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  Sony Vaio laptop wont boot? 
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Shark 2600 Nov 06, 2006, 04:27pm EST Report Abuse
>> Same here
I bought my Sony Laptop in May 2002 from futureshop, Dead because of memory slot issue in 1.5 yr, I had it fixed one time when it was still in warrenty. They replaced the motherboard, and it happened again this summer, now I have to put a cardboard in the memory compartment and can't move it, if i move it, it will freeze rightway. Very bad experience. The 30 G Hard driver is Suck! it has NO cache

Also I had bad experience with my Sony Stereo system, the CD drive stopped reading CD after using it for 1.5 years. VS my other systems, computer's car radio's CD drive work fine for years!!!

Sorry, switched to Macintosh. NO MORE SONY IN MY LIFE.

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tim tim Nov 08, 2006, 06:44pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Sony Vaio laptop wont boot?
I have a vaio PCG -V505EX since 2004, in 2005 June just before the warranty expire, it can not boot, so sent back to sony and got back, they replaced the PWB MBX-10 (looks like the mother borad), but just after one day, can not boot again, so sent back to sony gain, they replaced the same board again. recently sometimes I have to push the power button several times to start it, I worried it a sign of the same problem again.

I noticed nost people here saying it is the memory socket problem, but in another post, people said it is the CMOS problem, which has a easier way to fix it,

so which one more likely, the memory or CMOS ?

Mahesh Mantri Nov 09, 2006, 01:25pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Sony Vaio laptop wont boot?
Thanks everyone for posting their problems and solutions.
I had VGN-FS790 which stopped working all of a sudden. It refused to turn on. No LEDs, no indication. I even tried changing battery.

Finally came accross solution posted by Srini Mag. And it worked.

Please see solution posted by Srini Mag on Oct 06, 2006, 01:46 PM on follwoing site,

David Kelley Nov 10, 2006, 06:05pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Sony Vaio laptop wont boot?
I had the same problem. A local computer repair shop said the mempro slot was bad, they removed the memory and the laptop worked. he swapped the two 256 memory chips for one 512 which he put in the slot that still worked. (cost me $300.00) Months later the LCD screen started having areas of black. they replaced the LCD screen (my cost $650.00 a used screen). Today, it would not boot up, I found this site & tried the "pressure on the memory chip" fix (I used a folded business card). It worked. I just wonder if that;s the problem with the second memory slot?? needless to say, this will be my last Sony computer!!!

Rob Lewis Nov 12, 2006, 12:59pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Sony Vaio laptop wont boot?
Hi guys,

I'm afraid I don't have time to read through the whole thread, so please forgive me - I'm sure this has been asked before.

I have a 2/3 year old Sony Vaio PCG-GRX415MP. It hasn't been working for some time (over a year). Just before it stopped working all together, the power connection was a bit dodgy, and had to be held in a funny position to get it to charge. Then it stopped loading - I turn the power on, hear a quick whirring of fans which then stops, the lights come on on the bottom right of the case, but the screen stays blank and nothing happens. I don't think that this is now a power problem, because it happens even when I manage to get the mains plugged in and working. I looked at the RAM fix thing, and tried applying pressure on each slot but nothing happened. So what's wrong with it and how much will it cost to fix? I live in the UK. Many thanks in advance,


Andrew Poretz Nov 13, 2006, 11:06pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Sony Vaio laptop wont boot?
I just bought a Vaio VGN-TX750P ultraportable notebook in October. Gave me problems from day one, many of which I'd found documented on the web. Froze a number of times and started having difficulty getting it back up. By Saturday it was dead as a doornail, except CD made whirring sounds and the lights flicked on and off, etc. I bought it at PC Richard in NY -- since it was under 20 days old (!!!) I returned it this morning and convinced them to exchange it (sigh) for a brand new one. Would have preferred to get another computer. Tonight on the new one I found this site. More than likely had I tried one of the solutions I would not have lost data (mostly non-crucial) but at least now I know what to expect. I am getting the full extended warranty and saved this site off this computer for future reference. My buddy had told me to "get a Mac" -- he's a reformed PC guy. I shoulda listened! -- Andrew

Andrew Poretz Nov 13, 2006, 11:13pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Sony Vaio laptop wont boot?
I worked for a class action law firm for several years (I'm not a lawyer; I just work for them) and would be happy to bring this to their attention. It requires a "lead plaintiff" who will have to actually do depositions and the like eventually but the good news is that person is usually taken care of if there is a favorable outcome. The bad news is the "class" rarely gets tremendous value in these things, but possibly it could result in Sony being required to fix the damage they have wrought.

