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  PC Boots OS Screen, but video card doesn't process any farther than loading screen... 
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.:Mindful:. Sep 24, 2006, 06:46pm EDT Report Abuse
Hey Guys:

I'm stumped on this one... here are specs:

Athlon 1400+ CPU (soddered to motherboard)
1gig DDR2100 Ram (already tried different RAM)
15GB HD (with Win2k loaded)

Okay... I run a dedicated eBay machine with those specs. Runs *most* things nicely on onboard video. Problem is... I want to run some games on my free time at work. Unfortunately, it has no AGP and I have tried several PCI cards.

The PC boots the OS and loads it... onboard sees the desktop. But when hooked to the external card (a
Viper and a Voodoo5, tried both with same effect), it gets only to the loading screen and them I hear the welcome clip and thats it. It just sits on the loading screen, even though the onboard video sees the desktop. I've tried a Viper card and a Voodoo5 5500 (which is a freaking foot long, mind you)... with none such luck. Correct drivers, disabled onboard in BIOS... and nothing is working. When running onboard, it sees both cards, but when I set the card to primary, it works. So I figure it will go when I restart... since Windows recognizes it. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Just does what it usually does.

So guys.. whats going on and how can I fix it?? I haven't tried new BIOS yet, but I dunno the motherboard model anyway. All-in-all... I'm really dissappointed. I do eBay sales for a limited amount of time... so the rest is just blown surfing the web... and I would enjoy a tad of Counter-Strike.. nothing too beefy. Nothing is going and I'm getting angry and frustrated.

- MiLLz (Miles)



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