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  Sony Vaio laptop wont boot? 
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Kenny D Jan 10, 2004, 12:15am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Sony Vaio laptop wont boot?
I'm thrilled!!! Oh great!! Wonderful!! Sony seems to have lubed up and jammed it right in my a$$. Thank you Sony!!! Oh it feels great!!! I love to work every day for a paycheck just so I can spend it on Sony's awful products and deal with the awful LYING!! Tech suppourt people!!

We all got bent over by sony. You all seem like such nice people that (like me) just wanted to spend some money on (what you thought to be) a quality product. We were all fooled by Sony and got F'ed!!

The bonus is that when I called Customer Service, they told me that they have nothing on file about defective ram slots at all. I own a GRX550. How funny is that?? You mean to tell me that out of all these people posting here, none have called Sony about the problem?? Of course plenty of people have!!! They don't keep record of these problems? Are they told to lie to us by managment?? What the hell is going on here? I have an extended warranty, but I called because I WANT SONY TO REPAIR IT BECAUSE THEY ARE (Despite what they told me) AWARE OF THIS PROBLEM!!!!! There is no way they can't be aware of it!! There is no way I'm the ONLY PERSON to have called in and complained of this problem!! There is no reason for them to lie to me or you!!

Sorry sir, the warranty is up. You will have to send it for repair, so bend over and take it like a man!! HELL NO!!

I told the guy on the phone to go home after work tonight and search for sony vaio notebook boot/ram slot problems and see if he can find anything. Maybe he will see the struggle we are going thru and realize the company he works for is a piece of crap. Or like I said earlier , maybe he, and all the cust service people are aware of it and are told to lie to us just so we can send it in for an after warranty repair. $$$$$$$

I feel the pain of you all. Thanks sony!!! After you're done w/ me I wont be able to sit for a week. And whats the deal w/ Class action suit?? I sent my info and no reply. ANYONE get a reply?? I'll set up class action if no one else does.

Oh well were all in the same boat. And it's a big boat with alot of p**sed off people. Good luck to you all.

And to Sony......Next time why don't you give me a kiss before you F*cK me!!

Ps. I havent heard it mentioned, but in addition to my amount of Ram showing 512Mb or 256Mb, my processor speed fluctuates from 1.60Ghz to 1.19Ghz and 894Mhz. It seems to change everytime i reboot. Its always some combination of those numbers though. Great!! Love you Sony!!!!

Oh heres the symptoms my grx550 is having.

Since posting that I have verifyed the slot is bad.

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Ron Stubblefield Jan 10, 2004, 11:29pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Sony Vaio laptop wont boot?
I tried to post this earlier, but it flubbed up in the process. Anywayz, it's a petition to get Sony to fix our computers.

George Chu Jan 10, 2004, 11:50pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Sony Vaio laptop wont boot?
okey, now im confused.
so far i understand that it is a memory problem but is it in the circuit itself or the connection between the RAM and the slot? if it is only a problem between the RAM and the slot shouldnt the computer still boot with 256 (when both slots are occupied [256 each]). If it isnt a problem with the RAM and the slot why does added pressure and re-inserting the cards seem to fix the problem until you move the laptop?

so far, my laptop works when i take out one of the 256 cards. but doesnt boot when i keep the card in .....

Steve Leininger Jan 11, 2004, 02:27am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Sony Vaio laptop wont boot?
I have a GRX570, which, like everyone else here, one day did not power on. Swapping memory sticks didn't help at all. Using the "padding on top of the memory" worked.... for a while! The proplem repeated itself, sometimes causing the laptop to lockup or have a horrid "blue screen of death" saying that a memory dump was being saved to disk (I suppose so someone with the right tools could determine the problem).

I had contacted Sony (about 3 months ago) and got a similar runaround that others have experienced. It got to where it was stressful to use my laptop, because I never new when it was going to stop next.

Jump to New Years Day. OK, let's look a little further into the problem. I have an old stereo microscope which I use for working on surface mount printed circuit boards (I do design and development work). I removed my RAM sticks (everyone should be getting pretty good at that!) and used the microscope to check out the RAM stick connectors, specifically where the pins are soldered to the main motherboard. I used an Xacto knife to probe the solder joints (Kids, don't do this at home, I am a trained professional). Several at the end of the #1 stick socket moved! That's not right!! Well, now that I have moved them, I couldn't get the machine to power up again, padding or not. I will try to resolder the pins on the stick sockets. Turn on the soldering iron, position the microscope, and get to work.. Wait a minute! That soldering iron tip looks like a beach ball under the microscope. There is no way I would try to solder with something that big.... But...