Doris Planas Nov 15, 2006, 11:07pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Sony Vaio laptop wont boot?
I had a bad Sony Vaio experience. I sent my laptop in because of the motherboard defect and when I got it back, I had more damage on the screen including a large crack. They sent me the picture the tech took and I sent them pictures of the damage I received. They still deny any wrong doing. To boot, their customer service agent hung up on me three times (yet I actually got her 3 times after waiting about an hour each time to get through).The operations manager, Gary Gbacci, in their San Diego service center refused to give me the contact information for his supervisor, Steve Nickel, after telling me it was basically my problem. So anyone who feels like complaining to Gary, feel free to call him at **EDITED TO REMOVE PERSONAL INFORMATION**. Let him know how you feel about Sony and its products.

A N Nov 16, 2006, 05:23pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Sony Vaio laptop wont boot?
Sony Vaio laptop wont boot?
My Sony Vaio PCG GRX 570 is starting up but my screen is black. This started few months ago. I would shut down my Vaio a few times and it would boot up. But not anymore. I turn on the power button and the yellow light for the battery comes on but the light for the hard drive dose not come on. The screen is black. On top of that my warrant just expired. Help please HELP

David Kessler Nov 25, 2006, 01:12pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Sony Vaio laptop wont boot?
I'm on the road so haven't been able to test this thoroughly, but...

I have a Sony VAIO PCG-GRX560 that's 4+ years old. This morning I was unable to connect using my Netgear wireless PCMCIA card. I tried both slots. I put the card into two other laptop computers and it seemed like it would have worked (the little light on the card came on and stayed on--on my computer it just flashed and my computer beeped 3 times and the Netgear software didn't recognize that the card was plugged in) if I had installed the Netgear software.

I don't have another PCMCIA card with me to test on my machine. I can run fine hardwired to the network.

Anyone heard of any problems with PCMCIA slots on VAIOs over time?
David Kessler

Gil O Dec 10, 2006, 05:26am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Sony Vaio laptop wont boot?
WOW , what a thread , can I join ;-)

I got a non booting Vaio Z1vap (591L) , when I try to power it the green power just blink but nothing happens . The battery blinks ambers .

1. Any clues to what could be wrong and cost ? I'm willing to ship it to the US and can probably take it apart to verify the parts inside

2. How do you open the lcd assembly ?
the 4 screws are out but still it seems like its held by something .

Thanks in advance ,

Hugh McGee Dec 10, 2006, 05:33am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Sony Vaio laptop wont boot?
John Smith said:
I have a Sony VGN-S260 that is about 15 months old (out of warranty). I had the exact symptoms described here: green power light but LCD never turns on and no hard drive spin up. I called Sony and explained I thought it was a manufacturer's defect due to the "Vaio shutdown problem". They were very professional and agreed to repair the notebook free of charge. I sent it back yesterday. I'll let you know what happens!

update on my situation...

well i got this laptop working.. bit of a cheat really... my friend had the same laptop as this which his young daughter had decided she didnt like the cdrom and the floppy drive on his laptop and broke them both.. so he said i could have this laptop for spares... so the laptop i first poted about got repaird as i switched the ram from the one my friend gave..

then a few weeks later i aquired another laptop of the same model for spares as someone else i know spilt a lovely warm cup of coffee on it :D

so i repaired the second laptop i had with the parts from the coffe drinkin laptop...

so my girlfriend has her laptop working again and my brother has a new toy too :cool:

AMD X2 4200+ AM2
4GB Corsair XMS2 TwinX 800mhz
Leadtek 512mb 8800GT
Samsung 2232BW Pebble
Gor Clarke Dec 13, 2006, 02:54pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Sony Vaio laptop wont boot?
Just found this web site after two years of leaving my broken vaio in a remove the memory i inserted a few weeks before it bust and the thing jumped straight back to life...Just like Dr Who resurrecting the ice men.. Only thing is it won't keep time.

