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  Re: Space Shuttle tragedy, weapons of mass destruction and more 
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Tim Denier Feb 04, 2003, 03:48pm EST Report Abuse
Unfortunantly the future as well as space travel isnt the USA's sole domain or responsibility...Nothing prohibits other countries from having their own space programs or proving or dis-proving their own ideas about either....Or kicking in some money to help fund NASA since the world benefits from us so greatly...

Its not the sole responsibility of the USA to look out for anyone but the USA and i think for some thats a tough pill to swallow...We are interested in our survival and our allies...There are alot of people in the USA including myself that are very tired of being the worlds cop and #1 undisputed giver of foreign aid...But still were seen as meddlsome by most....Should we not give out federal aid?...If given dont we have a right to see that our money is not being wasted?...or should we just give these country's the money and shut up?...again and again until the end of mankind...

I am ex-military and 36yrs old and served at the height of the cold war with Russia on a frigate class destroyer...All this missile building and posturing done in the 80's broke the back of communism in Russia and took an awful lot of US taxpayers hard earned money to do it without much if any contributions from the rest of the free world who still gain from this today....

I find it funny how were seen as imposing our will around the globe when if we hadnt communism sure would have....If people dont want the USA then dont accept our money, medicines or military help when your butt is in a sling...You cant have it all your way...

And if these country's want to be a help for the future then quit looking towards America to do everything for you and that includes Spacetravel...After Sept.11th were not thinking about whats good for anybody else but the USA ....and at least for now thats the way it should be...

Africa is over 1ooo yrs old and largely do not even still have indoor plumbing...America is 230 some odd yrs old and we have been to the moon and created more things than i have time too mention....Its all about being productive and not sitting in the sand and twiddling your thumbs...
Personally i feel nature would have already phased alot of these country's and people out without assistance from the world and im not sure if thats a bad thing or not...Will these types of countrys ever catch up?....I doubt instead they will be lifelong drains on the rest of the global economy always with their hands out and then just listen to them complain that the USA just isnt doing enough.....shameful

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Daniel Ruff Feb 19, 2003, 03:01am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Re: Space Shuttle tragedy, weapons of mass destruction and more
Zitat: "Personally i feel nature would have already phased alot of these country's and people out without assistance from the world and im not sure if thats a bad thing or not..."

That was totally arrogant, but, what would one expect from a brain-washed ex-military? Hey, i dont think that all US-people are such idiots just like G.Bush, but the whole politics since i can remember it was to gain a power and become a World Cop #1! I saw it, as i was citizen of USSR, and i see it beeing a german(now european, i guess). USA have got to care about their own problems and just do what they always done good: science, space exploration and arts... And they should think about their mass destruction weapon, nobody knows exactly how much weapons of that sort US have got... Who the f**k is USA that they just go in Iraq to get some oil, just because US oil is to expencive and US have got a huge debts? Although its typically for US. THAT IS EVIL!!! Not poor palestinien people who are fighting for homeland!

Though i think that Saddam is a dictator, its still his own and Iraq's business, not US's!!! You should open your eyes and watch what your goverment is doing! They destroy all the bridges to Europe, and i'm sure, US will be kinda isolated from the other world, especially from Europe, and this going to push the Europe in the hands of Russians! Just imagine, Russia would become EU-member! All together they would be stronger than US, and won't need a help of any kind anymore(did we really need?)!!!

OK, just exuse my poor english... need some practice...
US-people! Fight your goverment, they gonna put you down, and there will be much more fanatically anti-americans who would blow some WTC's away!!!

aaron thomas Feb 19, 2003, 03:31am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Re: Space Shuttle tragedy, weapons of mass destruction and more
One need only look a short distance back in history to see these same issues played out time and time again. I would like to know how the ppl who lost loved ones on Sept, 11th feel about current events.

