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  Re: Is AMD finally starting to lose its marbles? 
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Private Name Jul 21, 2005, 08:37pm EDT Report Abuse
This whole article is a bunch of Hogwash.
It is obvious that the author knows nothing about the subject as it is mostly business practices that determine who gets the larger share of the market.
True most companies will either follow suit in this mud slinging, develop another tactic to combat the threat.
But with the partners that intel has made over the years, the little guy gets shoved out of the way and this has been going on for YEARS author, YEARS.
It is time for the balance to even out in markets where large companies have strangleholds and competition is discouraged by business pratices.
Better yet, go start a business that you know you can not suceed in and make it work.
Tell us about your quality and pricing, and how fair your competition is and how willing they are to help you gain a market share on them then you can whine about yourself loosing YOUR marbles when you loose everything you own because your competition tries to squash you under their mighty foot. YOU MORON

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Yousuf Khan Jul 22, 2005, 10:57am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Re: Is AMD finally starting to lose its marbles?
The basic idea of the original article is simplistic, that the path to AMD's salvation is more marketing. It completely ignores the fact that Intel has been *caught* doing these illegal things that AMD is accusing it of, in at least one country. Marketing isn't going to make one bit of difference if the manufacturers that you're trying to sell to are too afraid of the consequences from Intel to use your product. Marketing in that case is just money wasted. AMD first needs to open up these closed markets, before it even considers any kind of marketing offensive.



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