Just a vague hope, as this started with the PCG GRX316, and someone three years ago mentioned replacing the cmos battery next to the graphics chip....

Anyone know where the graphics chip is....

Dan Compart Dec 14, 2006, 05:55pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Sony Vaio laptop wont boot?
Hi i have a Sony Vaio Model PCG-6C1L
The Computer does nothing no lights, light up at all. everything is dead... But i dont think the computer is completely broke but rather the power plug on the laptop is faulty. How would i go around fixing a problem like this?

Tom Rhodes Dec 20, 2006, 05:50pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Sony Vaio laptop wont boot?
I have a Sony PCG-V505DX purchased from Best Buy with an extended warranty in December 2003.
The same no boot problem everyone else is having started in November.
Took the Laptop to Best Buy, and they shipped it to the Geek Squad.
The Squad replaced the mother board.
The laptop worked great for four weeks.
Then the same no boot issue happened last week.
I took the laptop back to Best Buy and the Geek Squad.
They replaced the 4 week old mother board with another.
Now, how do I keep this newest board from failing?
The Geek Squad said nothing about bad memory connectors, bad cables, or anything else.
I tried the Sony Support online Chat with no luck.

Does anyone know the root cause of all these failures?

Jim M Dec 20, 2006, 06:10pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Sony Vaio laptop wont boot - now DEAD?
Well, even after all the fiddling about with pieces of cardboard etc the machine has now died. What happens now is that it keeps re-booting continuously so I have given up and will not spend any more money with Sony EVER! 2,000 UK sterling down the drain.

Irene Bevilacqua Dec 21, 2006, 07:43am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Sony Vaio laptop wont boot?
I have two Sonys both purchased at Best Buy too. I have the same 505 as you and the only trouble with that is the arrow has a mind of its own; wanders all over the place.

BUT, I also have a Sony VGN-S260 that, after 2 years, has decided to have not only a power turning on problem, but after messing with the power button for 10-20 minutes, pulling out the battery, replacing it, using AC power to no avail, and a moment before a large hammer would smash the would turn on, boot into Windows and within 20 minutes, I'd get a strange video display, an error message that flashed by so fast, and then a reboot. I'd get into Windows again, same problem, same message, same reboot. If I went into Safe Mode, the machine worked fine. I finally decided to reinstall the OS, and thinking that would end the corruption that was occurring, I could only go into Safe Mode!

So, I went to the Geek Squad as I had a 3 yr warranty from them. They were totally stumped!!!! I was thinking, "new machine?" They sent it out for 3 weeks. Just got it back. They said they DID NOT FIX the power problem but instead replaced the motherboard and the hard drive. So far it's up and running fine again. I'm very leary though that they did not fix the power-on problem and it could return. They said after 3 strikes from Sony, Sony would have to replace the notebook with a brand new one.

I did resolve the problem while the machine was being repaired: I bought a Toshiba and will never buy a Sony again. I've used Toshibas for years with not one problem; not even any problems on my HP, but Sony is a no-no for me.....and I am a PC tech myself and will never recommend Sony notebooks again. I do love their other electrics though.

John Day Dec 21, 2006, 04:51pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Sony Vaio pcggrz630 laptop wont boot?
Hello All:

Like most, we are exhausted with dealing these problems of overheating, booting up, ie...The latetest's are noises that sound like clicking or studdering? Please let me know what I can do to help resolve this issue...I spoke with Sony support and they have directed me to varies sites but still they can't isolate the problem much less address the issues at hand, nor any reference of any previous inquiry with this model....What happend to data mining?

Dave Dec 21, 2006, 07:45pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Sony Vaio laptop wont boot?
These laptops are quite the pinicle of technological and reliable engineering aren't they?

Kevin Lane Dec 26, 2006, 01:28pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Sony Vaio laptop wont boot?
my PCG FRV25 has stopped booting up like so many others. Fan kicks on but it comes up to a black screen saying "no operating system found" It worked fine and then one day it started doing this. This is about the 6th time it has happened. All of the other times I have just kept restarting it and after a few times it will boot up and run fine until I shut it down. This time though I have been restarting it for a day now and nothing. Any ideas? I have tried to read most of the thread but have been over-run by all information on here. Thanks!

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