The next day I go to Frys and get the smallest tip soldering iron that they have, and head back home. Under the microscope this time, the tip looks more like a landscape timber than a beach ball. I can handle that. Re-soldered the suspect "moving connections" plus the next few for good measure. They now pass the Xacto test with no motion. I check every connection (inside and outside each of the two connectors) and nothing moves.

Guess what! My Sony has worked WITH NO PROBLEMS AT ALL FOR 9 DAYS!!!

My verdict: The problem is not the memory stick, but the memory stick socket. Specifically, it is the solder joint integrity of the memory stick socket to motherboard connection. This is not a repair job for the average kitchen table and/or service depot, but could be handled by a shop with surface mount repair equipment.

Claudia Tynes Jan 11, 2004, 08:47am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Sony Vaio laptop wont boot?
Cangratulations! Glad to hear that this repair really works. Glad to hear that this report that this does work.

Somewhere on this thread or the other one, someone described that Sony found the machine that was making the bad welds on their motherboard,,,but have refused to do anything about it. Joe Kabalan says he can do the solder repair for $150.

Good luck!

Jim B..... Jan 11, 2004, 06:51pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Sony Vaio laptop wont boot?

Mckenzie Mckenzie Jan 12, 2004, 05:09pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Sony Vaio laptop wont boot?

I just bought a Sony Vaio GRT30P notebook (thought I was buying a good product as 2 of my friends have this same machine and have had no problems - yet).

Wanted/needed 1Gb of memory, so had the store install the memory before purchasing notebook.

Got back to the office, it worked - lovely - reported 1Gb of memory and started setting up and installing programs.

Got home and went to start the machine - guess what - yep. Not even 1 day old and already it wont boot.

Will be taking it back to the store and asking them to remove the memory and see if that fixes it (temporarily). Then I will be pressing my hard to have something done about it.

Bob Stekeur Jan 12, 2004, 08:01pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Sony Vaio laptop wont boot?
if your smart and you only had it for 1 day I would take it back and demand my money back. Seems there a time bomb waiting to go off. Might me now or 12-15 months. Unload that piece of crap while you still can

MARTIN SAUER Jan 13, 2004, 02:16pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Sony Vaio laptop wont boot?
I want to thank everyone on this forum. My GRX570 died on October 9th, a few days after the factory warranty expired. I took it to a shop here in Amarillo which came highly recommended and I just got it back after over 3 months of their messing around with it. Diagnosis? ... you got it: bad motherboard. Mucho dinero! And they added a couple of nice scratches and a loose speaker cover and keyboard to boot! That's another issue I've got to haggle with somebody about. Yuck!

Well, not being one to stop there, I started looking for others with similar problems and found this forum. I just took the RAM chip out of bank two and everything's working fine thanks to y'all's expert advice. I've also contacted the lawyer on this forum about the class action suit.

This really sucks! Like the rest of you I bought Sony because of it's reputation. Not only that, I invested in three port replicators and two additional power supplies (you know how much that stuff costs!) so I could hook up at home, office and girl friend's. Then I went out and bought a top of the line Sony minicam and a Clie' based on compatibility and ... you guessed it ... Sony's reputation. I've got too much invested to just let the Vaio go but I can't see putting another grand into a sinking ship, either. Well, at least the Clie's being recalled by Sony for a potentially bad screen. I know one thing for sure: Sony's not going to get anymore of my business, nor any of my friends'. Anyway ... whaa whaa.

Again ... thanks, Ladies and Gentlemen! Thanks to you, I can recover my files and get them downloaded to my portable hard drive before something else goes wrong. And I don't feel so all alone ... know what I mean? I'm going to keep an eye on this forum to see how the rest of you fare with our expensive door-stops

Ron Stubblefield Jan 14, 2004, 01:10am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Sony Vaio laptop wont boot?
Steve Leininger,
I wish I had access to a stereo microscope when I did mine. I DID have access to many of them when I worked for Motorola, but I got laid off 6 months ago.
Anyhow, the solder joints on the SODIMM slots have been compromised either by insufficient solder paste, improper positioning of the slots legs on the solder pads.....or both. My 1st slots solder joints look fine under my hand-held microscope (Radio Shack item), but slot 2 is the "bad apple". I resoldered mine too with a Weller butane soldering iron with a tip I sharpened to a fine point. It looked good under the scope, but my shaking hand (nervous about potentially scrapping my $2400 notebook) caused a couple of bridges. But I fixed them before powering up.
Thanks Sony for a sh*tty product!!!


