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Rory Witham Feb 23, 2006, 12:28pm EST Report Abuse
Hey all here is your chance to help out.

I have been pondering the Idea of a Wireless Internet and its applications. It been along time since I have dealt with radio waves and such like so I'm a bit thick when it comes to it. The other side of the project is the networking which I can do.;)

OK Heres the plan,
Wireless Internet city wide using 801.11G+ networks, thats 145Meg when run under the full speed..

I have been working on the servers and AP for the radius security : Done that bit, Just having issues with radius server.. ( FreeRadius on SUSE + apache) Anyone?

range, Well from what I have read, with a line of site I can beam 125 miles.. Im not going that far..
Here are the locations of the nodes so its linking these together to form a back bone.

Here are the UK postal code's (zip) GL13HF-Main office, GL15DY Node 1, GL45XT - Node two.

Brief details. the main office is in a big building, and surrounded by other buildings. The city is on level ground, The while building on one corner is the office, and the other building is a big and blocks the city center directly.

Between the main office and node 1 is the a sport building( you cant miss it. the big white building roof south of the main office), We haven't been able to directly see if the LOS is blocked between main office and Node 1 yet..

Node 1 is on a hill, (small gradient) Which should bring it in line with the roof of the sports hall (I hope & Wish) It is a group of small height housing so signals are fine

Node 2 Is on a hill, and can view most of the city areas from this point. If you view from the south west at a low angle you can make out some of the houses on a sloap. , you made need to zoom out a bit to see this. the whole area is on a hill,
Whats not shown on the map is that the main motorway(highway) to the south and SE is a hill which is quite steep after that point. To the west is another hill.

Let the fun begin. I hope that this topic will serve as a good information point for those who are setting up a wireless network in their home town/city.

Here is the Kit I have already
USB wifi dongle.
PCMCIA card (ready for antenna mod)
Zoom X6 ADSL 2 Wireless router modem
WRT54G Router modem (hacked)
WAP54G AP (hacked)
32 Foot Omni antenna
home grown colinier antenna (about 32 inches each X 2)
One laptop
6 computers
Linux computer /server.
Windows 64 Servers
6 meters URM67 Cable 2X
2 meters RG85 cable
SMA connectors
S0239 ( I've been told there not good)
9DB flat pannel antenna

Shopping list.
4X N conntectors ( TNC fittings)
Copper PCB, other things to make antennas

Leased line (TBA)

Feel free to go mad on the specs and design of the network, You must include all the hardware and software required. if making the antenna, the instructions need to be good so that anyone can built it. Security needs to be a prime consideration.

I have carried out substantial work which i will put up in a bit..

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