like the northwood's did to xp's. No doubt they shouldnt run to hot either if they do the job correctly this time and i think intel are very good in creating the first dual core processors and i was very impressed with there speed when doing multiple things at once :) and super xp intel would release the best processor ever and u will say in 2078 amd are going to release the 60000000000+ and that will be better lol.

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Thermalfreak May 13, 2005, 05:45am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: "Intel will steam roller AMD"?
lol im on about simflight :p hehe on about you saying that someone deleted your posts but it seems to me that 'someone' is simply editing yours :)

Ive snapped:
An xbox360 and a 12" iBook....
And a kawasaki er-6n to mod instead
Thermalfreak May 13, 2005, 05:47am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: "Intel will steam roller AMD"?
heh were all on topic...were just saying if Intel produces something new and big....that actually IS big....then great its a bout time, new product with new features and new stuff....great....just that AMD will do something or at least try to do something after that....

athlon get whupped by northwood....followed by amd64 whupping northwood....i just dont want to see intel's big new thing turning out to be a failure like prescott....

Ive snapped:
An xbox360 and a 12" iBook....
And a kawasaki er-6n to mod instead



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