P.S. Look where pacifism got the U.S.A. on Dec 7th 1941

Bungle Feb 19, 2003, 03:53am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Re: Space Shuttle tragedy, weapons of mass destruction and more
I personally don't see what is wrong with going in and kicking some Iraqi a$$. I have lost all simpathy for the arab states ever since i saw them dancing in the streets when they found out that the WTC fell. Didn't you people see that? they were dancing thowing around candy buring american flags, not just the leaders the common people... Women, Children, everybody. I don't trust them one bit Kuwait is ungrateful even now just a little over a decade after the US went in and saved them from Iraq, i watched on CNN how the leader of Kuwait said that they would have "existed without the help of the US and its allies" that is such a bunch of crap Iraq had allready taken them over. Why then should i trust any of them, they have proven them selves to be an entire society of backstabbers. Also the Isralis were given all of Israel including the west bank and the gaza strip by the allies at the end of WWII the palestinians can go back to jordan where they were exiled from. Im so tired of hearing people side with the terrorists. Are we supposed to sit on our hands and let these people produce weapons of mass destruction? Just wait europe some day you will be attacked and you will have an entirely different philosophy. If Saddam is willing to nerve gas his OWN people than what is he willing to do to the western world which he LOATHES!? maybe after a few million people drink down some genetically modified small pox and die you will think differently. Why sould i have any pitty for a bunch of people that would kill me without thinking twice about it? Would you? How can the US mind its "OWN" business when so many people are out to destroy us? that makes it OUR business. What happens when there is a conflict going on in some part of the world where some contry or ethnic group is being attacked? the whole world is thinking "isn't the US going to do somthing?"

why don't you make negative comments about the people that are causing the problems, not trying to fix them.

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Daniel Ruff Feb 19, 2003, 05:21am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Re: Space Shuttle tragedy, weapons of mass destruction and more
C'mon, ask yourself, why so many people in the world are full of hate at US? All people have their pride... Noone can accept invasions and arrogance! You know, i didn't like that dancing on the streets of Palestina and Iraq at September, 11th at all, it was awfull, but, its like you can't heal someone by fighting the sympthoms, you need to know why he is sick... I can imagine its hard to understand for an US-citizen, that his country is the worlds agressor #1...not some little poor countries like Korea or Iraq... I know thats impossible at the moment, but, i'm sure, if the US-Forces would go away from arabians and give the Palestina their land back and just leave them alone, US would be less hated... And, for me is the biggest nonsence, that USA, the #1 of democracy, "fighter for justice", go in Iraq , just because they need more oil, cause they need so f**kin' much oil like nobody else in the world! You need oil? Buy it! Why should all the others pay over 1$ per litre? You never knew it in US, cause your gas is cheaper than anywhere else... It sounds terrible, but i think that US-people are gonna pay a big painfully price for mistakes of US-Goverment! Nobody wants a big war, neither europeans, nor arabians...but it seems that US-Military wants to show the world one more time how great the american weapons can kill... Its pretty sad... There is a circle of a violence that must be stopped! You, young americans, can do it! Make peace, not war, whatever it takes!!!

Greetings from a country that is now claimed from US to be a one like Cuba and Lybien... OK, then i'm full of pride, he-he ;-)

Kronosei - Feb 20, 2003, 05:25pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Re: Space Shuttle tragedy, weapons of mass destruction and more
Normandy, Italy, Battle of Britian, Berlin air lift, Cho Sin, Seol, Kuwait, how soon we forget. Anyone wonder why the Palestnians are burning American flags instead of Jordanian flags, we give billions of dollars to anyone who asks, the Jordanians kill Palestinians at will; notice that Egypt isn't saying a whole lot, they've got more Palestinian blood on thier hands than the Israelis. Anyone notice that the Arabs protesting America do it while drinking Cokes and eating at Pizza Hut? As this is the only country that gives out money while being protested and bombed; should we not have some intrest in how it is spent? Germany has forgotten that for 50 years all that stood in the way of the Red Army was the US Army, (I must also include: support from the British and Canadians). Britian seems to be the only country in western Europe that remembers. Kuwait and Saudi Arabia seem to have forgotten that it was American Soldiers and Marines that not only liberated and protected them then, we still do so today. People wonder why the French have forgotten about the rows of graves at Bellau Wood and Normandy, financial concerns in Iraq may shed light on that. As to the article which spawned these (our) comments; Pentagon first, NASA second. I agree that funding for NASA should be increased, and a return to 60's era space exploration would greatly benefit all concerned, but this should not be done at the expense of national defense. Freedom first, explorers second. To all: Semper Fidelis

