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  Computer Restarts(After Clicking Noise) 
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corey Kvoinen Oct 10, 2005, 11:45pm EDT Report Abuse
I have an amd 2800+ xp....

My computer will restart almost randomly after a faint clicking noise, almost like a tick...
i thought it might be my power supply... changed that, still it does it... i am lucky i am even on now talking to you.

the noise is coming from a small black cylinder type thing called (magnetic buzzer/transducer) on the top of it there is a hole like a doughnut and the letting kc-1206 along with a plus sign...

this is really driving me crazy

plz reply fast

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Suspended User Oct 10, 2005, 11:52pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Computer Restarts(After Clicking Noise)
Have you tried some other memory?

Omniscient Oct 11, 2005, 04:51am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Computer Restarts(After Clicking Noise)
From the description, the small black cyliner thing is your pc speaker. If the click noise is emanating from it the most likely reason I can think of is an electrical short/ground.

Without any other information I suggest removing the mobo from the case, booting it up while all devices are connected/pluged-in wait to see if it happens. If it re-occurs then remove each connected device one at a time (including keyboard if needs be) and seeing what happens - an extremely lengthy procedure, possibly without yielding any results. But you might find that either the casing was grounding or a device is malfunctioning and causing the reboot. Sorry but can't be much more helpful than that.

Kid Chaos Oct 11, 2005, 05:17am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Computer Restarts(After Clicking Noise)
i had the same turned out to be my hardrive was faulty. but to be honest it could be anything., try tkaing out your ram and use 1 stick or swap them or something.

FordGT90Concept Oct 11, 2005, 05:18am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Computer Restarts(After Clicking Noise)
If the case isn't grounded and you touch the case, you'll feel 110v through your hand. I'd guess your motherboard is just plain bad.

Do you have a surge protector on this computer? If you don't, maybe the computer is fine but you are getting surges of power through the lines which is hitting your PC and forcing a power down. This is unlikely but possible. It depends on how good the power grid is and the condition of wiring in your house.

You can run a computer with just PSU, keyboard, video adaptor, monitor, CPU, HSF on the CPU, motherboard, and one stick of RAM. Try doing that to make sure the problem is caused by something vital.

If I remember what I forgot, I have not forgotten it.
Omniscient Oct 11, 2005, 08:24am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Computer Restarts(After Clicking Noise)
110volts going through your hand. Not to be argumentative, but my pc works off 12V and 5V. If the PSU earthed it would immediately trip a breaker. However, if you have say your mobo resting on the metal mounting screws there is a chance that a short will occur, very slight chance I admit, but even just a couple of years ago some mainboard manaufacturers included non-conductive card rings that were placed between motherboard and chassis for exactly that reason.

The short could easily be coming from a pci card, or cd-rom etc etc. My personal PC that is in use right now has a short between my ATI x700 card, case and mobo - how do I know - if i touch my hand to the bare metal I feel nothing - but if I expose sensitive skin - like an open cut or my tongue (lack of correct tools ovious) i feel the same sensation as a 12v battery, actually it's considerably more painful to the exposed nerves. A remote possibility that you have a similar problem, but a possiblity nonetheless.

Sorry just thought I would add - the memory would be a good place to start.

Dante Armageddon Oct 11, 2005, 08:28am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Computer Restarts(After Clicking Noise)
Personally I think it's a hard-drive problem, I experienced something similar with the exact sound you described though the sounds was emanating from the hard-drive it's self rather than from the motherboard, which obviously made it pretty clear to me what the problem was.

corey Kvoinen Oct 11, 2005, 09:44am EDT Report Abuse
>> uh
I tried diconnecting my hardrives and running and it does the same thing. I switch the voltage setting on the back of my powersupply (240) and the noise stops but obviously i cant run my computer. The part that is making the noise (magnetic buzzer / what ever) has a serial of some sort at the top "kc-1206" and the motherboard ihave is a nforce2

FordGT90Concept Oct 11, 2005, 09:51am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Computer Restarts(After Clicking Noise)
110V is coming from the power supply when the outlet doesn't have a ground. Touching anything on the case gave me a sensation through the arm. How it still ran, I'm not sure but it definitely isn't a feeling you'd expect when reaching back there. I plugged it in a different outlet and it was fine again. No more horse fence effect. :)

My guess is that your motherboard is shorting out. nForce2 is pretty old so I doubt it is covered by the manufacturer.

If I remember what I forgot, I have not forgotten it.
PCGEEK Oct 11, 2005, 09:52am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Computer Restarts(After Clicking Noise)
clicking noise is your hard drive . You just geting a stuck thread .

FordGT90Concept Oct 11, 2005, 09:58am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Computer Restarts(After Clicking Noise)
If Google is right, KC-1206 is a capacitor. It backs up the idea that there is a probably a surge or short going through your machine causing a rapid release of electricity from that capacitor which causes the shut down and sound. Any thing could really cause the problem but if you wish to fix it, start with the motherboard.

If I remember what I forgot, I have not forgotten it.
corey Kvoinen Oct 11, 2005, 10:05am EDT Report Abuse
>> xD
I know its a problem with this "capacitor" but I dont know why... Ive tried running my computer without vidcard, soundcard, ram, and hardrive - so I know all of those things are fine I am guessing that the outlet is bad. Ill try a few more things when I get home - I am at school now : ( Ill post with my success (or failures)

Omniscient Oct 11, 2005, 10:14am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Computer Restarts(After Clicking Noise)
AFAIK Capacitors do NOT have holes like a doughnut on the top :D - if there is a hole in a capacitor it has blown - replace the capacitor (probably not a viable possibility for you). The only small black cylinder with a doughnut thing that i can think of is the PC speaker. But if it has a part number and google says Cap then that's more evidence than i have. The cap theory sounds more sound anyway. Just bugs me that it has a hole.



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