George Kaneff Jan 14, 2004, 07:29am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Sony Vaio laptop wont boot?
Sony no baloney ! Remember that one. We should!

I have been in electronics for about 35 years and I remember the problems that Sony had with poor engineering in their early Triniton TV's. If you turned them off and then back on again quickly, they would blow the horizontal and HV circuit. That was back in the mid 70's and it cost about $90 bucks then to repair it.

Guess what? their engineering has s't gotten any better. I went through the same issue as everyone else on my PCG-FX310. The system started running real slow and upon evaluation found that 1/2 the memory was gone. I flipped chips till my head caved in and finally decided to just buy a 256 MB SODIMM for slot #1. Then I found this site... Folded a business card 4 or 5 times and jammed that puppy in the memory compartment to hold the second SODIMM down and poof! now I have 384 mb.

Wish I had found the site earlier. I may have to keep this piece of crap Sony a little longer, till maybe something else breaks. Maybe I should turn it off and on real fast, it might explode.

Martin Hapner Jan 14, 2004, 08:35am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Sony Vaio laptop wont boot?
I have never heard a response from Lonnie about the class action suit...I contacted a friend of mine who was being victimized by his credit card company. He had success in fighting the giant when the 'media' got involved and he was showcased on a show like '60 minutes' [cannot recall exactly what show it was], anyway he offered the following areas to approach for further assistance:

Duane Bradbury Jan 14, 2004, 03:52pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Sony Vaio laptop wont boot?
You can add another Vaio to the list.... mine died suddenly at the weekend after two years! :0(
It has the same symptoms as everyone else's, not booting past a black screen. It is also one that will boot OK if I remove the memory from rear memory slot, yet both memory modules work fine in the front one.

Does anyone know of any reliable repair places in the UK (preferably the Midlands) that are aware of this problem and can fix it properly??

I would try Sony, but after hearing about other peoples problems I have decided not to bother - let alone the fact that as my machine is out of warranty they will try and charge me just to speak to somebody on the phone!!

Any help with repair places in the UK greatly appreciated.

Duane Bradbury

JennyLynn K Jan 14, 2004, 06:01pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Sony Vaio laptop wont boot?
Hello Everyone,
I went to the 3 websites that were given in 2 postings above. I filled out the forms with the information below.

at I wrote:

Dear Sir or Ma'am,
I am VERY frustrated with a Sony Vaio that I bought about 11 months ago. Fortunately for me, it is still under warranty, but I still have to pay a large amount to get it repaired. I did some researching on the internet and I found that I am not the only one experiencing this problem. (The link to the best website discussing these problems is: ) There are over 100 people from all over the world who have written in or complained about the same issues with many series of the VAIO laptops. There was a person who tried to start a class action suit, but there has been no reponse. We are feeling abused by Sony. We all paid more money for the Sony promise of quality...and yet most of these laptops are dying at within days of warranty termination. Is there any help you can give me or direct me in the right direction. We all feel that Sony should repair these $2200 laptops at their expense, or send us comparable ones. Please advise. Thank you for your time,
Jenny Kovach
California City, CA

at California's CPIRG I wrote:

(Log your consumer complaint! at the following web site -

1. What type of consumer complaint do you have?
(I cut and pasted the paragraph from above.)

2. What was your experience?
After contacting the technical support at Sony, I spent approximately 1 1/2 hours going through 2 levels of technical assistance. It was resolved by the technician stating that I would need to send the laptop in to be repaired under the warranty but they would happily send me a FEDEX EXPRESS box to mail the laptop back. I received the box via FEDEX the next day as well as the packing slip inside. It was there that I found that I had to write my credit card number and give authorization for them to charge my credit card for additional repairs...upwards of $695. So now I'm afraid to send it in.

3. Who is your complaint against?
Sony Vaio Laptop/Notebook. My laptop series #PCG-GRX560

4. What steps have you taken to work through the complaint?
I contacted Sony, the FTC, and looked for additional support online at the site

5. Who else have you logged a complaint with? What was the result? (listed above, no response yet)

At the FTC website I cut and pasted the same paragraph.

I'll cross my fingers that we'll hear something.

I have another question....should I send my GRX560 in for repair at Sony since it's still under warranty? I'm nervous about it because it states they can charge my credit card (which I MUST put on the inventory sheet in order for them to proceed on the repairs) if they feel that it is "Consumer Inflicted".

