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Sander Sassen Feb 06, 2007, 04:04am EST Report Abuse
I've had a fun week ever since Vista launched, as obviously a number of my friends and family decided to take the plunge and upgrade. Well, apparantly Microsoft's helpdesk is clueless as to why Vista Compatible hardware doesn't work and simply refer you back to the manufacturer, or in the case of my friends and family, to me. How's your mileage thusfar? I've had the betas running for a while, you just need to be careful to pick hardware that is compatible. Fortunately I have the luxury of simply picking parts that work, I can imagine many of you don't, hence the question.

Best regards,

Sander Sassen
Editor in Chief - Hardware Analysis
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BoT Feb 06, 2007, 04:25am EST Report Abuse
Sander Sassen said:
I've had a fun week ever since Vista launched, as obviously a number of my friends and family decided to take the plunge and upgrade. Well, apparantly Microsoft's helpdesk is clueless as to why Vista Compatible hardware doesn't work and simply refer you back to the manufacturer....

sounds familiar? xp release deja

quote: sure it will work with that hardware. - oh, it don't? - you should contact the manufacturer for compatabillity issues. - we are not responible....etc

funny how things repeat themselves.
i haven't installed it yet, it's still sitting here. have to prepare my system first and backup etc - hope all goes well :)

You can either be part of the problem or be part of the solution.
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trevor markey Feb 06, 2007, 04:55am EST Report Abuse
I too installed the Beta Version and yes your right about the hardware.
I also identified that most hardware would not work with Vista.
I have two Epson printers which Vista has put in the drivers. However the scanner will not work. Back in the summer I telephoned Epson who had not yet started upgrading the new Vista Drivers.
They have now got the Vista drivers but when you go to download they are the XP Drivers.
I reckon Vista has been launched too early and the manufactures of hardware have not yet really got to grips and the great demand which will be needed for compatiablre hardware.

Adrian Hewson Feb 06, 2007, 04:59am EST Report Abuse
Ho Ho Ho

It works with network computers but there is a security mod in reg edit needed for NAS drives.

I you have an outlook exchange account dount try and doulbe click your .prf file you need to manually insert where necessary.

Make sure you have a beefy processor with a lot of memory because it will slow your machine down decidedly.

If you have any non standard softward like unix gui or sql products be careful or pay up your support before you install.

Vista cannot be uninstalled you need to clean your hard disk. Luckily I only upgraded one of our 14 computers .

I am also under the impression after speaking to several microsoft support engineers that they are learning on the job so there are no quick fixes

Regards Adrian

Regards Adrian

Shadow_Ops_Airman1 Feb 06, 2007, 06:07am EST Report Abuse
dont upgrade to it right away, wait for the first service pack

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Daniel Ellis Feb 06, 2007, 07:23am EST Report Abuse
Ive been running vista on a small partition (25G), and It has been a dream. Sure, it is a resource hog, but i specifically designed and built my computer around vista, And have had no hardware driver issues at all. I have had one or two crashes, but that is from faulty cooling (i got an abit mobo which has a really hot NB). The only driver i had to get manually was for my soundcard (Creative Labs Sound Blaster Live! 24bit, yeah i know its no xfi, but i swear it sounds better in vista than it does in xp), and downloading that was a sinch. I love Vistas added security, Aero Glass' smooth UI, the amazing compatibility with all my 3D applications, hardware monitor software, benchmarking software, and even games. The bundled software gives Macs OSX a run for its money (and the Ultimate extras are cool too). The new explorer and My Documents (yes My Documents has changed!) are a lot more intuitive and natural feeling, and very easy to re route and move. Right now im trying to get used Networking in vista (networking is slightly different to networking in XP, 2000 [which are what i studied for]). I could go on and on about my month of experience with Vista Ultimate. And I must say, it has been a great time so far :)

shaun magoon Feb 06, 2007, 07:34am EST Report Abuse

Harry Feb 06, 2007, 07:39am EST Report Abuse
Have barley even thought about touching Vista to be honest, and probably won't for the next 12 months let alone 6.

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mark parker Feb 06, 2007, 07:43am EST Report Abuse
God forget Vista altogether it's a crap clone of an apple system, anyone buying it is an idiot and should stick with XP.

Just you wait in a few years time Microshite will release the next OS and it will be as crap as this one.

