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  ATI AIW 8500DV - No audio from tv tuner 
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Doug Howell Apr 06, 2003, 02:33pm EDT Report Abuse
Sound works fine with other features of the card (CD player, ect..), but no audio out to speakers. There's not much plugged into the card at the momment (cable tv & monitor). I don't have a DVD player so that component isn't installed. Speakers use the old plug style, not USB and are connected in the mobo's standard and s-bracket audio ports (4-channel output). Drivers and software have all been updated to the most-current available from ATI's site (Audio Catalyst 3.2, Direct-x v9.0a, ect..). I built the pc last summer and recall the sound working fine. Needless to say, the tuner hasn't had much use since. I've updated audio codecs (for DivX&Mpeg4 playback) could that be the problem?

Relevant drivers: ATI WDM TV Tuner v6.14.1.6184 Date:2/3/2003
Realtek AC'97 v5.10.0.5050 Date:1/10/2003
System Specs:
MSI KT3 Ultra-ARU (built-in Realtek AC'97 audio) | LiteOn 40x12x48 | 1G DDR2700 | AMD 1.53G@1.67G (locked) | ATI AIW 8500DV 64M.

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Doug Howell Apr 06, 2003, 03:05pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: ATI AIW 8500DV - No audio from tv tuner
Oops, forgot to mention OS... it's Windows XP (pre-SP1).

Will Lopes Apr 17, 2003, 07:01pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: ATI AIW 8500DV - No audio from tv tuner

I am having the same problem. I just got the card yesterday and nothing I do makes the sound come out of the TV Tuner. I have connected the Line-In plug to the Line-In Jack in my SB Audigy drive. I even connected my Rio to the Line-in jack to make sure the input was working, which it is. I updated all the drives, etc. Have you found a solution to this yet? ANyone out there have this problem? Thanks.

Rob Cattral May 23, 2003, 08:31pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: ATI AIW 8500DV - No audio from tv tuner
I have either the same or a similar problem. I am running a shuttle with onboard Nvidia sound. There is no line-in, so I have the CD-Out from the ATI plugged directly into the CD-In on the motherboard.

When I start the TV tuner software from ATI the picture is there, channels change, the guide works, etc. NO sound. I've installed all of the most recent drives. I've tried the Microphone-in as well.

Next I started Sound Recorder and recorded while the tuner was on. It recorded the sound from the tunned channel!

Next, just for fun, I tried recording 15 seconds of the channel using the ATI tuner software. No sound on record. BUT - I played back the recorded file and the sound is there!

Any ideas?

Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

Caveman017 May 23, 2003, 09:52pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: ATI AIW 8500DV - No audio from tv tuner
make sure your LINE IN is enabled in the windows volume control and NOT muted

Brandon G.

~~I'd like to think about myself as a very advanced computer technician but it wont happen till i get a job:)
Rob Cattral May 24, 2003, 11:06am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: ATI AIW 8500DV - No audio from tv tuner
Ok, figured out a little more...

All of my volume controls are set properly (levels, not muted, etc).

As it turns out, the ATI software is NOT using the motherboard sound output for standard TV viewing - but rather, it is using the pod! The thing is that I don't want to use the pod because I have my digital out connected to my home theater system.

So - I tried a new test - video on demand!

As most of you know, video on demand is actually recording while you watch - hence the ability to pause live TV. When I turn on video on demand, the sound stops playing through the pod and the motherboard is given control. (In case I didn't mention earlier, my sound is on-board Nvidia).

The result? Well, while watching TV using video on demand, or recording it, I get full sound. If watching the standard tuner, it is silent. For now I'll stick to video on demand because I've got plenty of free space on the machine and it doesn't seem to impact viewing whatsoever.

Tim Swezey Jul 27, 2003, 06:20pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: ATI AIW 8500DV - No audio from tv tuner
I have a Shuttle SN41G2 and ATI Radeon 7500

The fix for no sound while viewing recorded shows is as follows.

My Shuttle doesn't have a LINE-IN so you must use ATI card CD-OUT to CD-IN on system board .

1. Start TV Player
2. Right click on screen
3. Click SETUP
6. At (Tipical Audio Connections) screen Cick CHECK BOX (I have connected the cable.)
7. Use pull down menu to select CD AUDIO


Jeroen Stamps May 31, 2004, 04:44pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: ATI AIW 8500DV - No audio from tv tuner
Funny thing. With me it's the other way around;

I _only_ have sound during normal TV, bu not while doing TV-ON-DEMAND. I tried to use internal MOBO sound (ATI card directly wired to AUX input on motherboard DFI-Lanparty rev.B with onboard nVidia SoundStorm audio), I tried to use external (by plugging ATI cable into LINE-IN, but no sound during PVR. Video captured during PVR, and exported to playable MPG file did not have sound either.

Any ideas? Oh, BTW, I use a 9800 PRO AIW

Cliff Singleton Jul 31, 2013, 02:51pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: ATI AIW 8500DV - No audio from tv tuner
I'm having the same problem, any suggestions?



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