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  Re: Is AMD finally starting to lose its marbles? 
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Brian Viele Jul 21, 2005, 10:22am EDT Report Abuse
I don't think the problem with AMD's being recognized in the market comes at all from, as you stated, "that AMD consistently fails to provide the press with information or samples of their new products." What hardware site out there does not have access to AMD products to show benchmark comparisons of reference systems? (Xbit, Anandtech, Tom's Hardware, Aceshardware just to name a few) The problem is that generally only the tech savvy would visit such sites to see the performance comparisons of the reference systems. Additionally, what companies out their actually put together systems of the quality of the reference systems they use to benchmark?

The mainstream population doesn't care what the hopped up AMD system with top of the line memory, graphics card and motherboard can put out compared to a similarly hopped up Intel system. They are concerned with how the $1000 AMD system by manufacturer X compares to the $1000 Intel system by manufacturer X. Here's is where AMD's suit is really driven. Even on these tech sites, it is ridiculously hard to find two similarly priced machines by the same manufacturer, one with an AMD processor, and one with an Intel. So when I'm shopping for a new PC, how can I get a good comparison when I have 20 Intel systems to compare to 2 AMD systems? And then the thought pops into my head, "Why would they only carry 2 AMD systems? There must be something wrong with these systems." This doesn't even bring into the equation that since there are so few available configurations of AMD's, a layperson would have no idea how to compare it to a similarly priced Intel machine. (Intel IGP vs. decent Radeon card....5400RPM HD vs. 7200RPM....what's it all mean to them?).

By Intel using its power to create an Intel biased mainstream computer market, they have effectively made it relatively impossible for AMD systems to be considered comparable by the mainstream. Sure, AMD could send out more samples and demo units to companies, but none of that info will get to the mainstream! It will only get out to the enthusiasts who actually read the articles and web sites that carry this information.

This suit will not magically make AMD a huge success, but if successful, it will cause more mainstream systems to carry the AMD logo, giving a better basis of comparison between the two processor companies. If it turns out that AMD gives equal, or greater price/performance numbers, they will become a much greater competitor in the market.

The bottom line is that as with the Beta Max, no matter how good a product you produce, no matter whether you advertise the living daylights out of its features, benefits, numbers, etc., if the product doesn't get to the mainstream market, it will only sell in small quantities to the enthusiasts.

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Relentless Jul 21, 2005, 11:57am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Re: Is AMD finally starting to lose its marbles?
After reading all the responses, (many), to this article, (a few different threads), I would have to say that this response is probably the more educated and logical point of view. I am in total agreement with this person and their perspective. Being a consumer of both products, I would agree that the only edge Intel employs would be from a marketing slant. AMD obviously has a better product but then the question becomes, "why does it not outsell the competitor?" Rather then repeat the obvious answers, the article does not appear to answer the question, "how much success AMD can achieve via this lawsuit", but rather, how can this site acquire samples, (or not), of AMD products, (pre-sale). There is, (to some degree), a bitter sound to this article which clearly shows bias to Intel's cooperation with this site owner. Does that make AMD any less relevant in sales to the public? I think not. Worse, would it help AMD's position in the mainstream market should they submit samples to this site on a regular basis? It could, but then how do we measure that? I personally feel, (and this is not an attack on anyone), that the article is filled with sour grapes and really has no bearing on the success or failure to the real causes of why AMD has entered a lawsuit charging unfair business practices against Intel, (Reference Microsoft vs the world). Clearly there is injustice here, and that, from my perspective, is why AMD is doing what they are doing. Whatever the outcome, for now, AMD still gets my money when I draw comparisons between "like" products....and I will continue to read those opinions from this site, THG and ANANDTECH to name a few.

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Thermalfreak Jul 21, 2005, 02:10pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Re: Is AMD finally starting to lose its marbles?
Ahmen to that....

Simply sending more AMD prcoessor review samples to sites and to magazines and letting intel continue intel dop what it doesnt wont do any good for them...

Ive snapped:
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brian underdown Jul 21, 2005, 03:59pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Re: Is AMD finally starting to lose its marbles?
Its been a while since ive kept in touch with AMD/INTEL pr methods. However this article did raise my eyebrow. It seems AMD still have not got the act together on a simple straight forward marketing campaign/advertising of there products. Has for there supplying of samples prior to release i never saw an issue over here in the UK , though i must confess my interest started to fade away when they released there XP series of processors which had an awfull marketing speed rating. To me that was the worst possible confusing stratedgy id ever seen.
Many of my local computer hardware stores just couldnt explain in simple english to the average buyer not enthusiasts that an XP2000 was not a physical 2GHz processor. today the AMD scene seems just has confusing has it was then , unless you are a daily hardware enthusiast reader of all the sites , like me now i dont have a clue what the latest AMD processor true speed is. Simply because ive become an average casual user of the PC. i built a system recently for myself and simply went the Intel road because i understood the product figures and wasnt confused or lost trying to peice a system together around the intel processor.
I think AMD needs to branch out a bit further than the hardware enthusiast communities because they are only a small percentage of potential buyers. They also need a simple understandable product code that releates
easily with its performance, i mean simple effective and easily presentable to any user be it enthusiast or begginner.
You can argue that perhaps i should do more homework before purchasing but then i dont need a salesmen
and neitther do i need to travel which leads to another declining issue.?

forgive me if i seem out of touch but i am ,


jlobel Lobel Jul 27, 2005, 05:58pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Re: Is AMD finally starting to lose its marbles?
your gonna tell me that people that work at a computer store cant explain that a athlon 64 3400 is running at 3.4MHZ, all you say to the person is hey buddy when it has the 3400 is means 3.4 and when its 2800 is means 2.8 if they cant understand that then your right but i doupt that

I'm better then your kids.



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