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  Copyright on old games that arn't available anymore! 
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Mort1616 Oct 04, 2005, 01:05pm EDT Report Abuse
I'm a little bit of a fan of old games, and there is an excellent site that has emulators and roms available to download. With each download there is a message stating "you should only download this program if you have a copy of the original" or something to that effect. My problem with this is the fact that you can't get over half the games available on the site anymore, and in the case of MAME (an arcade emulator) you just can't get those games unless you buy a great big machine that would take up half your bedroom that you put coins in. So if the copyright owner isn't producing these games for us to buy do they have a moral precedent to complain when people copy said media? Another example is the Cartoon Thundercats, I can't find it anywhere to buy, however if you really want it look for it on ebay, you'll manage to get it on VHS. I'd have been quite happy to buy it on DVD, but it wasn't available at all. I don't mind adhering to copyright. If a game cost too much IMHO I wait till it drops in price and buy it in 3 months time.

Your thoughts please

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Oct 04, 2005, 01:06pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Copyright on old games that arn't available anymore!

Mr. Aveng Oct 04, 2005, 01:39pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Copyright on old games that arn't available anymore!
I was just about to suggest what McFly said... Home of the Underdogs.

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