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  No Sign of Life 
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Gary Tudor Dec 06, 2006, 11:47am EST Report Abuse
Nothing but the sound of the fan when I turn on. Checked PSU and all voltages output correctly. All connections to motherboard OK. I tried disconnecting everything from motherboard except CPU. Turned on and expected "beeps" to indicate system searching for the absent RAM but no sound. With memory back in and drives connected I turned on with Norton Ghost boot disk in floppy. Normally there would be quite a bit of noise as program was loading but now nothing. I guess either the CPU or motherboard is faulty. I removed battery to clear CMOS but that did not help. At least I know the internal speaker that gives out the beeps works as I got a lot when I turned on without the battery in place.

Any ideas anyone?


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Lou Bot Dec 06, 2006, 01:58pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: No Sign of Life
awww - I thought you were going to talk about life in outer-space :(:(:(

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Yours Truly Dec 06, 2006, 02:01pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: No Sign of Life
Sounds to me like

mobo = alive because you are getting beeps when no battery is used
memory = ?
cpu = probably dead

Jarret M. Dec 06, 2006, 04:04pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: No Sign of Life
I would pop your cpu out, and take it to a small Computer shop or a friends house to try it out. Then you know for sure.

But my guess would be it IS the motherboard, just because when you took the RAM out there were no beeps. I only know this becuase it happened to me with my old motherboard.(although that was a socket A board). CPU was fine for me, and mobo was dead.

john albrich Dec 06, 2006, 10:41pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: No Sign of Life
If you weren't overclocking and nothing unusual (power glitch, static shock, etc) occurred prior to the failure, you might want to check your power connectors. You may measure good voltages at the connector, but the problem may present itself in delivering the power from the connector(s)

It's much more likely something mechanical failed (like a connector) than the CPU. If you can, measure voltages on the mobo...there should be some power test points somewhere that will let you know that power is getting from the PSU to the components on the mobo. It's fairly simple and certainly easier than first pulling the CPU.

As you're looking at voltages, you might consider a crude check for ripple as well by using the AC setting on your meter. Some PSUs don't shut down when ripple takes them outside the spec'd voltage limits, yet the ripple present can prevent the computer from functioning properly.

Gary Tudor Dec 07, 2006, 05:00pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: No Sign of Life
Thanks to all who replied. I will have to learn how to check the voltages on the motherboard.

I have been looking at motherboards and CPUs for sale today. Most of the motherboards I saw advertised were micro ATX and my case is just plain ATX. Just out of interest, is it possible to fit a micro ATX motherboard into the larger case?



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