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/ Forums / Is AMD finally starting to lose its marbles?

  Are posters losing sight of the point? 
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Mort1616 Aug 18, 2005, 12:00pm EDT Report Abuse
Hi Everyone

To start with I'd like to say that having read most of the post regarding this subject. I'm appaled by the fact that some posters seem to have read very little about whats happening, and have also posted without objectivity. Some people seem to be trying to disagree with Sander, but fail in having a difference of opinion.

Personally I find this a site very useful source of information.

Lots of people have rubbished AMDs strategy, and subsequently rubbished Sanders point about pre-release samples, but no-one has been able to offer a better solution. So to those of you who have rubbished AMDs marketing stratagy, Sanders idea about reaching a larger audience on review sites, and AMDs lawsuit (calling it the American sue culture). I'd like to hear what your obviously superior minds can come up with to solve AMDs problems, instead of just sitting on your arse and trying (unsuccessfully) to put down other peoples idea.

I think companies like yahoo could offer a good point to advertise from. I know a lot people who have yahoo or Google as thier homepage. Also P2P software like Napster would send the message out to kids. If you can convince the kids you have a superior product they will in turn nag the hell out of thier parents to get the best. I'd say intel have already done this with thier visually impressive graphics and Blue men (don't know if you get blue men in america). But I feel this is an untapped source of advertising and P2P sharers are one way into it that would be cheaper the a national TV campaign.

As to the posters who said AMD have reached a new low. I just ask what would you have them do? Sit there and be forced out of the market?

And to those who say this site would no effect on AMD sales because the market is already saturated. I note over 1100 people online now. This must create some extra business. Even if it only generated 4 or 5 extra sales per month, if AMD sent a sample out to every site similar in size to this, say another 10 of them. They would have sent out 11 samlpes at cost but made 44 to 55 extra sales minus the 11 sample (call in 5 becuase they are only at cost) thats 39 to 50 sales with a very pesamistic view. Ok it isn't going to solve thier problems, but I don't think means it isn't worth doing. I made these figures up to make a small point I realise they are out but they do illustrate my point.

To anyone who has got this far thankyou and goodbye

I'm a mawg. Half man. Half dog.

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Yahoda Klaus Aug 18, 2005, 01:04pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Are posters losing sight of the point?
In regard to lack of marketing skills at AMD's side: IMHO author replied to himself writing in a previous article " at the scale that Intel is using to promote their products is costly and could probably be far too costly for AMD to attempt..."
I also suppose AMD would rather look at sites with some more than 1000 active users. Big sites get samples to test. So I'd say linking with other forums to build an alternative to tomshardware or ziff davies sites is the way to go. They always get samples, don't they. Because they are big enough.

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Harrison Someone Aug 19, 2005, 07:59pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Are posters losing sight of the point?
So far as I understand, AMD has many problems. Most of them you can pin down to Intel rather easily if you follow your thoughts down to conclusion.

AMD needs to advertise more, that's a given. But think about it, where do you think the majority of the "common" computer users get their computers? From Dell, Compaq/hp, Gateway, Sony, and E-Machines. From all of those companies, E-Machines and Compaq/hp are the only ones that offer an AMD processor in some of there systems.

So let's say AMD advertises a lot, and everyone knows that AMD is a good computer company. You still have companies like Dell, Gateway, and Sony that are unable to sell AMD processors due to the deal they've made with Intel. So we're left with AMD spending a lot on advertising, but the people who want the computers don't know where to get their computers. Also, a little side note, AMD processors perform better at lower frequencies than Intel's processors. Soooo many people that i know think that the higher the Mhz, the faster the PC will be. This is true, but it's not the whole truth. AMD'll have to educate people about the workings of a processor. And since their are people who hardly know how to turn on a computer, I don't think they'll understand.

One can say that people will still buy the AMD processors from the other computer companies, but it'd be so much better if they were offered from the big big Dell.

Adam Kolak Aug 19, 2005, 08:03pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Are posters losing sight of the point?
If Dell offered AMD cpus, i think AMD would instantly gain a huge percentage of market share.

Adam Kolak
Moderator, Hardware Analysis
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