Since I tried both solutions (padding and switching) and my laptop still won't boot...does that mean my memory slots are fried? And where exactly should I be looking to see if any posts are loose? I peered at the slots, but they look fine. (I know that is a silly question, but "inquiring minds need to know". I want to be sure that is my problem before I ship it off for repair. If it appears that that is NOT the problem, then I'm afraid to send it to anyone for repair because I know they'll tell me it's the motherboard.)

Please help!

the "Avon Lady" :)
Claudia Tynes Jan 14, 2004, 06:10pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Sony Vaio laptop wont boot?
If it's under warranty, definitely get it done.


Kate Hindle Jan 15, 2004, 04:34am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Sony Vaio laptop wont boot?
I am also in the UK & like Duane am out of warranty and also like Duane did not want to send it to Sony
as I am sure they will charrge me mega-bucks. My problem is slightly different in that it doesn't make any difference what I do with the memory cards, it still doesn't boot.
I phoned around quite a few PC repair places locally & they all said I would have to send it back to Sony.
I arranged this with Sony over a week ago and despite being told my laptop would be collected the next day I am still waiting for it to be collected over a week later. I have been on the phone nearly every day & must have a huge black mark against my name now! They said it was due to a backlog and when I questioned the fact that so many VAIOs were being returned they said that people who had recieved them for Christmas wanted more memory installed. I am sceptical about that to put it mildly!

However, one of the posters from this forum, Joe Kabalan, very kindly sent me the email address of someone in the UK to contact. As my problem is not fixed by the memory card swapping etc I decided it was best to send it back to Sony. A decision that I may come to regret! If you would like the UK email contact please send me an email and I will forward it to you.


Kenny D Jan 16, 2004, 08:46pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Sony Vaio laptop wont boot?
I went to and filled out a form. Afterwards it showed the following page which as you can see encourages others to register a complaint with them. So give it a try if you like. It may be a good thing, ya never know.

Thank you for submitting your complaint to Online Legal Services Ltd.

Your case number is 2xxx96. You can track the status of your complaint at any time by visiting
and entering your case number.

If you know of anyone else with a similar complaint, please encourage them to register it at

Please note that we are not offering any opinion whatsoever concerning the merits of any claim you might have.

We encourage you to also contact other counsel if you intend to pursue any claims, and you should do so promptly to avoid having your case barred by the statute of limitations.


Scotty Scott Jan 17, 2004, 11:48am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Sony Vaio laptop wont boot?
I have posted a message before on Page 5 but since then I have done the following:-

1) Put my name in the Sony Vaio Notebook Computer Memory petition at "".
2) Written to and received a reply from a well-known UK computer magazine who have contacted Sony, Japan, direct.
3) Contacted and received a message from the US Federal Trade Commission - see part-message below.

I hope all and sundry do their best to get compensation from Sony and I will also contact the person who sent a message given above this re. a law suit.

Good Luck, All,

Thank you for visiting the FTC's web page and for using our NEW electronic Talk To Us form. Here's what happened to your information after you sent it to us:
One of our consumer counselors reviewed the information you sent us. If it was related to the FTC's law enforcement responsibilities, we entered it into our shared law enforcement data system. We share this data system with law enforcement agencies throughout the United States and Canada. Attached is your electronic response, which includes your reference number. Any enclosures can be found at http://www.FTC.GOV under the News Releases, Publications, Speeches option.
Information from consumers like you helps Federal, State and Local authorities investigate possible illegal practices and enforce our laws. Someone from the Federal Trade Commission or another law enforcement agency may contact you if they need additional information to help them in an investigation.
Thank you for using our Talk To Us form, and please continue to use the FTC's web page,, to get free information to help you avoid costly consumer problems.

J Werth Jan 18, 2004, 12:54am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Sony Vaio laptop wont boot?
Same boot problems as above. I found that only my rear slot on my GRX500P would work with one of my original memory chips. I'm going to look into the soldering issue on the front slot. Thx for help.

Jim L Jan 18, 2004, 01:13pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Sony Vaio laptop wont boot?

One of my son's friends, who happens to be overseas in the military, sent us his Sony PCG-FX340 last week, because it wouldn't boot. It finally got passed along to me this weekend, and it appears to have the memory socket/boot problem per this thread. We're trying to find if (we think he did) he purchased an extended warranty, and I was wondering if anyone who has had this problem actually got this problem 'really' fixed by Sony under warranty? Or, is Sony still claiming that there is no problem?

Thanks in advance,

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