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  New setup - PC shutsdown during XP Install 
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rob dam Dec 28, 2006, 11:46am EST Report Abuse
PC is shutting down, (overheating?), during XP install. This is a new build. Also, PC will not turn back on unless I unplug power cable and then plug back in...(power supply?). Shutoff seems to occur at the exact same time EVERY time; 37 minute remaining in install and while "Installing devices".

MSI K9A Platinum Socket AM2 ATI CrossFire Radeon Xpress 3200 ATX AMD Motherboard
AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200+ Windsor 2.2GHz 2 x 512KB L2 Cache Socket AM2 Processor
Antec NeoPower NeoHE 550 ATX12V 550W Power Supply 100 - 240 V UL, CUL, TUV, CE, FCC, CCC, CB, C-tick
OCZ Platinum Revision 2 2GB (2 x 1GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 (PC2 6400) Dual Channel Kit Desktop Memory
Western Digital Raptor WD740ADFD 74GB 10,000 RPM 16MB Cache Serial ATA150 Hard Drive
MITSUMI Black 1.44MB 3.5" Internal USB 2.0 digital card reader with Floppy Drive Model FA404M BLK

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ant decto Dec 28, 2006, 01:05pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: New setup - PC shutsdown during XP Install
If you suspect overheating, check on the BIOS hadware monitoring to see if the CPU temp is high at idle, if it is then you need to remove and reattatch the heating. In doing this you need to remove the gunk of the CPU and heatsink that refit with fresh paste.

If heat is not the issue then you may have a conflict which only occurs when hardware detection starts.
Do you have anymore details, how long does the installation run etc.

Do you have a different HDD or GPU to try.

Have you removed any unrequired devices eg. the USB 2 card reader

Have you tried just 1 stick of memory - I had a bad stick before

Have you loaded fail safe defaults in the BIOS - (or whatever name it's called)

Have you pluged in the additional power connectors to the mainboard and GPU ?




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rob dam Dec 28, 2006, 01:09pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: New setup - PC shutsdown during XP Install
Thanks for your reply. I feel like such a dummy; I forgot to remove the plastic fan cover that sits between the CPU and fan.. I know, I know NOOB! Problem #2 is now that my video has vanished. Just a black screen. I've tried a different monitor and verified all connections. Sigh. Could I have fried my MB, Vid card or CPU?

ant decto Dec 28, 2006, 01:48pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: New setup - PC shutsdown during XP Install
It's possible you could have caused damage however take a couple of deep breaths first. It's also likely that you have disturbed something in your during your original diagnosis attempts so you need to step back clear your head then go through it a step at a time.

Does the computer attempt to post ? Do you get a series of beeps from the internal speaker (if fitted), a couple of beeps at startup is normal, a long sequence is an error message.

If there are beeps - post them sequence long and short here as this will assist others helping you.

If not then try these

turn of the power and unplug at the wall outlet.

Double check all connectors, especially power connectors to the mainboard and GPU

Remove and replug the GPU card, these can get disturbed if you flex the board while attempting to refit the CPU heatsink and fan.

Check you used the CPU fan connector, some board won't start up unless a fan is connected to this.

If your card has two outputs check which one is active. If you're using the DVI to VGA (15pin) adaptor then this may only work in one DVI port if you have 2

Power up and try again



Ooohh and forgetting the obvious .... which slot is the GPU in ? there should be guidence in the manual for which slot a single card is installed in

Also you need to reset the BIOS to defaults - with the PC unpluged. It's usually a button or a jumper near the battery (round button cell) check the manual for CMOS Clear


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rob dam Dec 28, 2006, 05:34pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: New setup - PC shutsdown during XP Install
no posts. Nothing ever appears on the monitor. Slow blinking yellow light (no video) on monitor only. No sound ever emits from PC. I tried booting with RAM removed with same results.

Jarret M. Dec 28, 2006, 05:44pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: New setup - PC shutsdown during XP Install
So you had left the plastic between the heatsink and the cpu?

Its possible that your cpu overheated to much and is cooked....

But I would pop that cpu out and then drop it back into the socket. Then hold down the cpu with one finger while latching the socket so that its in there well. I've had problems before with CPU's not being quite in all the way.. Then just re-seat the HSF (Heat Sink and Fan) and try booting again.

Maestro Dec 28, 2006, 06:22pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: New setup - PC shutsdown during XP Install
I have had this problem before with my computer. It occured when I accidently shorted out my motherboard. CPUs are very VERY hard to physically damage these days as their core shut off occurs almost immediately upon overheat.
The time this happened to me ended up being a motherboard issue. Screweds**tless. The one other time i had it happen was when it was a real warm day and actually sweat...YES SWEAT...landed on the mobo, and it wouldnt post, coz the salt had a problem with conducting power. I used some metho to clean the board and it was fine...dunno if that helps :D

rob dam Dec 28, 2006, 06:35pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: New setup - PC shutsdown during XP Install
OK, I'm onto something; I removed the CPU fan and then removed the CPU. I reinstalled the CPU but I have not yet tightened down the CPU fan; it's resting on top of the CPU - VOILA! XP is installed! Everything is working as it should. Weird cuzoriginally, I noticed that the CPU fan seemed to be more difficult than normal to lock down. It's a retail AMD CPU and CPU fan. Purchased from NewEgg. I'm almost afraid to tighten it back down although I know I have to. Any advice?

rob dam Dec 28, 2006, 07:40pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: New setup - PC shutsdown during XP Install
All set, weird but this 2nd attempt at locking the CPU fan down went as it should - EASY. System is done. Happy 8th B-day to my beautiful brilliant daughter Adele.

DNA _ Dec 28, 2006, 09:01pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: New setup - PC shutsdown during XP Install
Happy B-Day gurly girl...........

Quote from my father.
Gerritt Dec 28, 2006, 11:26pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: New setup - PC shutsdown during XP Install
I'm not sure I'm hearing properly, but it seems like you've left the cooling for your CPU at less than optimal...screwed.
If you've removed the heatsink, and didn't re-attach it properly, you'll fry your CPU. If you've removed the heatsink and didn't re-apply the heat sink compond or latch it properly, it is highly probable that you've overheated your CPU.


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