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  Re: Windows Vista, a true resource hog? 
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brent valentine Aug 16, 2007, 01:23pm EDT Report Abuse
i've heard all these complaints about new windows operating systems before. (windows, windows 95, windows xp) all i can say is that, with every new release of a mainstream windows operating system there have always been nay sayers. (resource hog, bloated, software incompatibilities, driver issues...) with windows being the only mainstream operating system available (os2 tried) we are pretty much stuck with whatever bill decides is best for us. there is always one or two breeds of linux to try that might be just what some of us are looking for.
i am running vista x32 right now (x64 in two weeks) and although there have been some of the aforementioned problems with my system, i am totally impressed with the overall package; stable, fast, secure and it does look good.
i do not run a top of the line system, but i do plan to do a complete system build when the phenom hits. my socket 939 and 754 systems have no problem whatsoever with this o/s. vista picks the appropriate settings for whatever video card i have in the system (5700,6600,7900) and seems to do just fine.
i may have had some hardware issues, just like all the other windows iterations, i just installed the xp versions and the system plugged along until the appropriate vista drivers came along.
the only software issues that i am truly having is with games. although i have been able to get ~75% of them working with software updates, administrative rights and compatibility mode, i do still have some issues. nothing that dual booting to xp will not correct. any other software problems that i have had have been quickly resolved with a trip to the appropriate website.
my first month with xp was highlighted by hackers, bsod's and multitudes of activation problems. i have had no such problems with vista. i have replaced every piece of hardware in my s939 system, except the motherboard, and haven't had to reactivate once. i haven't had any bsod's and my system is still secure.
overall my experience so far has been a very satisfying endeavour. now if a person is running a system that barely supports xp i would definitely steer clear of this o/s. for the rest of us, there is a version out there for pretty much anyone looking for stability and security. and for a few more dollars you even get a little bling.

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_MD_ Aug 16, 2007, 03:09pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Re: Windows Vista, a true resource hog?
brent valentine said:
my first month with xp was highlighted by hackers


i haven't had any bsod's and my system is still secure.

Again, how? You're using a third party firewall or native policies?

But overall I must admit that I agree with you. I have Vista Ultimate 64bit for about 2 months now and I am almost* completely satisfied (well after I've resolved the issue with 8800gtx nvdia drivers in vista). It's stable, visually appealing and overall fast.

*almost - can't get my bloody sandisk cruzer usb stick to be detected by vista as well the sound... don't really like OpenAL, would like to have a conventional EAX support back...

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Hans Moleman Aug 16, 2007, 04:44pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Re: Windows Vista, a true resource hog?
Software incompatibilities and driver issues are a fact of life. Microsoft doesn't write drivers for third party hardware, nor are they responsible for the design of third party software. All that will take time to catch up. Still, it is one of the main reasons I'm not upgrading. My experience with Vista x64 has also shown it to be stable.

The one thing you can't really argue though is that it is a resource hog. It uses 6 to 7 times as much memory while idling than Windows XP. Windows XP in comparison used 2 to 3 times as much memory as Windows 2000.

Being bloated in the manner of hard drive space is all a matter of perspective. To someone with a 40GB-80GB hard drive it may seem bloated. In a year most people will have 500GB hard drives that they don't even know how to fill. I only say that because most computers I service have 160GB hard drives that have about 140GB of free space. Only hardcore gamers and porn hounds will need more hard drive space.

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