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  266 FSB Athon XP barton 2800+ CPU into Asus A7N266-VM ? 
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Randall Glass Jan 04, 2008, 07:12am EST Report Abuse
I am thinking about upgrading my motherboard. I have been looking at the specs of
Athon XP barton CPU's and the barton 266 FSB looks like I could put one into the
Asus A7N266-VM.

Would this work ?

Or would I have to do something akin to overclocking to get this to work.
Not really overcloaking since I would run it at specs.

Has anyone done this ? I don't mean the mobile barton ; but desktop barton.

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Chris McGee Jan 04, 2008, 07:35am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: 266 FSB Athon XP barton 2800 CPU into Asus A7N266-VM ?

As I said, it should work fine as long as it is a socket A chip with the 266fsb. Barton cores also came in 333 and 400 fsb types but as long as it is a 266 fsb chip it'll work ok.

edit: You might want to check very carefully that the barton core is in fact 266 fsb as most were 333/400 and the 266s are very rare.

edit2: On second thoughts, you'd need to find out what the max multiplier is for that board first as the 266 barton would be up around 16.

edit3: The board says it supports Athlon XP 2600+ (t-bred) which has a 16x multi, the same as a 2800+ 266 fsb barton so it should be fine.



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