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  Power supply problems, computer won't turn on. 
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Meats_Of_Evil Feb 18, 2009, 04:07pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Power supply problems, computer won't turn on.
So what exactly do you need help with?

Everything I write is Sarcasm.
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Tommy Breen Feb 28, 2009, 02:20am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Power supply problems, computer won't turn on.
I have a windows xp home edition

Kevin Mathias Aug 16, 2009, 11:30am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Power supply problems, computer won't turn on.
I purchased a new power supply, new motherboard, video card and kept old hard drive and cd drive. I know my power supply works because i plugged it into my old motherboard and the cpu fan came on and i used the switch from my new case to turn it on. I plugged the power supply into my new gigabyte motherboard and noise no nothing. Any help???

Marc Fenech Aug 21, 2009, 01:58am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Power supply problems, computer won't turn on.
Have you bought a new CPU also? and have you fitted it correctly,and used a good quality thermal paste ? could also be a static problem,try dissconecting the mobo 24 pin connector and discharge any static by just running your hand over the ends and also the 12v mobo lead and remove RAM and do the same ,but try reseating your CPU first,if no joy then try a different PSU. let me know how you get on. :)

Gabe Alarcon Nov 12, 2009, 09:23pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Power supply problems, computer won't turn on.
My computer would shut down by itself and go into standby mode. I would unplug it and most of the time it would try booting up but would go into standby within seconds. I disconnected the fromt panel power button and it seems to have fixed it. I suspect it was shorted.

H N Jan 31, 2010, 12:34am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Power supply problems, computer won't turn on.
Hi My computer suddenly shut down and when i turn it on again it wont work! nothing happens but the greeen light on my motherboard always stays on! is mys power supply working? or not ?? could you any of you guys tell me what the problem is ???

could it be a problem with my processor??

thanks a lot and if you need more info please let me know,

Craig P May 18, 2010, 01:59pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Power supply problems, computer won't turn on.
I have an old computer (8 years old) and we had a power outage recently. When the power returned, the power button on the computer was still lit and the green led on the power supply was lit but the computer was off. Pressing the power button did nothing, changed outlets, changed cables, changed power supplies (the new power supply did not light the power button nor did it have an led on the power supply itself); again almost nothing. Except a very tiny fan movement over the CPU. I think I am going to change the battery everyone is talking about and see if I can find a power supply that is an exact match.

However, has anyone encountered this? Any suggestions? Also, what would indicate fried motherboard?

shehan wijesinghe Jun 08, 2010, 12:12am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Power supply problems, computer won't turn on.
i got some thing similar to the above....

1. when i press the power on button the power led just blinks once but the pc is not turned on
2. this is mostly experienced on cold situations/days
3. when it is hot it works perfect....
4. but if the pc kept plugged in to the power with out disconcerting it, it works properly(standby power is there)
5. some times when the problem arises it can be solved by connecting and disconnecting main power and sometimes holding the power on button for several minutes and try to turn on for number of times ...............

so i really don't understand what is wrong there...?
but i think there is something wrong with the power unit. capacitors...
but if there any one who knows what's exactly wrong
what and how it happens PLEASE XPLAIN ....

Thank You.........!

viki einstein Dec 22, 2010, 10:21pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Power supply problems, computer won't turn on.
Hey guys i have a similar problem. When i turn on the main supply the LED indicating 'power' in the front of the CPU alone goes on(dim, not as usual) all by itself. And then when i try to switch on the CPU nothing works. But still the Led alone stays dimly on. Can anybody explain me what type of problem iam facing!????????????????!

lee sherriff Jan 26, 2011, 07:23am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Power supply problems, computer won't turn on.
hi i have been having the same problems that when i turn on my computer by the on off switch all that happens is the computer only half comes on. the screen just comes up with the make of the computer (packard bell) but will not load any further. if i turn it off at the wall and back on then push the power button the computer will turn on properly and it always shuts down no problem. after reading some of the above replys i tried taking out the wire for the keyboad but still had the same problem, i also tried taking out the usb mouse and still had the same problem but after taking out the usb dongle which i use to access the internet, the computer switches on and off perfectly even while the mouse and keyboard are still connected to the computer. does anyone know why just by having the dongle connected would stop the computer switching on/off by the computers button ? even though its not hard to unpug the dongle, any info would be appreciated, thanks, lee.s

P.S anyone else having the same problem. before spending time and money on having some one check the computer for you, why dont you try what i done by disconnecting the USB dongle or anything else thats in the USB ports and see if that makes any difference? if it helps, please leave a comment, thanks. lee.s

john albrich Jan 26, 2011, 09:26am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Power supply problems, computer won't turn on.

Lee Sherriff,

It's possible that a BIOS Settings option in Power Management is responsible for the quirky behavior.

There's usually an option(s) that lets you tell the computer whether to "wake-up" with USB, mouse, keyboard, network, etc. activity,

Perhaps if you disable all such options in BIOS Settings it will address your problem.

In general, I disable ALL power management options because the subsystem has been plagued with problems ever since Microsoft included it in the OS because of implementation differences in BIOS, the motherboard drivers, etc.

This ALSO includes things like setting the various OS device power management options to "never" power-off the display, the hard drives, etc.

Matthew Gibbins Apr 15, 2011, 07:25am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Power supply problems, computer won't turn on.
My problem is similar to many of yours.

I have a Dark Power Pro 750w PSU and an Asus P5Q Premium motherboard, and recently my pc just doesnt seem to want to post after its been left powered off overnight. At first it was just now and again, but over the past 2 weeks or so the problem became more frequent, to the point where it happens every time i turn off my pc.

if i turn off the pc at the socket and leave it for about 10 minutes then turn it back on it will boot fine, does anyone have any ideas how to solve this?

all the fans in the pc start up and my hdd light is solid, more like a power light. my monitor stays dormant though, as tho no signal is being received.

i tried to flash my bios to the newest version, although im not sure if this has just made the problem worse to be honest.

by default ll the wake-on options of my motherboard are turned off, but i checked them to be sure, and made sure that noting is set to either turn on the pc or wake it up from standby.

i tried disconnecting all my usb devices and still no joy.

im guessing the issue is with my mobo, but im not 100% sure, id like a second opinion really, sometimes the pc hangs at POST while it initialises the USB controller, and sometimes it just does it strait away.

abraham manuwere Sep 04, 2011, 02:23pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Power supply problems, computer won't turn on.
i got the same problem with mine. i have Dell xps 400 one day we went out for the whole day and i figured i should turn it off and just turn it back on when i come back. after we came back i tried to turn it back on but nothing happened, i open the side panel and find out the small green light on the motherboard was on but still no power.

If the power supply fail the light on the motherboard shouldn't be on right?
i went in my bed room and get my other power cord from my other computer and still not working. anyone know if the battery or the fan went bad can they effect the whole PC to get power..

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