Vista is really only for gaming so if that's all you want then buy an xbox 360 actually no skip that buy anything BUT Microsoft :-)

shaun magoon Feb 06, 2007, 07:59am EST Report Abuse

Kirk Bowlby Feb 06, 2007, 08:10am EST Report Abuse
I seem to recall the same type of conversations when xp launched, stick with 98 xp's crap. Vista's only been out for a week, gotta give it a chance...:)

Sander Sassen Feb 06, 2007, 08:18am EST Report Abuse
Shaun? Is your caps lock key stuck or something? Please edit those posts accordingly.

Best regards,

Sander Sassen
Editor in Chief - Hardware Analysis
Andrew Wilson Feb 06, 2007, 08:32am EST Report Abuse
Me and a friend have just run the Vista Upgrade tool. Both sets of results say that Nero has to be uninstalled before Vista can be installed. What's the big problem with NERO and can it be sorted? I would imagine that there are millions of NERO users out there who'll have to bin it if NERO is incompatible.

dark41 Feb 06, 2007, 08:34am EST Report Abuse
My suppliers tell me that while they can still get XP (Home & Pro), they are now limited to 10 copies per order. Before long it will be impossible to get XP at all.

Since MS was very tight about supplying code to software and hardware manufacturers, it seems a bit ridiculous to blame manufacturers for not supplying drivers in a timely manner. The changes since RC1 are fairly extensive too. Because of this, I see MS as the main culprit for drivers not being readily available across the board. The release of this OS before support is readily available is a blunder that should bite MS in the butt at the cash register. From what I've seen in the media about retail sales in the USA, people are in no hurry to upgrade to Vista.

I've got Vista Business edition installed on one of our computers running on a domain with '03 Small Business Server and it was relatively trouble free as far as drivers, but it's all state of the art components. The main problems are software for us (AVG 7.5 free and Network Editions, PestPatrol 4 and 5, Nero, and Power DVD to name a few...). People need to consider the cost of upgrading some of their software to Vista compatible programs as well.

We also have Vista Basic installed on a test system. Most of the security features that MS has been so forthright in advertising are not present on Basic. Neither is the Aero interface, so it's a waste of $ in my opinion.

I've had several calls from recent customers asking whether I think the upgrade is necessary or worthwhile. In every instance my answer has been no. We'll put it on their system if they insist, but won't be available for support to explain how it works nor sort out all their driver/software problems for free.

We don't sell Macs. Our customers don't want Macs. However if being tied to Apple for the life of your system is your thing, by all means go for it. It's a better option to get the Mac style interface than Vista in my opinion.

I'll have to wait and see if I agree with upgrading after SP1. I'm skeptical that SP1 will resolve enough issues to make it worthwhile. I expect Vista to go down in history as the biggest waste of hard drive space since Windows ME. Time will tell ;)

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Carrie Bennetti Feb 06, 2007, 09:03am EST Report Abuse
I built a system to do video about 1.5 years ago Athlon X2 64 4800+ and picked all my hardware according to the compatibility lists online. No problems. I use Adobe Preimiere Pro 2.0 Works great. Some problems with software - like Zone Alarm doesn't work, but other programs do.

Question: How is XP Professional 64 different from Vista? Can you upgrade for free. I orginally downloaded the free program to see if it would work before I bought it. As someone said, to upgrade it, I had to clean my harddrive. Will I have to do that again to upgrade to Vista. Thanks for the help.

ioneabee Feb 06, 2007, 09:07am EST Report Abuse
I've got my 1st build with Vista next week and i'm getting very nervous
Scumbag Blues Feb 06, 2007, 09:18am EST Report Abuse
I don't understand why people are so negative about Vista. First, the skin and functionality similarity to OS X is not a result of copying at all. Vista was in the works earlier than OS X was but it was known as "Longhorn" way back then.

Second, it is not the fault of Microsoft if driver support is sparse because the other companies haven't gotten off their collective @$$es and have support for it as soon as it is released especially considering that Beta 2, RC1 and RC2 have been out for a while.

Lastly, I don't have much experience about hardware support for Vista but I know for a fact that all my computers have worked using it, they are all in my bio.

So, to Vista or not? Maybe it is a little too early to answer that question but there is only one way from here on: up.


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Les Irish Feb 06, 2007, 09:34am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Re: To Vista or not to Vista, that?s the question?
I really doubt I will switch to Vista soon for several reasons:
1. Cynical hardware and Micro$oft pushing us to new hardware and equipment. The hardware required to get the most out of Vista is ridiculous!!!
2. XP Pro meets my needs just fine... and if I'm going to be jerked around by an OS company, I'm thinking that although MAC does the same thing, at least MAC stuff is generally WAY ahead of the game and it does just work. Really.