BTW : Anyone notice how much oil Iraq actually contributes to global supply? They could stop today and noone would notice; except for the Iraqi military, Hamas, and thier ilk.

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Daniel Ruff Feb 21, 2003, 02:04am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Re: Space Shuttle tragedy, weapons of mass destruction and more
i would accept the war, when you were attacked directly. the war only for oil and world-power cannot and would not be accepted by anyone in Europe, Russia - hey, the whole world is by the first time totally against the politics in US... Its really big progress, they had to fight it long time ago, but all the people in the western world had "their tongues in their asses" for a very long time, crimes of US were accepted and tolerated. Now its the time to say NO to all the cowboys from US-Goverment!!!
Demonstrate against the war in Iraq! Against Bush-Goverment! There is still a chance!!!

Bungle Feb 21, 2003, 03:29pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Re: Space Shuttle tragedy, weapons of mass destruction and more
why do you beilieve that the US is going after Iraq for oil? That is not wha this is about. We want to get saddam out of power because he is supporting terrorism, after 9/11 Bush said that in the war on terror "we will make no distinction between terrorists and those that harbor them" saddam is a known supporter of terrorism, he sends money to the families of sucicide bombers, has shared weapons making information with Al-queda, saddam needs to go. We don't even need his oil, the UN had sanctions placed on him for several years after the gulf war where he couldn't sell any oil on the global market. we didn't seem to have any problems there. Also if it were for world power do you think we would be dealing with the UN at all? Of course not, we would just go and attack them right now. you need to get yourself better informed before you start judging our actions.

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Rick Hill Jan 28, 2004, 08:57pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Re: Space Shuttle tragedy, weapons of mass destruction and more
a tragic shame
the us should not be world police the responsibilities should be shared among the world leaders even if we are the strongest of them all. even if weare the most technologically advanced. we are hated because others feel that we have someting more than that of which we have. it ashamed that the weapons were not found and that the Bush administration is unable to produce the what they claim the actions against the country were all about. we hav eto be diplomatic as well as have a bit of common sense and apply that to what is going on. what we think is not a matter of discussion among those that would have control over the very actions that we here as the average man has the freedom to sit among friends and type it out or sit at work and talk it out. which often i do, even though the topics often bring different oppinions and a very vast array of comments and deductions. some of which could be applied and some of which may not make sense to us. but we must remember in all the decisions that have been made cast a shadow on us and we as americans, those of natural decent or those of which generations migrated to become part of the melting pot of life. the shadow that is cast is one i believe is of a mighty nation with freedoms and massive amounts of thought and just being able to speak my mind on any subject without direct or indirect persecution is a blessing in itsef.

and as for the spending of billions of dollars to launch crap in space when we have people right here on outr land and our country unable to have a decent meal to eat is a sin. not a sin against god and country but a sin against humanity. billions on mars and a few million could help those that really could use our aid. our country has to start making AMERICANS priority number one white, black, red, brown , it matters not the shade of your skin but the dedication to your own charactr and the fortitude that you have that make you who you are and th beliefs that make us as a nation as a people so diverse and blessed.

please do not mind my ranting and raving i am a lunatic of ample thoughts on just about every topic i can get my mind into . i do not take offense by comment nor do i intend to offend.




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