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  Re: Is AMD finally starting to lose its marbles? 
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Temijin G Jul 22, 2005, 12:51am EDT Report Abuse
We are all obviously intelligent and have valid posts. But, most of what we are arguing are semantics.

Rather than spam Dell, Gateway, HP, or whoever with details about how we need or want AMD systems, perhaps we should put our collective intelligence together and start up our own company that will replace these out of date companies. Cheap, out-dated hardware, and non-upgradable systems? They survive on the ignorance of the consumers.

It is probably more costly for these companies to try and implement AMD processors than they would like. Perhaps they aren't sure the gains will out weigh the costs. Any decent company with a half schooled marketing staff would take the leap to create a better product.

I've read enough posted news to see that Intel "makes deals that you couldn't possibly refuse". Maybe they would even make deals that those companies can't afford to refuse. That is up to the courts to decide. This suit may very well be making Intel simply put their "word" to better use and action, meaning, if they claim to fair it will force them to be fair with new contracts are proposed. It defintely gets me to pay attention to the stock exchange.

Has AMD lost its marbles? I'm sure Sassen jests. His article can't really be about not getting his free samples....can it?

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Michael Wilson Jul 22, 2005, 03:18am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Re: Is AMD finally starting to lose its marbles?
Years ago, Intel routinely provided licenses to other manufactures for their CPU's. Anyone
remember Harris Semiconducter, they made a sweet version of the 80286 running then at an
impressive 16MHz.

AMD does the same with their embedded products, perhaps their road to Shareholder satisfaction
is not the court room, but providing licenses to manufacture their designs to those companies that
could benefit from their rather unique architecture, ie. their Turion processor.

or they could go open source, on the Athlon , if you have the equipment what the heck, go
ahead and make millions of CPUs. I can see the governments of India, China, and other
countries providing their schools, collectives, and people with the tools they need to enter
the 21st century. With the agreement these chips would be used only in the intended countries,
for personal and educational use, and run an open source operating system, ie Linux, OpenDOS,
and not exported.

What benefit would come from such a thing for AMD, the satisfaction of an enormous base
of users, who will remeber who made such things possilble, and be reminded everytime they
turn the computer on and the AMD Logo appears.

India would have an estimated base of 300,000,000 computer users, China about the same.
If they had the opportunity.

Imagine over a half a billion people given the tools and technology for the first time to make
a difference in their lives.



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