I have 5 pcs running XP and one MAC G5 Quad which I've had for a year and like A LOT
The OSX interface and generally the OS are really much farther down the road than...
Vista RC2 which I have running here on a Core2Duo box...

I'm not a PC-bashing Fanboy, but I have a MacPro Quad Xeon on order to arrive this week, and I'll be using Boot Camp and Parralels Desktop to run XP on it. When Vista RC2 expires on May 31, I'm not feeling the $250.00 upgrade to Vista Ultimate. Nah. I have to point out that Mac OSX upgrades are less than $150 and generally most things work.

Harry Feb 06, 2007, 10:09am EST Report Abuse
Hi all: This is and will be an interesting thread for quite awhile. I ran the Vista compatiblity Advisor thingie and it reported half my hardware as probably incompatible (they're not sure what really won't work and what simply hasn't been tested yet); and, quite a bit of software including Nero supposedly won't work. total investment might run $2,000 or more to change. I helped make Bill Gates a billionaire by buying his buggy software and paying him to let me debug it for him; I have little desire to make him the planet's first trillionaire.

And, everyone of you knows that it would have been so easy to make it backward compatible from the start. Planned obsolescence is not a new concept though it is more thorougly practiced in the computer area than most other consumer areas. Everyone loves Bill when he makes all your perpherals and software obsolete overnight with a new O/S; all the companies benefit.

I could look at my keyboard (in the Windows 95 days) and the machine would lock up in fright. Windows 98SE was better, though still I probably locked it up once a month and crashed it totally quite a few times. XP was a welcome change, it has been much more stable than I ever thought a Microsoft O/S would be.

But, I think I am out of the Horsepower race on this until somewhere down the line I am forced to upgrade probably when the motherboard fails or some other disaster occurs.

No thanks, Bill, you keep Vista. And, I am getting ready to try my third foray into Linux desktop with Linux XP. I do a lot of video and I have some very expensive programs and some not so expensive. Almost everyone is marked as questionable under Vista (you think this wasn't on purpose - then start looking for some Swamp Land to buy). This was the why of my estimate to change over.

All for now, Harry

G. G. Feb 06, 2007, 10:52am EST Report Abuse
I will wait for a bit for things to settle down and get into the groove.. it's prudent.. that just me.. .. i'll let you all handle the headaches, just as it will always be when something that is really new is released...

But... that being said... I do have Vista Enterprise Edition........ AND i have installed it on a very old piece of equipment.... i.e. Laptop - PIII 1.0ghz - 512m mem - ATI Rage Pro 16mb - 20gb hdd...... guess what.... It worked... sure it does not have the fancy features turned on ie. Aero Glass or window edge see through or what not..... BUT it did work... I installed it because I just wanted to see if it would work and to get the feel of the OS for experience. The main issues I had was with the compatibitility with software... Basically means I will have to upgrade ($) software apps if I stay on Vista...

There is no way I am going to upgrade my primary machine to Vista for the fact that I need a reliable system that works and not have the hassle of one thing or another popping up due to hardware or software and the fact that it is soo new and it is just going through growing pains.

But i will eventually go to Vista on a future new build and work out the details for a reliable system. Until then .... ill keep my XP pro around for a bit longer....


Dublin_Gunner Feb 06, 2007, 12:51pm EST Report Abuse
Well I'm just waiting on my free copy from MS now, its in the post.

It appears that most of the people here that are moaning about Vista, have quite obviously never used it, or are of the 'Mozilla' crowd who just hate everything MS for the sake of it.

I happen to think Vista is a very good OS. Sure its a little slower than XP, just as XP was a little slower than 2k or 98.

I would like for one of the nay-sayers that have already posted (most of whom I've never seen their user names before) to post 1 good reason to say Vista is crap/rusbbish etc as you put it.

I really hate when people start to diss stuff, just because they have read something negative on the 'net, or are just that way inclined' (i.e. to moan about 'new' things, simply because its 'new')

BTW, any delay in driver releases is purely down to the manufacturer of the component. Why would MS release the code of Vista just for a driver to be coded? Dont be ridiculous.

Dev code has been available through MSDN for ages for anyone who wanted to get a driver written, it of course now must be passed through MS labs to get the 'seal of approval'.

If NVIDIA can release 2 drivers since the launch (each containing around 20million lines of code, equivalant to the ENTIRE NT4 OS), then there is no excuse for your hardwa\re manufacturer not have released a driver for your camera, printer, PCI card etc.

Uneducated arguments end up look foolish guys.

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