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  Any SQL prgrammers here? 
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Rory Witham Jan 01, 2006, 07:46pm EST Report Abuse
I have a client with a access database and I know how to exsport it but I what to change to SQL to run the database, I believe that the curent front end is a excel sheet.

What I need is a web page front end to the system so that I can build it into a VPN site.

IF there is any one who can help send me a PM :)


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Tom McMurtrey Feb 09, 2006, 09:41pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Any SQL prgrammers here?
Hey Roy,
You may not need info by now, since it's been so long. but.....

You can export tables to comma delimited files

run import program on new database ( I use mysql or postgresql, since they are free)

I dont have an automated way to convert queries. However, you can get a good start by examining all the access queries using the view sql feature in access. You can copy the script with cut and paste. You can store the scripts in xxx.sql files.

I finally bought a $35 tool called "Mysql front" to manage databases, but you can do it in command line if you want.

I think your note said something about reporting in html. You can use php and apache to develop your scripts to read and write the database on line. Or, if you have lots of money, you can buy the dreamweaver package ($900) and develop everything graphically.

The cheapest route for html development would be to buy a good php-mysql book at Books-a-Million and work your way thru that.

There is a package called "wamp" which is an integrated set of applications including apache (webserver), mysql (database), and php (html language). It runs in windows and is both a great learning and a production tool. Try that if you are really going away from access and Uncle Bill's programs.

There are some php writing tools out there that are a real help, but I usually just write using notepad.

Hope this helps. It takes a lot of energy and determination to make a leap like this, but it's a great learning tool and produces decent, low cost results.

Have a great day!

Tom McMurtrey



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