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  A flaw in THE PLAN 
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Chris Gaafary Aug 24, 2005, 02:12am EDT Report Abuse
I bet the music and movie industry think they nailed it this time. But I believe they have a flaw in their plan.

First of all if you try to screw the end user you will always get screwed yourself. Sometimes it seems that industry forgets that the consumer inevitably makes the final decision. Any big companies sole intention is to make money. They can't force content protected content because the unprotected stuff will sell better. And since there will always be a bigger market for the unprotected content there will always be players who provide it. You can't screw the consumer because the consumer is the one who makes the purchases. If you lock your product then no one will buy it. If what you have to offer sucks compared to the competition then it is the competition that will reign.

The Microsoft empire can't live forever. They are already screwing their product with security flaws and are trying to f**k it up more by frustrating the user and hurting their experience.

I suck at writing. But I hope you get the point.

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sven Aug 24, 2005, 02:27am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: A flaw in THE PLAN
there is ALWAYS a crack. there is a hack, patch, or fre version of everything...if you know where to look for it.

Ken Roberts Aug 24, 2005, 07:30pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: A flaw in THE PLAN
I do believe the "plan" as described is the intention of MS and Intel. Here's the "flaw in the ointment" as I see it. No application software or game software or any other software gets cracked more quickly or more reliably than those from MS. There will be workarounds before Vista is even released.

That said, the enterainment industry, MS and Intel share one exact characteristic: a desire to suck the blood of both entertainers and consumers til there is almost no life left in either.

I buy music which is published digitally online by the musicians and who get all of the proceeds whenever I can. I've bought music I dislike just to support the concept.

Albert Crocker Aug 24, 2005, 07:33pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: A flaw in THE PLAN
<<<< You can't screw the consumer because the consumer is the one who makes the purchases. >>>>

This is true. But the DRM sceme is not so much about them. It's about those people who do NOT purchase the product. They are not customers, but they are "consumers." They will just take what is not nailed down (protected) because so many simply feel intitled to it. Some people advance the argument that since the publishers, writers, actors and artists are so rich, they do not deserve to be compensated for their offerings. "It's okay for me to take from them, since they make so much more money than I do..." Just in case you didn't get the memo: Communism is a discredited ideology and it simply doesn't work in the long run. Capitalism may stink, but it stinks less than the other plans -- the free market will work itself out, as it always does. The rich will continue to get richer, yes indeed. But as long as the market is free, even the poorest can ascend, as countless "rags-to-riches" biographies can attest. The American Dream is about the abily to get rich on one's own, through hard work, ingenuity, intelligence, etc., and not have artificial barriers to the upper echelons based on your family lineage or caste. The idea that rich people are to be despised and stolen from is the same as Marx's plan of redistribution of weath. Nice idea... pity it's pure fanstasy. Capitalism's strength lay in the fact that it doesn't pretend that human beings are not motivated by their self-interest.

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Chris Gaafary Aug 24, 2005, 09:19pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: A flaw in THE PLAN
Again though it doesn't matter if Microsoft's product is cracked or patched since those who find access to these cracks are usually in the minority. I think it would be too hard for the movie and music industries to shove DRM down the throats of the consumer because it lowers the value of their product. Very few would actually go out of their way to buy new (and probably expensive) technology exclusive to microsoft and intel just to buy protected content. I believe that the industries will be reluctant to force this technology simply because it will destroy their profits. Would you rather buy a DVD that only worked on a SONY dvd player or one that could work on any player of your choosing. Would you go out of your way and buy a SONY dvd player and some expensive special software just to be able to play that DVD? probably not.

Adam Kolak Aug 25, 2005, 10:50am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: A flaw in THE PLAN
If this "PLAN" is as bad as it sounds, im gonna be running Windows XP or Linux with AMD cpus. Who would want to buy this Intel VIIV thing, why spend money on some stupid thing that makes your PC less functional? And why buy Vista, if it makes your PC less functional?

Adam Kolak
Moderator, Hardware Analysis
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Ge Someone Aug 25, 2005, 12:11pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: A flaw in THE PLAN
"I think it would be too hard for the movie and music industries to shove DRM down the throats of the consumer"
They do it all the time, iTunes sold over 5 million DRM'ed tracks alone, there are other that do the same, go figure. They try with games, DVD and CD as well, until now it was easier to break. I agree DRM is not a selling point for a new platform.

