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  VOIP, do you use it?, will you use it? 
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Rory Witham Feb 26, 2006, 08:36am EST Report Abuse
There has been alot of info in the news lately about VOIP telephones, I see that ISP's are selling a VOIP as a normal telephone service, while actually using a IP connection (like alot of mobile phone providers)

Has anyone got a VOIP phone, DO they use it?

Has anyone got the VOIP mobile telephones?

I have started a network called G-WISP ( which I'm banging out some really fast Internet access speeds (up to 145 Meg) I am bundling it with Mobile VOIP telephones as well to get it to be a better service - Not that its alot faster anyway that most providers.
I was wondering if any one has a mobile VOIP and had any issues with it.

It would seam that may people will be moving over to VOIP telephones in the next year, I have been using a VOIP software phone for about 7 years now and I have started calling alot of businesses who are using them

IF you haven't got a VOIP phone (software or hardware) then this is the time to move, It is a little hard to find ones that actually give you a real telephone number and connects to other VOIP numbers/ services providers.

Just so on one says I have Skype, Skype is not a VOIP telephone its just an audio messengers. There is lot of security issues with it as well.

Your feed back on VOIP is needed ..

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Lee Feb 26, 2006, 08:49am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: VOIP, do you use it?, will you use it?
SKYPE is a VOIP software and a good one to, ive got my own number with it and wireless phone and its 1 of the best for sound quality out there,

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Victor Hackney Mar 05, 2006, 08:33pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: VOIP, do you use it?, will you use it?
Hi Rory !

Yes I agree with Lee regarding the Skype Voip phone system

With regard to your remarks that it is only an audio messanger, it can be used indefinately for extended conversation Online FREE: ..(I have not had any problems to date) ..:-.and also on paid dial up calls to Mobiles and house phones.the latter which I do not contact..

This is the Desk type Voip phone I use with Skype, which can also be used for private dial up calls at a reduced rate by paying in advance for time on a fraction of the cost of normal tarifs.

I However use it for keeping in touch with my family and children in Europe, and one in Massachutsetts and call over the Internet FREE, providing they have Skype installed..

Thier system of security is also very good and I am on at least one hour a day to various countries, including Sweden, Germany, and occasionally USA.. where Skype is already become popular.

The beauty of it is the hand set with base unit ,is completely free from feed-back, and far more efficient that the head-set with microphone attached type. (It is useless however if you get someone using the antiquated hand microphone and thier loudspeakers remotely nearby)

I did not get mine from this site, I bought mine (identical) from Vobis in Germany and as you well know there are many outlets,all over Europe and USA

Hope this helps
Best Wishes
Vic UK

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Nathan Daniels Mar 17, 2007, 12:00am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: VOIP, do you use it?, will you use it?
What are the advantages of VOIP. Seems like a waste of an internet connection.

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Dan McCann Mar 17, 2007, 05:10am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: VOIP, do you use it?, will you use it?
The advantages. Head on over to and check out their tarriffs for calling land lines and mobile telephones. I think you will find it is a hell of a lot cheaper thn using, say, BT in the UK for landline calls, and if you are on pay as you go (like me) i can call my mates on their mobiles for a few pence, instead of a 25p connection charge + 25p a minute on my mobile.

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john albrich Mar 17, 2007, 05:43am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: VOIP, do you use it?, will you use it?
I'm curious as to how the courts treat VOIP with regard to phone taps, warrants, and such.

My understanding is that law enforcement agencies don't have to meet the same standards to obtain internet data as they do to obtain conventional telephone data.

Plus, there is the upcoming legislation issue of ISPs being required to save ALL transactions for at least 2 years. How that affects VOIP as opposed to regular telephone carriers would be of interest.

As a related example, some people use off-site vendor storage for their documents. In other words, they may use an application that stores the documents, spread-sheets, etc. at the vendor's location instead of their own office or at home.

The legal standards for getting warrants for documents kept at home or even at a personal business location are MUCH tougher than the standards for law enforcement getting data kept at a vendor's location. In some cases, they don't even need a warrant, whereas to get the same documents if stored in a home computer, they would need a specific search warrant.

There are decades of case history, court rulings, etc. dealing with protections for "normal" telephone activity. VOIP is relatively new and I think there are some legal and security vulnerabilities that will be exploited.

By switching from "normal" telephone to VOIP, are people unknowingly making their phone calls and call records more accessible to government agencies and even competitors?

phil Mar 17, 2007, 01:43pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: VOIP, do you use it?, will you use it?
i've got VOIP.. it's good.. but i hate the setup im forced to use with my ISP... i can only use their own ATA.. it's a SPA2102(junk), and i've had to connect it behind my wrt54gx4.. i've got it setup and working at the moment, but i have frequent communication problems between the two.. i wont go into it here.. it'll just end up in a thread hijacking.

anyways.. i've got VOIP,, when it's working it's good... when the routers stop talking, i have no telephone and no one can phone me... on the plus side of things, if i take my ATA anywhere in the world and someone phones my home number it rings in my hotel room.

can't access HWA unless I use a proxy... lol

pfft ..f**k that! (almost sounds like work)
Archangel Mar 17, 2007, 02:49pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: VOIP, do you use it?, will you use it?
I've had Vonage for about a year and a half. Excellent service. Their price has gone up from 25$ total. to 30ish$. all thx to the bs government putting more taxes on them.

vonage provides you with their own hardware. wich consist of a router that comes with voip service on it. two phone plugs and their lil quality of service set up for voip.

sound quality is good... its just a phone... not a high fidelity sound system.

As for how their network is set up. They just use certain ports, cant remember which. 911, everything works. no problems other than in my end.



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