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  HPZD7000 - DVD/CD will not burn or recognize blankmedia 
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mec sfo Oct 01, 2005, 08:07pm EDT Report Abuse
Hi All,

I am stumped with a problem and hope the group may have some answers. In short, the problem is that the 8x DVD+/-RW, CD-R, CD-RW (HL-DT-ST Model GWA-4080N) that was OEM installed in my HP ZD7000 laptop will not typically recognize blank media, making burning data files impossible. I am running XP SP2 and, according to Microsoft's Windows Update, all patches and fixes are installed. Further, accoriding to HP's wite, the firmware in the drive is also "current." All items in the Startup tab of MSCONFIG are unchecked and there are no unexpected "events" appearing in any portions of the Event Log. LowerFilters and UpperFilters keys have been removed from the registry although LowerFilters.BAK and UpperFilters.BAK remain in the registry as I did not know if I should delete them given postings I have seen in other forums.

Here are the symptoms:

(1) The drive is "visible" via File Manger. If no disk is in the drive, the device appears as a DVD/CD drive in the file manager and appears similarly in the window that opens if you click on My Computer where the empty drive capacity shopws 702MB available. The drive can read both DVD and CD without problem.

(2) If I have a piece of blank media in the drive and do a reboot, once the laptop has restarted, the drive is visible (as expected) and the drive shows that it contains a piece of blank media. If I try to write to that media using the Windws CD Writing wizard, I get an uninformative error box telling me that the drive cannot be written to. Once I close out of the XP CD burning wizard, I notice the drive, via cicking on My Computer, simply shows as a CD drive with no capacity details. If I check the properties of the CD, it shows 0 bytes of used space and zero bytes of free space.

(3) If I reboot the PC with this same CD in the drive, it will again be visible and will again show as "empty" with 702MB of available space. If I check this same CD on another PC, it is, indeed, empty.

(4) Without attempting to write to a CD and AFTER a boot cycle with the CD in the drive, if I then eject and reinsert the CD, the drive again shows 0 bytes free, 0 bytes available.

(5) The drive has been replaced and the problem continues with identical symptoms.

(6) The drive cannot be written to with either the basic XP CD burning wizard or with Roxio EasyCD V6

(7) I have made sure that the "make recordable" box in the drive properties "Recording" tab is checked.

(8) I have made sure the reg entries describing the drive also reflect that the drive is a writable device.

(9) HP diagnostics SW says the drive is fine

(10) There are no errors in the device manager for the drive (or any other devices for that matter)

(11) There are no other devices connected to the laptop - no USB, nor Firewire, no IR stuff at all

(12) I have unistalled and reinstalled drive device drivers.

Bottom line, the DVD/CD drive will read disks but I cannot write to them with either the Windows CD burning tools or with Roxio's EasyCD Creator V 6.

I do have ITunes installed and have not tried uninstalling. I do not have an iPOD. Since the drive appears to be recognized and functional as a "read" drive, I so not think the Error Code 41 discussions in another thread on this site are applicable.

I have scrubbed the registry and deleted all keys that contained Roxio, EasyCD or Sonic in any portion of the key.

Any ideas on where to go from here? The knuckleheads at HP simply say reinstall the OS.. that seems like the typical Tier Dumb support answer.

Thanks very much,

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Max K Oct 05, 2005, 09:50am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: HPZD7000 - DVD/CD will not burn or recognize blankmedia
Just a week ago I recieved a laptop and the original owner said that the drive does not burn CDs nomore... Since laptop was about 4 years old I thought that it is true. But after I reinstalled Windows on this computer I decided to check if the drive burns before changing it to another one. And what you think? It burned cd without any problems! :) I understand that it seems dumb and I really did not try to burn cds with the old windows but may be you have installed something that blocks cd/dvd burning... If you do not want to reinstall Windows get another hard drive (may be even small one off of Ebay) and install Windows on it. After that try to burn CD or DVD. If it helps than you should reinstall Windows on your main hdd and resell the small hard drive or just use it as a backup..

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Paul Randall Oct 06, 2005, 03:11pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: HPZD7000 - DVD/CD will not burn or recognize blankmedia
My daughter's HP ZX5070 would not recognize some write once DVDs I tried in it, but was happy to write to Imation DVD-RWs. I haven't investigated it further.



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