FordGT90Concept Aug 25, 2005, 12:51pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: A flaw in THE PLAN
Simply put, I hate disks. I use no-cds and the like because a hard drive lasts a hell of a lot longer than a plastic disk. Back in the day, disks were necessary because computer drives weren't big enough to handle programs on their own. Today, disks are only used for install and verification. I seriously wonder how much money publishers are wasting trying to protect their software and chase down people that break/use those protections. I wouldn't be surprised if that number is higher than the value of the pirated copies. So, what's the point of doing it in the first place? Make a lot of people mad because their CD key wasn't accepted? Make even more people mad by having to put that damn piece of plastic in the drive? It's all silly I say, real silly.

If Vista sells like all the previous Windows products, Microsoft won't have any problem slipping DRM products under the consumers sight. If Vista, copyright protection, and the like are all going to be as suggested, the only way to prevent it from happen is via federal legislation or the supreme court. I can see it now: "US Govt. vs. Microsoft Corp.: Microsoft sued for monopolizing their monopoly."

If I remember what I forgot, I have not forgotten it.
Jesus Malena Aug 29, 2005, 03:58am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: A flaw in THE PLAN
Well to most here the plan itself is the flaw, that's of course if there are enough consumers out there that have knowledge of what is going on. On this site you have people who are in the IT industry they live and breath this stuff. We are like the elite force of IT if you want to pat yourself on that back for that, but yes we would know more than a regular user who just purchases a Dell because that is all they see on TV. Yes the consumer or customer as someone here described it will have the choice. He or she will choose to purchase what these companies put out and if we boycott products based on DRM technology we'll put a huge dent on the companies that decided to go along with it. Just as the author of the article said, money talks. It talked congress into issuing laws protecting these industries and it was the same laws that got people sued when the broadband providers buckled under the industry pressure. Well here is to those companies and industries, you have screwed us plenty enough. Come out next year with your DRM implementation and if we are idiots to purchase you crap then we deserve to be spied on. If we become knowledgable and buy only the things that give us the power to do what we want then you will become extinct. Believe me there is no need to purchase guns to start a revolution these days. An industry will collapse if you boycott products they produce to intrude on your rights. MONEY TALKS PEOPLE, MONEY TALKS.

And as for the person talking about Communism and Capitalism well here is an update. Marx created Socialism based on the fact that humans in general would function by themselves. If you want a more elaborate version of Socialism you only have to look at Star Trek and no I'm not a Treky, but you get the idea. Wealth is no longer measure by how big your account is or how much money you have. Those things have been done away with and no longer exist. Knowledge unlike in this day an age where it gets you a better job with higher paying benefits would get youa job implementing what you know to help the entire human race. At the heart of Socialism is the governance of oneself. To be rightous morally, but as humans we are not programmed to think logically like a robot would all the time and in those cases greed and selfish feelings take foot. You may not think of Socialism as something that would never happen, but it all depends. All I say stay tune either from above or while you are here. It may not happen in our lifetime, but I do hope humans in general someday will realize that helping each other is the only way to become human and become an advanced society.

vs4562f Sep 12, 2005, 04:55pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: A flaw in THE PLAN
This is not about 'communism' vs 'capitalism' or vice versa

Over pricing music is not 'capitalism' and ripping the big corporations off (*big smile) is not 'communism'

It's about us saying F*** you to these corporations who spit in our face by asking us for $20+ for a CD.

Wave your fairy fingers all you want, but I'll keep on keepin' on! (Downloading that is)

Tomas has spoken. That is all


Chris Pelly Sep 16, 2005, 10:21pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: A flaw in THE PLAN
In my experience in PC technical support, I would wager that most of the people in North America are still using outdated versions of windows as they don't want to spend the hunderds of dollars that Microsoft asks to upgrade each version.

If everyone upgrades to VISTA as fast as they have upgraded to Windows 2000/XP we shouldn't have to worry about this format until 2021 ;)

Additionally. . . If you don't like it don't buy it - MOST of the new music created now all sounds the same anyways - if you do hear something worth listening to buy it from the independent artist who isn't using this expensive technology.

Just my two cents


Harry Feb 13, 2008, 04:19pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: A flaw in THE PLAN
well, several people have hit the nail on the head - don't buy. Don't buy from Microsoft, don't buy new DRM protected music discs. Of course, MS is out to bloodsuck everyone for their last penny; so, what else is new???

Refuse to buy Vista. Keep using XP. Refuse motherboards that make you buy all new hardware, memory, etc.

Stuck in the dark ages and hoping to remain so.



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