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  Cell phone antenna? Do they work? 
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micro May 28, 2007, 06:51pm EDT Report Abuse
Because of where i live, i can only get high speed internet through satellite, or the radio waves of a cell phone. So my mom decided to switch to alltel. So she went down to the local shop and said (before this time i had no idea you could get high speed through a cell phone) I wan the most durable phone and i want high speed internet. So they give her the two phones and said it will take one week for the internet parts to come in. (she gives me the second phone so she can get ahold of me since im still on dialup and the phone is often busy when she tries to call.)

So two weeks later a bluetooth usb dongle arives at the local store. $69,They said if you have any trouble to call alltel tech help, so i take it home and cant get it to work. I first go to the bluetooth website and it doesnt list our phone. So i call alltel and explane the situation,they say 'we dont have anything to do with this product, nor do we endorce it". So i call the manufacurer of the bluetooth and they say " we dont make drivers etc for that phone, nor do we plan on doing so".The bluetooth dongle from the manufacturer is only $39.

So i take the bluetooth back and come to find out all that i really need is to connect the phone to the pc somehow, via usb, bluetooth infared etc. So they say "we dont give refunds on this item, but we will buy you what you need in exchange". So nokia wanted $50 for a usb/phone cable , so i bought one online at for $9, a blue tooth dongle for $12 and 2 car chargers for $10. I get both the bluetooth and the usb cable to work with my phone/pc. But the pc cant enable the phone as a modem without special software, only available in a $50 kit from alltel.

So now the "data Kit" from alltel has been on order for about 10 days (though today is memorial day)when it would of only taken 4 days had i ordered it myself. But i wanted to get reinbersed for that origional $69 they made me pay for a product that wouldnt work. So if i ever get the data kit in, i want to make sure i have the best reception i can with my phone, so i can dl at a faster rate etc. So i went online to and got 3 different antenna to try to boost my reception from Always 1 bar and 30% of the time 2 bars to what ever i can get.

So has anyone tried these antenna? If so do they even help a little?

So if the local shop would have just given me any other phone, I do mean any... no joke after doing all the research i have. I could hook up an auxilery antenna, the phone prob would of worked as a modem with the origional bluetooth,A flash card and i wouldnt still be waiting 6 weeks later for high speed internet!

Btw i am using an 28651 nokia. If i want a different phone i have to out right buy it.

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john albrich May 28, 2007, 07:51pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Cell phone antenna? Do they work?
Generic internal 'strip' antennae are pretty much of no value-add. (these are the flat 'stick-on' antennae that ChrisM efers to below)

An add-on passive repeater type of antenna (like the first one) can help some but usually doesn't make lot of practical difference.

A good quality direct electrical plug-in antenna is the best choice. Even so, they are lossy (because the cables tend to be cheap, poorly shieleded, the wrong impedance) and they aren't tuned to a specific band. They're designed to work (more or less) on all the phone bands, so they don't provide the best gain possible for the band on which your phone operates in your area. (for example, your local hook-up may be on the 900MHz band and on the 1.2GHz band somewhere else, requiring different antenna for optimum results)

One can usually do better making your own antenna using cheap parts, good cable of the correct length for the radio frequency you're using, and a tuned 1/4 wavelength antenna with ground plane. Although, you can also make even better antennae using info from some amateur radio and antenna design books.

Unfortunately, many cell phones do not provide a direct electrical antenna connection.

edit-add clarification on cable length

Chris M May 28, 2007, 11:13pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Cell phone antenna? Do they work?
The internal phone antennas that you stick to your battery are worthless. Don't waste your money.

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