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  New Build Disk Boot Error 
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John Braingham Sep 28, 2005, 10:35pm EDT Report Abuse

I just built a new rig uisng a mix of new and old parts. These are the main parts that I used:

Asus A8N-Sli Deluxe
Amd Athlon 3500+
MSI Geforce 6600GT Platinum Edition

I also used an old IDE ATA 66 HD and and a DVD/CD RW drive. So before I built my computer, I decided to do an open test without the case on a table. I put all the components together and the PC fired up beautifully first try. Everything worked wonderfully--I was even able to load windows XP with a clean format of my HD. Please take not that everything worked, no problems whatsoever. I had my hard drive set as master and my CD drive set as slave. I then, thinking everything ok, put everything into my case (Ultra Wizard Midtower) and booted my computer. From here on, the problems began...I got an error message on my bios saying that my HD had a bad boot sector and that I needed to enter the system disk. Again, I had kept my HD as master and my CD as slave. The only problem with this configuration was that it twisted my rounded off IDE cable quite a bit. I then checked to see if my CD drive was being recognized--it wasn't. So I then went and checked if power was plugged into it and yes it was. Next, I attached another IDE cable to the CD drive, set the CD drive as master, and plugged that into the secondary IDE connector on my mobo. Again, the CD would turn on because it was getting power, however, it wouldn't be picked up by the mobo? I then swapped it with another CD drive and got the same results. Please, help me! Any ideas will be greatly appreciated. If you want any additional info. just ask me. Also, please excuse my grammar or terminology, I'm in a bit of a rush right now and am very tired as I have been working on the PC all day.


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DNA _ Sep 28, 2005, 11:27pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: New Build Disk Boot Error
Get a new HDD. If yoy have bad sectors,, get a new one. Bad sectors located at the beginning of a drive or at the end will cause serious issues.

Cheap fix..

Also,, try a new ide cable

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Omniscient Oct 11, 2005, 04:58am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: New Build Disk Boot Error
Or a simpler idea, which may work is to place insulating rings between the mobo and the case. If the rig worked before placing it in the case try this first. If you don't have insulating rings simply place small bits of paper in between the motherboard mounting screws. Nasty, but I've dont it many many times with generally positive results. Don't try making holes in the paper before hand - the screw will do that for you when you screw the motherboard into place. Also check to see if you've damaged any of the pins on the hdd, cd-rom and ide slot.

micro Oct 11, 2005, 05:11am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: New Build Disk Boot Error
i have had hd work fine for me untill i reformat them. then had problems. (so like they said hd needs replaced if it has bad sectors)

But for it not reading the cd-rom (dvd) you could try putting it on cs (cable select) even if it is on its own ide cable and port.

Another solution go sata, if you ide ports are bad on your mobo.
Also try a new ide cable.

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John Braingham Oct 13, 2005, 10:33pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: New Build Disk Boot Error
Thanks for all of the help guys. For future use for anyone who ever gets the same problem, it seems that the problem was with the twisting of the wires. I bought two new rounded off cables and plugged them into the MB and it worked like a charm.

But now I'm facing a new problem. The reason I was using such a crappy drive was because the one I have from Western Digital seems to not be getting recognized in the BIOS. It is a SATA WD800JD with 80 gigabytes. I have plugged in everything correctly, however, it just doesn't want to be recognized by the BIOS. I checked to see if the drive was getting power by seeing if it was spinning or humming, and sure enough it was. Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.



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